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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

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Hey's... ^_^
For some reason I'm in a good mood... but I think I didn't do to well on the Algebra exam... but its ok... cause I didn't understand it... I can do it again next year... it won't really bother me that much... lol... what's strange is I have 11th grader in my class... that werid... lol... but that might be me one day...
Another strange thing is that I didn't really talk much at all yesterday... but thats ok...
Today is my final days for exam's... YAY... but its my P.E. and Science exam... I'll past those... I think... *needs to clam down* I'm cool... I'm cool... lol...
I had more sleep than usally durging the week...
For once in my life... I didn't sleep in class... YAY...
Next week we have a different schedule...
LOL... I only durg one CD to school to listen... I should of drung all my CD's one exam is over 2 1/2 hours long... but a lesson with well learned.. lol ^^
Well... wish me luck again... Byes *waves*
*this one druw it ^^*
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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

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How are ya'll today? Good?
Well... today is the day... the exams...
Thank you for the comment yesterday... I think I might make it ^^
And we only go two days this week... and we get out early too at 1:30pm the days we go ^^
The Algebra exam I'm worryed about... cause right I'm failing the class and I'm worryed I might fail the exam and the class...
Wednesday I have the P.E and Science exams... I might past those ^^
Well... if I fail Algebra 1 I can do it next year... thats ok...
I got called to drive for my primint... YAY... I thought them for got about me... cause I took the class in October...
Now.. ya'll have a good day at school ok... *hugs to everyone* Byes *waves
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Monday, January 16, 2006

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How are ya'll today?
I hope ya'll are enjoying your day off...
Our midterm are tommarow... and I'm really scared I might fail... and I have a nervus condition too... and its a stuid kind too... I have to run to the bathroom... how embrasing... and they won't let us go to the restroom during the testings... I'm going to freak out... O Lord help me...
I'll see ya'll later... byes *waves*

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Whats up ya'll?

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Friday, January 13, 2006

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*dand he's hot... meow ^^*
Thank you for all the comments yeterday... there was a recored too... 28 ^^
Well, today I desided to write some stuff... I think there night be one or two poems I wrote, maybe. I just wrote them cause I needed to get some pain out of my heart...

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In the end, my heart will turn dark and I will be come cold, and I'll fell unloved, but maybe there might be some hope at the end of the tunnel, but it might not be enought to help me trust any body. But knowing me I might trust only one person, that might be my bestest friend or my lover. And someday I might bloom like a flower, what I mean is I'll open up to people, and show them who I am.
Tell you the truth, it's hard being so quiet, you can't all ways telleveryone how you fell, for me I won't tell how I fell cause I fell like no one cares and they'll laugh or something like that.
In the pool of blood is hunger to kill but the sadness and anger and even darkness of the heart is bitter and cold, when the man thats sheds blood, it brings him some what joy and pleaser...

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And I did write these poems ok... you can tell I cause they stink XP...

And heres something I druw.. hope ya like it...
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Well... I'll see ya'll later ^^
Byes *waves*

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

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Hey ya'll...
What's up?
I might not say much but at least I'm here...
But I'm sorry I didn't update yesterday...
I'm thinking I might not post for a few days ok... but I might anwser a few of my 40 something PM's...
But the headache's are kinda scaring me cause I can never get reded of it... and I took aspin 3x Tuseday... thats how bad it was...
CHRONO!! sorry... that came out of no where...
For some reason I just wanted to cry yesterday in school, but I don't know why I wanted to... dang I'm strange...
I watched Champloo last night... it was so funny...

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Well.. this one needs to go... byes *waves*

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

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Whats up ya'll?
Well about one good thing happened today is I got someone to help me with my PM's and that is celestial69 *she's cool* ^^
Well...I need some time to think... I'll see ya'll later ^^
Byes *waves*

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Monday, January 9, 2006

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Hey ya'll...
I don't have much to say today... but I'll try to think of something to say...
But I watch Chrono Crusade again and every time I watch it I like it even more...
I had a headache all day long Sunday... I couldn't get redid of it... I took asprin too... didn't work... I'm going to the doc soon... XP
I wish I would talk more... but I can't think of anything...
And can ya'll do me a favor... please... can ya'll look for a Chrono Crusade that has some really good pictures of Chrono... thanks
I need to go now... see ya'll later...
Byes *waves*

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Sunday, January 8, 2006

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Hey ya'll...
Sorry I haven't posted in a while again... I've been busy... XP
I think ya'll noticed a little change in my site ^_^
Well... I've been having horable dreams... I'm scared to go to sleep now... well... the first dream was about my friend... she dead in my dream... and I saw her grave, then I started crying right there... then I woke up... I was about to start crying but I didn't...the dream scared the living heck out of me... and the other thing that scares me is most of the time my dreams come true...
so... most of Saturday I was like half there woundering about things...
Umm... but any ways, lets come back to Earth now... lol...
Umm... is there any one that would like to help me to work on my site... like anwser a few of my PM's *cause I get 30 a day* and I can teach you a few things to help you with your site...
If you want to help PM me and I'll tell you want I need help with and I'll give you my password too...
I didn't do much Saturday except play my Guitar and Trumpet... I needed so practice bad... lol
Well... I'll see ya'll later ^_^
Byes *waves*
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Thursday, January 5, 2006

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Hey ya'll...
*poke poke* I'm so bored it anit funny * I wrote some of this in school*
I try drawing today but I can'tdraw any good XP
Man, I was so dayzed yesterday it wasn't cool at all... If someone said anything to me I was like... huh?? *blinks*
I hope I'm hyper later today... I want to scare people... lol...
Our exams are it two weeks... I'm dead... I have a Algebra exam, P.E. * I wounder what that would be* And a Science exam... I'm scared I might fail them.
We have a project in Science... It about planets, and I have Jupiter... coolness... lol
And I fall in the floor yesterday... lol... it was funny too.. my friend, she moved the chair from me and I didn't know... lol... but I'm ok ^^
I'm start to really not like my Science teacher now, cause I stuter sometimes and I was trying to ask for my camara back *it was take a way for some reason, and I'm not mad se took it way* But she give me a never stupid look like I was stupid or something. It really ticked me off...
Well... this one needs to go.... byes *waves*

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