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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Bloody hell!
Today has been the most drepressin day of my life!(well one of them) I had this huge fight with my mom, than i went to my friends house cuz it's her b-day and she was like "Blimey!! you look depress!" i was "is it that obious?" "umm...YEAH" then when my dad picks me up(he and mutti had a huge fight weeks ago and are not taking to each other) and he started to talk bout how it's not his fault they had that stupid fight, and that conversation did not make me feel any better!! when i got home, i call my friend and she was like what ever u do NOT GO TO YOUR KITCHEN!!!(sharp objebs) and then she was "did I cheer u up?" "i dont know how to awnser that..."

I have the most horrible case of badspellerosis!!!!

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