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Thursday, December 13, 2007


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Wow...that was an EXTREMELY long weekend...lol I mean, i told everyone that i'd be back on Monday, and it's now Thursday. Sorry about that...*hangs head in shame*

So, what has everyone been up to? Have any plans for the upcoming weekend? I know i don't! ha!

The closer that X-Mas comes to rearing its ugly head...the more crazy i get. T________________T That's right...i said crazy. By the time Old Saint Nick gets here, i don't think i'll have any hair left on my head. *bursts out laughing at the thought of a bald head* Ahem! *clears throat and puts on a straight face* It's really quite stressful...

How are you guys holding up, with the holidays being so near?

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*points at kitty-kitty and giggles* So cute!

ANYwhoooo...i've been playing lots of MMORPGs lately...(getting back into it...after 3 long years) I'm just really trying to find one that i can stick with, you know. I've tried out 3 already this week. "Rappelz", i think, is still a really good game...but the glitches were driving me mad.(And making my computer do some very creepy things) *nervous laugh*...the second game i tried was just TERRIBLE! (It was so terrible, i don't even remember the name of it...lol) And now, i'm trying out this game called "RF Online". *keeps fingers crossed* Totally getting my hopes up here! It's suppose to be really KA-RAAAAAAAAY-ZEE good! So yeah...

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RF Online

Well, that's it for now...I have 30 minutes to get to everyone's page. (i say half an hour 'cause that's when RF Online dudes are done with maintenance) tee hee! ^___________________^ So, off i go! *suddenly gets the Tucan Sam saying stuck in her head* O_______________________o'



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*points at photo and laughs hysterically*

Don't ask...i found this while searching for an anime image. O____________________o' It's sooooo creepy! *shudders*

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