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Sunday, January 29, 2006

   Happy happy happy umm day i guess...
I yanine192, have desided to be happy today! why? umm no reason I guess...i just fill illuminated by the glory of being alive and mentally diseased! muahahaha well, whatever... being able to listen to some metal without you parents yelling the crap out of you is a wonderful feeling! im also going to a friend's sweet ROCKIN sixteen on friday! although im gonna miss SPIRITED AWAY on cartoon network, still im happy im going. She has invided 3 local bands to play and i get to allie with her brother and throw this kid in a dumpster! isnt life sweet? ohh the beauty and joy of the one and only reason i have not done anything stupid lately.(not that i do stupid stuff to begin with ^_~) Plus im reading these really good books and they rock my socks. All the more to love and hate the fact that im a slow reader and a poor speller. Hahaha...yea moi just had a soft chuckel...im in a good mood today! MUAHAHAHHAHHA *Cough* *cough*
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