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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

   Wowy wow wow! *said like Cristopher Walken*

"Guess who's back, back again.
Natasha's back, tell a friend."

No, really...tell your friends, 'cause this crazy cat is BACK! ^_____________^

It's been a while, hasn't it? Man, i missed this place...and all of you Otaku ppl. Expect to see alot more of me...

So, what's up? Anything new? Did i miss much? I probably have...but that's ok.

Louis, my closet monster, has been keeping me busy with errands. Besides that, i'm still with my boyfriend of two years. *beams with pride* I just "celebrated" my birthday on November 30th...where i was sick. But, don't feel bad 'cause my bf pampered me like the Queen of Darkness that i am. *BIG smile* Oh oh! My bf got me the new 8GB iPod Nano! AND a Nintendo DS Lite. YESSSS!

Anywho, i think that's all for today...no use trying to remember/share EVERYTHING that's happened since last year. (*nods* Oh yes, it's been THAT long) Gonna be busy with X-Mas stuff...but don't worry, i'll keep you all posted, and i'll try my "bestest" to get to your sites...

tty all tomorrow! <3

P.S. Going to watch Beowulf in 3D tonight! WOOT! ^____________________________^

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Torn Between

Subtle and Secretive,
Cold and Distant,
Suspicion will surely arise,
If only I had all the answers,
Why must I feel so confused,
My heart should not be torn between,
It belongs to neither,
For it is mine,
I do not want to share it with more than myself,
All was well 'til my good fortune turned to dust,
And the wind carried it away,
Away to a place I know nothing of,
So, I find myself to be alone in my thoughts,
Such wretched thoughts have I,
And yet, I crave for it all,
The thrill I receive from trusting my unguided emotions,
In the end I will reap what I sow,
As karma comes for me and burns me in place,
Burn me now, for I do not wish to go on as such,
Burn me alive for I am a witch at heart.

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Thursday, January 5, 2006


My site for the moment (or more like for the day) will be under construction....

Feel free to leave me some comments on what you would like to see when visiting...I'll be sure to consider your opinion.

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Friday, December 30, 2005

Poetry Posse

~Wanting, Yet Not~

Iím afraid of your touch,
Your face and your embrace,
Iím allergic to the words you whisper,
Your kisses are sharp and double bladed,
Making my tongue bleed,
And my heart is wounded,
By you, for youÖyet still,
I crave for your face, love your embrace,
Do whisper sweet truths in my ear,
Your kisses are passionate,
Leaving me breathless,
My tongue, now stitched, caressed by yours,
My heart mended, raw within your palm,
I am yours, forever Ďtil my grave,
Have me, love me, and never leave...


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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Poetry Posse


My heart beats cruelly against my chest,
As it pulses steady in my head,
I donít know if I feel anymore,
Every time I believe things canít get worse,
They doÖjust to rain on my parade,
Itís like lifeís a circus and Iím the ass,
The center of every sick joke,
Aware that Iím not meant to be content,
So I raise my flag and surrender,
Hoping youíll all overlook me,
Hopefully not seeing me as entertainment,
But that would be too easy of an escape,
You want me to suffer,
To experience as much pain feasible,
You never really have to look far to find me,
Iím the girl with the tormented soul,
Twisted mind and always pained,
Not many have a face like mine,
A cracked mask painted grey,
I am a shadow to most,
A plague perhaps,
Or maybe Iím merely a walking ghost...

By Vampyress

Give me some feedback ppl...

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

*No Title*

Greetings strangers...yes i may say that since it HAS been forever since the last time i posted anything. X-mas is over for all you materialistic ppl out there...Right now i`m currently in Mont Tremblant with my bf. He decided it was time i met his parents...and what better time than the most chaotic time of year! I say that with full sarcasm...He decided this after i spent five days in Granby with my mother, and he nearly died of who knows! Anywho, he missed me so much and finally realized how much he really `loved` me...`cause before that i was quite the secret. It`s the first time he`s dated someone like myself.( Just so you know...i`ve been with him for 4 months now) I guess me being gone helped him realize that keeping me in the dark was stupid. So yep, here i am in the basement of his godmother`s house updating my page...
19th of dec. i was still at my mothers pulling my hair out while my bf enojyed himself at the 50 cent concert in Montreal. On the 22nd i was brought to St-Jerome by voyageur bus with my 15 yr. old bro to a party at my youngest bro`s lock up center. It was fun...i really miss the little guy, even though he`s quite taller than me now. It was a bit weird getting hit on by 15 and 16 year olds...thinking they were real men...i had a few laughs of course.

I went to some kind of party on the 23rd with my bf...was awkward since it was with a bunch of ppl from his A.A. meetings, and not to mention the girl who held it had once asked my bf on a date...even though she knew i was around...she said it was mutual...*rolls eyes* Please! Dumb girl was acting all nice and shit...hate fake ppl. Then i had this big guy, whom we call tigger, that kept giving me rasberries on my cheeks...and then i heard it from my somewhat possessive and over-protected bf...guys are alot of trouble i`ll tell you that.
Had supper at his `rents on the 24th and 25th...got presents from them which was very unexpected yet quite nice...Met his two brothers...Antonio the eldest, and David (the youngest) who has an epileptic gf who happens to be a spoiled brat of a feminist...Carlos (my bf) tells me 'be nice, she might look like a bitch sometimes with the faces she makes but it`s only because she`s epileptic...' I laughed so much, i about nearly peed myself...c`mon! Blame your attitude on the disease you have...? That`s low! She`s a cold fish bitch because she wants to be. i had a teacher with epilepsy and she was the nicest person on earth...please! A bitch because of epilepsy...what will ppl think up next. Anyways, i don`t quite like her...but i was nice.

On the 25th i had to put up with an 'adult' dinner...i just about fell asleep at supper time. His father is awesome and sarcastically funny...and his mother is great. a real quiet, white picket fence, normal type of family. (compared to my 'so-called' family...i could call his boring)

Tonight (meaning 26th) i finally got to see 'War Of The Worlds' was okay i guess...i can`t stand that little blond chick 'Dakota Fanning' So damn bitchy for her age...always plays the role of a know-it-all. And i just found out that in '96 some kid murdered two ppl and attempted murder on another, in the Harvey`s just at the corner street of where i live right now...but of course i was a wee kid in '96...so never heard of such a crime...i already know that my area is for shit. Last month i was on my way to the metro by bus and saw some kid run off with an Asian woman`s purse into the alley...*shrugs* Oh well, what was i to do...jump out of the moving bus' window? It was the middle of the day and the sidewalks were full...anybody could have had the decency of grabbing the skinny twerp by the neck and wringing the purse loose. Jeezum! The world we live in...anywho going to bed..i`ll be updating more often since now i have internet back at my appartment...Salutations

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Wednesday, October 5, 2005


Odd shit has been happening to me...For starters i have fallen ill..and it's something that stays in the bloodstream for atleast 6 months...and because of this, and because my work knows about it since i gave them the doctors note, they won't let me come in to work. So right now i'm on sick leave. It's my second week away and i'm going crazy...i've been getting hallucinations once again...started off with faces in the wall and now it's seeing ppl and hearing them talk to me...Before yesterday i was woken up by the fire alarm in the building...which went off around 2am...fire trucks came and everyone was outside...yesterday i was distracted in my head while walking home, that i nearly got hit by a city bus...I think it's because i wandered across the street on red..the bus slammed the breaks and honked @ me for so long before i came to my senses and quickly reached the sidewalk. Anywho...that's all for now i suppose...i've got other crap i can post..but it would take too long to remember it all...Salutations

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Friday, August 12, 2005

Poetry Corner

Ok so i was upset today and this one is sort of odd...


Damn you to hell with your stares,
Constantly observing,
You sicken me,
So i spit on your grave,
I can sense your criticism,
Just like i can hear your perverted thoughts,
You sick fuck,
I want to vomit when i see you watching me,
Try as you might to bend my will with your mind,
You won't succeed,
I'm too stubborn for that,
Never ashamed you are when you are caught, Do you not have any dignity,
Pounce on you i will,
The next time you sneak a peek,
You better shield yourself from the grips of my fingertips,
As i imagine stripping your eyes from their sockets,
Bleed you bastard,
As i laugh,
Hollow and Haunting...
Let it be a lesson to others who witness my deed,
Have fear,
It's the wisest of things,
For fear keeps ppl sane,
And keeps someone like you at bay...

Here's another one

-Liquid Silk-

Raindrops fall,
Cold as Steel,
I shiver as they caress my flesh,
Feeling like liquid silk,
Cotton-candied clouds,
Stained with greys and blacks,
Shaping forms of majestic felines,
Eagerly stretching wispy claws towards me,
Trying hard to catch me,
Wanting to warn me,
As i gingerly skip through puddles upon a steep cliff,
So naive i am,
To think that nothing will befall me,
as i play upon the slopes of life and death,
i lose my footing and begin my painful descent,
Quickly picking up speed,
As jagged rocks pierce through me,
I'm stopped abruptly,
Cracking my skull open on a large white stone,
My breathing is shallow,
As thunder roars and lightning strikes,
My guardians weep for me,
I glance up at the heavens one last time,
Before slipping into eternal sleep,
Dreaming of running free upon plush green slopes,
Where color and light roam...

There you go....give me feed back

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Saturday, July 9, 2005


Well...it's been a while i was beginnning to think i was dead....i went through this incredible depression...tried to kill myslef once again...failed miserably...and now i'm here...i'm still alive...for those who wanted me gone...*shakes fist* it's been what...6 or 7 months...I'll be posting poems soon for all of you out there..so ya..Salutations

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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Holy Shit...I'M ALIVE

Well...looky here, I'm not dead yet...should i be happy? Meh..really doesn't matter...I'm still unfortunately computer-less..Atleast i can use my big bro's labtop..but honestly it isn't something to gawked about...'tis also sad to say that my mind still feels frazzled and defeated...even on my birthday..yep..today is unfortunately that day...How about you all write me a nice comment...you know to cheer me up a bit...Well that's all for now..I'll try and post a poem i wrote while i was extremely angry with my mother...not today..but soon. Salutations from the Living Dead

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