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Sunday, August 27, 2006

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Hello my dear friends ^^
What are ya'll up to??
Well I had a great summer but now its coming to a close... Monday I start back... not good... XP
I finally went to my first high school football game... it was awesome ^^ lol... I had to go since I'm in marching band... ^^
It seems like falls around the corner... the weather here is getting some much contafatble ^^ or kinda.. lol
I really need to show ya'll the drawing I did when I was at the beach *like month ago* and the anime music video I made...
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This one here I really like its my favorite but not my best tho... its cause I made this form my mind... or from the heart... my own characters I made... so cool ^^

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And this one is kinda of from the Haruto picture on the thing got when you bought the DVD but I did the face different or may way ^^

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This one ok... I did this after band camp.. or in the middle of band camp... but I only really like the middle on this the picture... Tis i Josh Turner.. ther first CD or the one albelm called "Long Black Train"

But I'll show ya'll a picture of me with my guitar at my friend's house... I mess around with the color to make it look more lively or not... lol
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And heres a really good friend of mine ^^
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Lol … I did the background of the picture… now he look awesome ^^
I bought the 4th DVD of Gankutsuou yesterday... I haven't watched it yet tho... I was so busy yesterday.. XP but yesterday was really fun ^^
Ya'll will get to know more later...ok ^^

I don't know there next time I'll post again... but I'll try the next time.. ok ^^

Well heres the video ^^

Excuse the language in this video.. but the sound it really good.. I want ya'll to really listen to it ok... ^^

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