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Sunday, September 4, 2005

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another one of my stupid pictures

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Saturday, September 3, 2005

I'm goin to Disney land for me b-day!! *jumps around* whoo hoo! I'm flying by me self and am goin to be picked up by me OLDER brother (not hte one who erased all of my stuff) ORLANDO betta be bloody ready for someone like me!!
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AHHHH! I cannot believe me brother erased everything onm the computer yeaturday! I drew this really cool picture on paint! and there he goes and erases the whole shiT! I was sooo pissed! I also had part of my novel saved too and he did not even cared about it! I hate my stupid brother!! I told me dad and all he bloody said was "ohh gee, you know what why dont you just start ALL the FUCKING thing again!"
I cant believe this! I swear the whole freakin world revolts bout me stupid brother! *hate*hate*hate*hate*
but of course the people you love are the ones who hurt you the most...

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

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my stupid "paint" fanart

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Friday, August 5, 2005

   Such stupidity that which by means might be broken to begin with. Still with a wrecked soul I get up and try to make my day by following the deeds of others, jet by just a simple whisper, my hearts is shattered over and over again by those who I at the same time love and hate. Life teaches you lessons for when you’re dead, you can use what you already know for the underworld which will be your home for the rest of eternity. Wishing for penalty and sorrow just to find out that still I will live in heaven as such will never be true.


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Thursday, August 4, 2005

Random Story
Random story
I have always wanted to form my own rock band. Although my parents disapprove the fact that their only daughter is a punk rocker, still this illusion never left my mind. Of course my best friend is into hip-hop; still I respect her likes and dislikes. My friends and I went to a concert bout 4 mounts ago, and on that wicked cool night we decided to for a band that would please us all. I would play guitar and back-up sing, but none of my friends knew how to play bass, and all our bass alternatives were not as good has we would had hoped to. I decided that since nobody else could play bass, I would self teach myself how. Now I'm selling all my stuff to by my own bass. Which I actually don't mind that much. I would be lying if I said this band is a success. Still we are going to keep trying because we want our four years of High school to be a blast. That is, before I leave.

Nightmare Angels

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Things unseen are things unheard of
Things unheard of are things untouched
Things untouched are things that are lost
Things that are lost are things never found
Things never found are things forgotten
Things forgotten will never happen again....
Letting go of things....now that is a different poem....

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Take me to a place where nobody knows me
A place where I can never be found
A place where I can start a new beginning
A place where I can be free
A place where I'm not the forgotten...

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   I never thought bout anything important in my life...I just thought life was a place I was not part of... a world were the point of me living was just to be part of some society I didn't understand or know anything about... I thought that I was just living and waiting for the day the earth would end... I never gave much thought to why or when I stared to feel this way...
Maybe I was just too stupid to feel different or maybe too smart for my own good... am I crazy for feeling this way?

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   I reached the point were I'm happy to say "I DONT CARE IF BLACK GOES WITH PINK!!! IT'S A SCIENCE FAIR NOT A FASHION SHOW!!!

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Fruits Basket Fan O_x

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Tee Hee

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