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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I'm HAPPY! I finally got potato! (Photoshop) I'm soo HAPPY! at first i hated it with all my might! but now I must say, I YANINE 192, ADORE PHOTOSHOP!! so yay! I made my own avatar! that never happens! so woo hoo!
Nothing good has happened until now...(lol except for potato)My mom was at the hospital
and got surgury. THAT was NOT FUN...
and now my dad is saying we are moving to
TEXAS...mind you I live in New England.
that just sucks! first I lost my best friend and now I'm losing my new friends and my high school!
What's worst is that my folks are saying the say sh*t they did when we first moved to this country..."YOU WILL MAKE NEW FIENDS!" ugh...sick.

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