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Sunday, April 23, 2006

so tehn.
i dunno why i'm here. i'm kinda bored. really bored. i had a stupid conversation with my friend last night... at 1 in the morning. He really got on my nerves. he was all angry about me telling my friends and parents everything he tells me. I told him, "Once you released the information to me i gained the right to tell my parents, my best friend/your cousin, and assorted people abotu these things. Cuz you didn't say to keep it a secret." so yeah he got really pissed.

I attempted to watch Evangelion: Death & Rebirth but my brother stold the computer from me and i didn't want to go downstairs to watch it.

I got manga, buy three get one free. woot. I got the second .hack//AI Buster, The second Clamp School Dectectives, the second Yotsuba&! and X/1999 the first one. the only one i haven't read yet is the .hack one.

My friend stole my plastic egg. I went to school with two plastic eggs so now Deathsky has a blue/green plastic egg and i have a green/blue plastic egg. Unless he's already done something with it. oh well.

I found a lot of people from school on here. It was kinda creepy. But the thing is... I joined a long time before them. so ha! hahahahahaha! i win! *Eats ice cream* and i have about half the gb signs than they do. i have 63 currently and like 416 visits. woot. not really. ok that's it
bye bye.

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