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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Holy Moses! LONG-ASS Post!
Hello ppl! ^_________________^

So, yeah...i finally managed to fix my page a little better. Since i was using firefox, i didn't notice that my posts background color was black... O________________o' Which looked absolutely horrid with my font color & bckgrd image. But that's fixed now...so, me so happy!!! *does her crazy one-leg dance*

Last night was GREAT! Saw Beowulf (in 3D) and i have only one thing to say...It was totally awesome!!! Man...i'm using alot of exclamation marks today. *blinks*

Anywho...the only bummer part of the whole night was, getting to the movie theatre AND those stupid 3D glasses they give you. *shakes fist* I have a small noggin' and well...let's just say that those glasses are HUGE! I had to hold them up for most of the movie. Which was like...2hrs. long! ha ha! They kept slipping down my head, in the end, making my ears stick out at odd angles. O________________O But the movie made up for my pain. *sniffles a little to emphasize said pain* ^________________^

On the way to the movie, using my BMW method...(aka Bus, Metro and Walking) Some old perv was trying to get fresh with me (aka grabbing my bum and rubbing up against me), another man nearly broke my hand, some lady bopped me in the head with her huge-ass bag AND once again, A DUDE had his crotch in my face (once i got a seat, beating and old lady to it. HA! TAKE THAT!). The busses were so packed with angry ppl, i swear we were the biggest can of sardines EVER! Yet still, the movie was totally worth it! *giggles like a little school girl*

That's it for now...i really have loads of stuff to do. Got my new BOSE earphones in the mail today. *BIG thumbs up*

ttyal! (translation: Talk To You All Later!) ^__________________~


--Natty-atty-asha <3

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