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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

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Hey ya'll *hugs*
I'm so sorry I haven't posted like forever...
I've been on the MyO everyday to see if I have any messages but I didn't post...
Oh.. lol... another reason why I didn't post is that I've been hanging out at this Coffee Shop at the end of our street... and its a wonderful place to hang out... it smells good *though I hate coffee* and the sensory is just so beautiful... ^^
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I'm in band camp now and its our last week *thank God* Its been very tough... for awhile I hated it cause I was in a lot of pain and still am... Oh, band camp started Aug. 2
Oh I remember a few people asked me what band camp was.. well... its how you learn to march with a interment in hands and walk at the same time... believe me... its not easy...
I have so much to say.. but time is very short...
I think you've noticed the change in my lay out... Its Gankutsuou ^^
Well.. I must go... so see ya laters

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