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Monday, July 24, 2006

Yo.... what's up??????
Well... I'm having a great time here at the beach... I even went in the ocean... that was ok... the waves ever 3-5 ft high.... that day... and I drank some of the water too... XP
And I even got some highlights in my hair... I got like a chestnut color... but I really wanted red highlights... but.. its cool
I do have a few drawing... tho.... but I reallly don't like them that much.... but the one's I'm makeing with out looking at any thing is better.. werid... but the one I'm going to so you is the one I did last month.... but colored ^^
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Now... I'm watching a anime and it called Gankutsuou
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I can't tell you to must about the story... but I'll try.. ok ^^
After meeting the mysterious Count of Monte Cristo during an adventure abroad, Albert de Morcerf, the son of a famous French war general, brings the aristocrat home to meet his parents. But there's one problem: Albert's new friend is the man his father betrayed years earlier and the nobleman is back to exact revenge.
If you see this show... you'll love the designs and the seenorys... And of couse I'll a huge fan of a story about revenge...

The vengens of Alex Row ^^
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