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Monday, October 2, 2006

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

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Hello my dear friends ^^
What are ya'll up to??
Well I had a great summer but now its coming to a close... Monday I start back... not good... XP
I finally went to my first high school football game... it was awesome ^^ lol... I had to go since I'm in marching band... ^^
It seems like falls around the corner... the weather here is getting some much contafatble ^^ or kinda.. lol
I really need to show ya'll the drawing I did when I was at the beach *like month ago* and the anime music video I made...
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This one here I really like its my favorite but not my best tho... its cause I made this form my mind... or from the heart... my own characters I made... so cool ^^

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And this one is kinda of from the Haruto picture on the thing got when you bought the DVD but I did the face different or may way ^^

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This one ok... I did this after band camp.. or in the middle of band camp... but I only really like the middle on this the picture... Tis i Josh Turner.. ther first CD or the one albelm called "Long Black Train"

But I'll show ya'll a picture of me with my guitar at my friend's house... I mess around with the color to make it look more lively or not... lol
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And heres a really good friend of mine ^^
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Lol … I did the background of the picture… now he look awesome ^^
I bought the 4th DVD of Gankutsuou yesterday... I haven't watched it yet tho... I was so busy yesterday.. XP but yesterday was really fun ^^
Ya'll will get to know more later...ok ^^

I don't know there next time I'll post again... but I'll try the next time.. ok ^^

Well heres the video ^^

Excuse the language in this video.. but the sound it really good.. I want ya'll to really listen to it ok... ^^

Original by ~WitchHunterfan on deviantART

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

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Hey ya'll *hugs*
I'm so sorry I haven't posted like forever...
I've been on the MyO everyday to see if I have any messages but I didn't post...
Oh.. lol... another reason why I didn't post is that I've been hanging out at this Coffee Shop at the end of our street... and its a wonderful place to hang out... it smells good *though I hate coffee* and the sensory is just so beautiful... ^^
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I'm in band camp now and its our last week *thank God* Its been very tough... for awhile I hated it cause I was in a lot of pain and still am... Oh, band camp started Aug. 2
Oh I remember a few people asked me what band camp was.. well... its how you learn to march with a interment in hands and walk at the same time... believe me... its not easy...
I have so much to say.. but time is very short...
I think you've noticed the change in my lay out... Its Gankutsuou ^^
Well.. I must go... so see ya laters

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Yo.... what's up??????
Well... I'm having a great time here at the beach... I even went in the ocean... that was ok... the waves ever 3-5 ft high.... that day... and I drank some of the water too... XP
And I even got some highlights in my hair... I got like a chestnut color... but I really wanted red highlights... but.. its cool
I do have a few drawing... tho.... but I reallly don't like them that much.... but the one's I'm makeing with out looking at any thing is better.. werid... but the one I'm going to so you is the one I did last month.... but colored ^^
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Now... I'm watching a anime and it called Gankutsuou
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I can't tell you to must about the story... but I'll try.. ok ^^
After meeting the mysterious Count of Monte Cristo during an adventure abroad, Albert de Morcerf, the son of a famous French war general, brings the aristocrat home to meet his parents. But there's one problem: Albert's new friend is the man his father betrayed years earlier … and the nobleman is back to exact revenge.
If you see this show... you'll love the designs and the seenorys... And of couse I'll a huge fan of a story about revenge...

The vengens of Alex Row ^^
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Monday, July 17, 2006

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Friday, July 14, 2006

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So.. whats up ya'll... nothin much here... me and my kitty's are sleeping the days of summer a way ^^
Heres some more drawing... I hope you like them...
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This was a random drawing... I thought it up... nothin really... no pencil... just a Sharpie pen... I was bored... lol
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Another random drawing...
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I did this one in school... about two months ago... but I touched it up and scaned it... it Clause & Alvis from LASTEXILE...
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Well... another Alex Row drawing... I love Alex lol... ^_^
My summer has been going well ^^ I had a friend over for a few days... that was fun ^^
I might be going to the beach next week or Sunday... I don't know yet... but I need a break from this house... I wonder if I can bring my kitty with me..?
I have another video I made... wanna watch?

This video I made was fun to do ^^ But the other thing about this video was I had to do th it twise... cause my PC would not save the first one I made.... XP
But I think I like this one alitte bit more ^^
Me and my friend were making the first one... but like I said... it messed up.... grrr...
But I hope you enjoy the video and have a wonderful day too ^^
It took me about 2hours to made... not bad ^^
And the song is called, Escape by Hoobastank *aswome band*
And the anime is called Witch Hunter Robin *one of my favorite anime's*
Well... I hope ya'll have a good day... byes

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Wednesday, July 5, 2006

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Sorry I havn't posted in awhile.... Theres alot of thing on my mind right now... Next month Band Camp...

But some good news... I have some new drawings and I made another video... this time Witch Hunter Robin...

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My video ^_^

Some werid video I found... you've got to watch it ^^

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hello's ^^
I have a friend over today.... fun ^^ lol...
Today is kinda going to be a random day.... lol
I'll show ya'll most of my fanart... or the best one's that I have ^^ Please tell me what you think... ok's ^^

My newest one ^^
Abel... From Trinity Blood
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And heres Alex & Sophia ^^ cute couple ^_^ hehehehe....
I worked on it some more... ^^
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Alex Row... YAY... lol
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YAY.. Another Alex Row ^^
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Now its Amon ^^
My kitty sat on my picture...
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Now guess what... I'm bored... sleepy too....
Theres nothin really new here... bored always... XP... but cool...

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

I made another music video... please watch if you can.. thank you *hugs*


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Friday, June 16, 2006

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*very pretty*
Hey ya'll...
I have a new drawing for ya'll *I did Sunday*
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I tryed to draw Keith Urban but it don't really look like him tho.. but thats ok...
I more draws to show ya'll but I havn't scanned them yet *to lazy... lol... *
So... how's summer going.... mines been good ^^
Another big thing here... June 17 is my 1st aniversiry of having a site on the MyO ^_^ *hugs*
But I've been on theotaku longer than that... maybe since October of 04...
Has any one seen the anime called Trinity Blood
Well if not... its so awsome... something like Hellsing and Chrono Crusade... awsome ^^
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Now heres a fews dumb videos... one of them is my cat in the frezzer... crazy thing... but I love him ^^

pretty colors...

I was listen to music and I was bored...

Who is this??....
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

look at my pretty decktop ^^
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Well... I need to go's... so... see ya laters... byes *waves*

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