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Saturday, April 1, 2006

I'm kinda sitting here doing nothing. It's like 11 pm where i live and i'm freakin bored. I've been listening to a lot of techno. Which is the only reason why i'm still wide awake. so. i'm gonna make another stupid little thingamajigger.

Touya: Why do you always say these little script things are stupid? huh why? What did they ever do to you?!
Me: ... Why do you care?
Touya: i dunno. I just feel like being irritating.
Yurei: He watched Chicken Little.
Touya: and then i watched Bambi II and Wallace and Gromet, and Hoodwinked, and some other movie.
Yurei: Dumb and Dumber?
Touya: Yeah! That one. And then i watched Curious George.
Me: (Disclaimer: I don't own any of those movies.) O.o What the? Who let you watch those?
Touya: Suiren was watching them and his cuteness kept us from kicking him off the TV.
Yurei: So we watched that stuff with him. Although i have a feeling he doesn't remember what any of those movies were about.
Touya: No he doesn't. He fell asleep a third of the way into Chicken Little remember?
Yurei: Oh yeah.
Me: Why didn't you just go watch those on the other TV?
Touya: ... I blew that one up accidentally last week.
Me: ... But we just got that!
Me: and that would be?
Touya: I was experimenting on a bomb that would blow up the minute you turned to a certain channel!
Me: and that channel would be?
Touya: The disney channel.
Me: Oh. Ok then.
Suiren: What're you talking about?
Touya: the disney channel.
Suiren: why?
Touya: I dunno actually. huh... Let's go blow something up Yurei!!! *drags Yurei out the door*
Suiren: ? Oh well. Ok so that's all Wing can think of so she's gonna go play some random halo flash game that Deathsky's sending to her. So bye! ^-^
Takumi: ... I blame this on you Wing.
Me: eh. I can live with that.

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