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Monday, April 17, 2006

So.... what are ya'll up today??
I hope ya'll had a good Easter ^^

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

[ 12 : 54am ]

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Hey ya'll...
I'm so sleepy... -_-
So... for the people thats on Spring break... are ya'll doing well?? you better be... don't make me come over there and make you be good.... j/k.. lol
I have two more days of school... I'll live throw it.. I think....
Dang... my headache got so bad yesterday I thought I was going to past out... But since I took a little nap... its not that not that bad now ^^
*poke poke* I'm of bored right now... but the funny thing going on the house right now is the cat's are fighting... like play fighting not trying to kill each ok...
LOL... today were suppose to watch movies in our classes.... that hope to goodness that my class isn't acting stupid like always... XP
Who like the The Killers??? *slowly raise's my hand* I do ^^
Guess what??? Another drawing for ya'll to look at... It seems like I've been really busy... lol.... naaa.... boredom...
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And I've been think hard about this... but I might drawing this picture on my wall...
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or this one...
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But the thing is, that I want something simple but wounderful...
Well... this one needs to go... see ya..
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Monday, April 10, 2006

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Hey ya'll ^^
What are ya'll up today??

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My newest drawing... ^_^ I like it turned out well… I think I’m getting better everyday… for the people that can’t draw, all you need to do is trace some really hard picture’s for a year or two and then try to draw from what you know from there ^^
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Now I did this one a few months ago… this is what our Marching Band uniforms kinda look like…
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Now this one I did in Jan. for a project in class… nothing wonderful ok’s
Well… I must go now ok… bye’s … I have school this week XP
Please comment... thank you *hugs*

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Friday, April 7, 2006

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Hello's ^_^
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LOL... I bored again in Algebra class.. lol
But for this one I had to do for a project in English class...
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Well.. I'll see ya'll later ^_^

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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

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Hey ^_^
Nothin much is goin on right now...
I was bored Sunday... and desided to draw somthing...
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I can't think of anything to say... so.. I'll see ya later...

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Saturday, April 1, 2006

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Hello... whats up?
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I was bored and druw this... Hope ya'll like it... please comment...

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

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Hey ya'll ^^
So... whats up? any thing new?? lol...
Nothin new here... I've been drawing every day in my classes in school... and I see Improvement in my draw, but not my work in class.. but thats ok... ^^
Umm… my weekend was good… and I have Monday off too… YAY!! Lol…
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I’ll call him… Dark… nice name ^_^ I did this today… not bad…
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And I did this one on Wednesday… I think… but I did this with out looking at any other picture… not bad…
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And this one I kinda really like… every one at school like it… but… it not that good…
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But... I love how this one came out... lol.. Its Edward... so cute... I'm working on it on the computer... but I'm bored right now and I don't feel like working on it right now... *me to lazy*
Well... this one must go... see ya... I'll be changing my site later to today... to Hellsing again... byes *waves*

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hello my good friends.... How are ya'll today?
Not much to say... but I want to come by and check on ya'll... I'm well... and I hope ya'll are too!
I hace some stuff I wrote and I think ya'll might like it...

If you read the whole story theres two poems in the end... oh PART 2 is done... thats both aprt if you didn't noticed.. ok's
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The story begins were the explosion from Delphine’s Guild ship.
Some how… Alex is still alive, even though in the icy snow, felling the coldness on his face and body. His body still tangled up in Delphine’s rose vines. The vines still piercing his body. His face layed flat in the snow.
Alex trys to turn over so he can breathe. His arms shake from lack of energy. But he finally gets turned over. Now Alex looked up at the sky, looking how beautiful the sky looks. He remembers the days with Euris, Alex desides to sit up in the snow. He trys to untangle himself from the rose vines. Some how he gets the vines from his body. Some places on his body was bleeding from were some of the vines were dug into his skin.
Alex looks a pone the wreckage from Delphine’s ship. He remembers holding Delphine in his hand… strangling her to dead… Vengenes is sweet in ways… But now Delphine is truly dead. And whispers Euris’s name softly… And he thinks, “why does Sophia look so much like Euris for? Why?”
But back to reality here. “I need to get back near home. Wait, were is home? The Silvana was my real home, but for now I can’t go back there.” *sighs* Wait a sec. I can think about living in the old place were Clause and Laive used to live when they were little. Then a suddenly the thought of the past run though his mind. All of though thoughts almost threw him down to the cold ground. “There no way in heck I’m going there” he said in an anger tone of voice. “But seriously, I need to get out of this freak in snow, it’s to cold for me here.”
Alex stumbled well he was walking. His mined in thought, and wonder. “I think I might want to try to find Walker. He might be able to help me out again.”
There was a trail of foot steps from Alex and the wreckage…



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But lets turn the story around and go to Sophia and Vincent.

Sophia, looked at the tome stone of Alex’s grave (though Alex is still alive) and telling him I will all ways be your first officer. Vincent walked up be hind her, telling her “ we must go now.” Sophia asked him “where shall we go then?” Vincent said in a quite voice “Well… well, we can sore through the sky together in the Silvana!” Sophia turned around and smiled, then
looked at Vince and said, “ that might be the best thing right now.”
Together, they walked aboard the Silvana. As soon as the two walk into the main deck, Sophia suddenly turned around and told Vincent, “those cloths won’t do here,” and giggles. Vincent just stands there and blinks, and said “well, umm… ok?” Sophia said. “come with me, we’ll find something that will suite you well here.” For some reason she went to Alex’s quarters and found his cape he wore all the time, but he left it when Delphine took him to the Guild ship. Sophia gently picked up the cape from the couch, thinking about Alex. Vincent slowly said “ ma’ma, are you alright?” “Yeah… I think so,” Sophia turned around to look a Vince and stared to cry. Vincent just stared in frit. “Come here,” Vincent said holding out his arms out and coming closer to Sophia. “I wonder if Alex is still alive,” Sophia murmured in to Vincent’s chest. “Maybe, but don’t worry about it ok, he did get his revenge, right?” Vincent said and wonder.
Later that day, Sophia was still in Alex’s quarters. Sophia found some of Alex’s strong liquor and then found a glass and survived herself a drink. As soon as she finished poring the liquor in to the glass, she quickly took a swig of the liquor. She almost pasted out with the sudden hit of the liquor.
A soft knock came from the door, it straddled her, but she got over it. Vincent said “ma’ma, may I come in?” “Of cores you may,” Sophia said gently.” Vincent walked in and saw Sophia drinking some strong liquor. He asked her why was was she drinking like that for. Sophia told him “This is for Alex.” Vincent nodded his head and said “here is a glass to an old friend.” Sophia smiled, and then said “sure, to an old good friend.” “Cheer’s” they both said. Sophia gulped the rest of the glass down, then she passed out on the couch.
All Vincent could really do is just stand there. He decided to find a blanket and let her rest her troubled mind rest for now. Then he left the room, just before he shut the door he whisper “sweet dreams your majesty.”

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In the sea of clouds, I want to sore the seas to no end. I want to see the beauty of everything top to bottom. I want to touch the clouds to see if they feel like little cotton balls. I don’t want to touch the ground ever again, and I don’t want to feel the pain and sorrow of the winds of the desert, and the dying trees. I want to feel the cool breeze’s from the sky and the ocean breeze.

Fallen dreams

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In the end, my heart will turn dark, and I will be come cold and I’ll fell unloved, but maybe there might be some hope at the end of the tunnel, but it might not be enough to help me trust any body. But knowing me, I might trust only one person, that might be my bests friend or my lover. And someday I might bloom like a flower, that means, I’ll open up to people, and show them who I am.
In the pool of, blood is hunger to kill, but the sadness and anger and darkness of the heart is bitter and cold, when the man that sheds blood, it brings some what joy and pleaser.

Well... thats all for today.. enjoy... bye

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Sunday, March 19, 2006


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I think ya'll noticed I change my site around... I know its not so cool as is used to be...
Well, I colored that one picture I druw last week... it looks good right?
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I much go now... byes

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Friday, March 17, 2006

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