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Thursday, December 6, 2007

*yawns and rubs at eyes a little*
Mornin' Loves,

So, here i am sitting at my computer...when i could still be snuggling my blankets in bed. That's right, this little she-devil snuggles. ha! But anywho, i'm up and there's nothing i can do about it. No, seriously...once i'm up i can't fall back asleep. O______________________o' I hope you are all doing well...Not too stressful of a day, so far.

Moving along...

I'm totally obsessed with "Heroes"...*hangs head in shame* ^___________________~ But, not obsessed like "OMG! This show is totally AWESOME!!!" I'll admit, it's clever...but it's more of a "morbid curiosity". (Like the time i got obsessed with "The Sopranos", even though the show made me so ANGRY!!! ha ha!) I mean, i can't stand most of the characters on the show (i HATE Sylar)...and all the episodes are WAAAAAAY predictable...Yet still, i find myself watching it week after week. (i use Graboid...So, no commercials, making the show even more bearable. YAY!)

Hey, have any games you'd recommend? It could be a PC game, a DS game...or a PS2 game. (I know, how lame is that...i don't have an X-Box 360 , a PS3 OR even a Wii) I use to have an old beat-up X-Box... Anywho, the X-Box is dead. ha!

So yeah, i'm sorry i wrote you guys a novel T_________________________T' I have a tendency of going on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on...I think ya get it! ^_______________________^ ttyal!

*hugs all of her Otaku friends* tee hee!


Oye! *smacks self on forehead* I forgot to put up my poem...Here it is. (tell me what you think):

Divine Lover

Archangel I call to thee,
Come and bid me company,
Come to me, find your way,
Do not be fooled to wander astray,
For this is your destiny from above,
So make haste and reach me love,
Take flight from your world to mine,
Upon six charcoal wings divine,
I ask of you, deity of the night,
Please come forth to thy sight,
Handsome lad of skin so pale,
Do bewitch me, you shall prevail,
And with thou love and intense gaze,
You'll surely send thy heart ablaze,
As both our passion grow and soar,
Thy aching heart will be no more . . .


Copyright 2007 Natasha Rose

Videos of the Day:

"Wait and Bleed" by Slipknot

"Satin in a Coffin" by Modest Mouse

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