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Friday, November 7, 2008

   I promised, but this? This is nuts.
Hello everyone! Thank you so much for the comments =] And Iím going to go back on my word. You know how I said, after yesterday, politics wouldnít be in my postÖ Well, I guess itís not politics exactly, but it involves a running mate of a certain McCain.

Now I donít want to get into an argument, so Iím going to ask you to keep your opinions to a minimum. Did everyone here hear how Sara Palin thought Africa was a COUNTRY? Who ever told me she wasnít a ditz, I believe you now. Except Iím going to push that a little further. Sheís an IDOT! A COUNTRY?! I really donít want to get into an argument with you republicans so I am really sorry for this, but who doesn't know that Africa is a continent besides Palin? If you donít believe me, look it up online or perhaps watch the news? I dunno, my dad told me so I sat and watched it last night on t.v and was about ready to cry. Thatís really a terrible thing for her to say and think, that Africa is a country. I now, kind of likeÖ out of a 100% chance, feel 5% bad for McCain for picking her for a running mate and itís probably her fault they lost. *shrugs* I donít want to get into it, so maybe I shouldnít have mentioned it.

On a slightly better noteÖ ITíS FRIDAY!!! Whoooo! I think I might go see Madagascar; Escape 2 Africa tonight. Probably by myself, but whatever. The negative side to not having a boyfriend is that you donít have anyone to take you places. Now Iím sad, great, Iím a loner going to the movies ALONE and SAD =/

When life hands you lemons, shove them up lifeís ass because lemonade doesnít help in all situations. Yup, thatís the answer to put on a test right there. No lemonade aloud, I donít care how much you like it! Suck it up =] Suck it up, hahaha! Itís like one of those things! Lemons=sour, so you donít suck on themÖ AN OXYMORON!! Has anyone seen that movie with Danny DiVito? Now I forget what itís called but heís telling his students about English terms like synonyms and oxymoronís and the one kid is like ďIím no ox moron!Ē and heís like, ďno, no! An oxymoron. Yaí knowÖĒ and tells them what it is? Nevermind, when I think of it, Iíll post it XD

Well, I shall be off to comment you all. Again, I am sorry that I had to bring up the whole Palin thing, especially when I said I wouldnít bring that up anymore. So thank you for reading and please donít be too angry and totally bash me for stating my opinions and the truth.

Mood- Annoyed
Time- 3:18 pm
Quote- Most of the things worth doing in the world had been declared impossible before they were done. ~Louis D. Brandeis

And a poem to conclude my post;

Nothing Girl
By; Christelle Duvenage

Maybe I wear baggies
and white socks with flip-flops,
maybe I don't like listening to rave
and I'm not on the social mountaintops,
maybe I don't care about the things
that make your worlds twirl,
maybe you look at me and think:
Gee, what a nothing girl

Maybe I like giving smiles
which seems to be a sin today,
and maybe I allow my imagination
to sometimes run away,
maybe you don't understand this
and that's why you cannot see,
if this make me a nothing girl,
hey, that's ok with me!

The world makes you believe
your personality mustn't be detected,
your face must be picture perfect
and wear cloths just the best, to be accepted.
Maybe I look at you
and feel sorry that you're blind,
robots you have became,
yourself you'll never find.

God made you, as well as me,
this means I am something,
the world is a liar
and if I must be a nothing
for you to see it,
then so be it!

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

   Reading my comments....
Wasn't the best idea. But anyway, thanks for all of the comments people. After this post, politics will be out of the way.

Effie-san, thanks for going so indepth with your opinion... And yes I know that Obama has nothing to do with the gas prices... But something has an effect on it, and it was just a figure of speech kind of thing... Nevermind. I don't know how to explain. But I'm being serious, it was really nice seeing what your opinion was because nobody really tells it like it is, so thank you =]

Now, on to bad news =[

P.E= MY WORST NIGHTMARE! OMG I hate it sooooo much and I can't run for 3 minutes straight, I almost died -.- Not really, but I felt like I would pass out. So I told Miss LaPlante that I have a bad knee (which I actually do) and that I can't run a lot. So I need to find my knee brace so she doesn't think I'm lying and then Ill be all set. Of course, I'm probably going to drop it by next Tuesday... So no worries =]

Band Trip to Flordia! We got our plane tickets today! Whooooooooooo! And also, this is for shizayumm xx, pynk-emma, and Notyu (because I know all of you will be so interested) WE NEED FLAG GIRLS! And it's to Florida... I know one of you wants to. We need 2 of you... So whatever XD

My e-mail is being suckish. I can't open it X_X I want to read my e-mail!!! *glares* Work dammit! *sigh*

I have to go =[ I commented all of you who updated yesterday and today (so far) so I'll check back on tonight...

Mood- Content
Time- 4:02 pm
Quote- You know more than you think you do.
Benjamin Spock

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

   Live out of your imagination, not your history. -Stephen Covey
And the next President of the United States of America is...

OBAMA! I stayed up until around 3 am dancing around and celebrating... So my parents let me stay home =] I was so tired this morning, and I guess my dad couldn't wake me up. I called him about an hour ago and he said it was like I was in a coma XD He was like "last night was important and you needed to sleep." So I was like "hmm, we should have important elections more often" lol. So for all of you Republicans out there who are pissed... Suck it up, McCain would've died and we would've had a ditz in office and our who country would've sunk into Hell.

Anyway, I just got round to commenting all of you from yesterday. There were SO many!

Speaking of yesterday, there was no school thanks to teachers workshop =] So I went into Keene, had lunch with mom, went shopping and bought Secondhand Serenades CD A Twist In My Story. It's really good =] I also filled my car with gas. It was on half a tank (a little more than a half actually but not by much) and I filled it... For $20, which is a record. Gas was $2.49 yesterday, but since Obama was elected, I have no idea how much it is today. I'll have to check later.

I have to get dressed, walk my dog, and do the dishes. So I shall leave you at that.

Just think, history was made yesterday =]

Mood- Happy
Time- 12:04 pm
Music- Like A Knife (Secondhand Serenade)

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Monday, November 3, 2008

   The precondition to freedom is security. -Rand Beers
I actually got 5 comments =] Thanks everyone.

And to kinda clear things up about that kid sitting on me... He knew I was there, he wanted to wake me up, and I wasn't crushed to death... But almost XD

So, I'm like, really depressed. Did I mention in my post Sunday (yesterday) that I almost got in a car accident Friday night? No? Well, I fell asleep for 5 seconds, like I closed my eyes and they didn't open. But when they did I was about 6 feet away from a tree. So I pulled over (after slamming on my brakes) for about half an hour so I could shake it off. But this adds to why I'm depressed.

After a near death/critical injury expirence, you notice a lot fo things in life. Like, how you can't get everything you want and how hard times can get/are. So I was thinking how this Christmas and my birthday, I'm not going to be able to get a lot of things... And before I didn't really care how bad things were... I just wanted to get everything I wanted for Christmas. But now, I really just want to be with my family and have a good time.

I took advantage of the things I had, and used them to think of things I could get... But I can't get these things... Do you knwo what I mean? I dunno... It's weird. I just, really need to think stuff over.


Time- 3:27 pm
Mood- Depressed

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

   Thanks for the comments. And welcome to X shadowme X to me wonderful section of MyO! I hope we can become very good friends.

So Halloween was Friday. I went to a party =] It was fun but I became really tired and fell asleep... Then some kid came and sat on me X_X So I woke up and every 15 minutes or so I would go back to the couch and sit for about 5 minutes. I have no idea what came over me.

Tomorrow I start P.E and American Economics. No more Health (=[) or Ceramics. I'll miss health more though. ONly because of a certain person... But anyway.

How was everyone's Halloween?

As you can see, I changed my theme back to roses =] Blue roses, very pretty. So I'll prolly change the color by mid-november to something a little more wintery... Like a light blue.

That's about it. I'm going to go finish commenting then I'm going to continue havign fun on my MySpace =]

Time- 11:57 am
Mood- Slightly deprssed

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Friday, October 31, 2008

   The beginning is always today. -Mary Wollstonecraft
Thanks for the comments =]

My Health final was EASY! And my teacher siad I got a really good grade on my project =]I am so excited!

Ceramics... We had a final =[ Not just a project like a bowl or something... A written final. X_X

I swear to God I have ADD. I've changed the subject talking to my friends so many times today it's not even funny. =D I'm like "so did you do this?" and before they can even answer i'm like "hey look! a chipmunk!" Alright well that's nto a real example but whatever.

I have to get ready for the party and go carve a pumpkin. I commented people to say Happy Halloween!

Mood- Hungry
Time- 3:29 pm
Currently- Listening to Sam's cat purr into the phone... Awwww.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

   If we love our country, we should also love our countrymen. -Ronald Reagan
Thanks for the comments. I got 4, although two were from Kelsey (I'll get back to your later *glares*) and actually... I had 6... Two were mine so I wouldn't forget the quotes XD

So I haven't been up to much. Sorry for not posting for like... 2 days. I was working on my Health final. Tomorrow is the end of Quarter 1... That means no more Health, which also means no more D... Although I see him first block because his class is right across the hall from mine and I see him on my way to fourth block =]
But I have chances at having more clsees with him *smiles* I am excited! Now, I'm just studying for the class... I hope I get a high grade because my teacher said that my project was worth a really good, high grade, so plus the written final, I could get my grade up to an A =]

Ceramics, I don't even know about =/ I think I have a B+ in that class, but I don't know. Don't really care either, I already have all my art credits. I just enjoy taking art classes =] They're fun and it's like a good break for the day.

Chemistry... I don't even want to talk about it. My teacher is just like "Quizes and tests don't teach you anything, that's why I don't like giving them..." but she does anyway and we all fail. None of this Chemistry shit is sticking in my head, I hate it.

Band... Well I was supposed to take my midterm todya but I didn't have time, so I went after school, and no one was there! Seriously, it sucks! I had to have it done today... So now I am going to do it before school. I'm going to get there really early and take it before people can come and listen to me =/ Suckish.

So I got to commenting people every day, even though I didn't post. I haven't been posting a lot because of the ending of a quarter. But Monday I'll start posting almost every day again.

Tomorrow is Halloween! I don't know if I'll be getting on to post, but I will comment! I'm going to a party at 7 pm, fun fun! The last halloween party I was at, was my own abotu 5 years ago... Oh how time flies. I'll be posting pics from the party, so be prepared for soem crazy shit XD I gotta have my mom pick up my camera tomorrow though. I'm glad I just reminded myself.

Kelsey, congrats to your Phillies =P I was kind of angry, but whatever. I was proud that Tampa beat the shit out of the Red Sox and got into the World Series for the first time. That's amazing for them =D Like my band teacher, Mr. Aines said today...

"It's not about the place you're going... It's the trip that gets you there." So I guess that includes you winning the W.S, right? *shrugs* It did to me =]

Well, I must be off to finish studying. =] Hope everyone is doing well!

Mood- Content
Time- 4:34 pm
Music- Love Story (Taylor Swift)
Quote- Freedom lies in being bold. (Robert Frost)
Random Fact- Robert Frost is from New Hampshire... I'm from New Hampshire... Yay New Hampshire!

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Monday, October 27, 2008

   I've Been Working On A Project...
Quarter ends this Friday. It totally sucks because I am going from Health to P.E and from Ceramics to American Economics... Perfect timing for America's economic crisis, right? Wrong. I'm bored just thinking about it.

So I'm working on my Health final prject. I'm making like, a HUGE booklet thing and I'm still on unit one out of five and it's due Friday *sighs* I'm screwed.

AnimeAngel, we don't have cool themes! No fair XD I should make a request to my teacher about it... They sound like fun =]

Screw the Phillies! I can't believe they keep winning! Seriously I was so pissed at the mistakes we made in the game last night. But oh well, I don't really like either team... So I suppose I don't care who wins this World Series... I'd just prefer Tampa =]

OMG! In ceramics I made a cow. He's so cute, and when I get my camera back I'll take a picture of him and post it.

I went and volunteered at the Obama campaign headquarters after school. So I'll be working with them until Election Day. Which I have off so I get to go hold signs! Yipee! I've always wanted to do that, lol.

I still have more animals to post for you, but it'll have to wait for tomorrow becuase I have to finish unit one for my project XD

I've commented people who have been updating for the past like... 3 days? Yeah, that's about right. And thanks so much for the 3 comments I got Friday. Koon, it was nice to hear from you XD I thought you were torn off the face of the Earth!

Oh! And Dancing With the Stars is on tonight. I hope Cloris sucks... Even though she'll still get all the votes and stay on X_X Maybe she broke her hip......

Mood- Tired
Time- 4:47 pm (Oh, this is late for me)
Quote- Common sense is instinct, and enough of it is genius. (Josh Billings)

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Friday, October 24, 2008

   All truth, in the long run, is only common sense clarified. -Thomas Huxley
Gracias for the comments. I only got 2 but hey, whatever.

So today was like the best day ever. My 1st, 2nd, and 4th block classes were only an hour long. Then my 3rd block class was regular time but it was half an hour early then it usually is. After lunch we went down to the gym (most of the students did) had a small assembly, and then we had the rest of the day (about 2 1/2 hours) to hang out outside listening to music, playing games, relaxing, etc.


So tomorrow I am going to a football game, then to the Keene Pumpkinfest. On Sunday I am going to Notyu's b-day party =D Yipee for party!

Picture time! Have you noticed the pattern? Just of the animals in the pictures. I still have a few to go... But they're so cute!

Mood- Bored
Time- 3:34 pm
Song- Risque (Cute Is What We Aim For)

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

   Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. -Lord Chesterfield
I got four comments! Muchas Gracias! So I've got a post for two days huh? Alrighty, let's see where to begin!

Wednesday... Oh! I got out of Chemistry for an in-school field trip because my Health teacher got a speaker to come and talk to us about drugs. The speaker was only at the school for first block and so we all got to get out of class! Whoooooo! I sat next to D (his name was Garth, but I'll use D instead) and Dylan who kept talking the whole time and trying to gross me out (which of course they succeeded with).

And I had a flirtfest. Yup, that was exciting. So I dunno what I am going to do... Liking 2 different guys and all XD

So today, I am posting you the picture my aunt sent me of these cute little animals. And I am going to tell you about my day!

Chemistry- sucked.
Band- Always rocks, it doesn't matter if I am having a bad day or a good one, it just rocks.
Health- It was good. We played SEX Jepordy!!! Haha, with the catagories of STDs/STIs (same thing) Fact or Fiction, and Birth Control! If you couldn't tell, we're on our sex unit XD
Ceramics- I finished my Cinderella pot which will be fired tomorrow. I finished my slab pot, also fired tomorrow... And I have to glaze my two rattles.

Oh! I got my test back in Health... I GOT A 108%!!!!!!!!!! I am so awesome!

Tomorrow is Green Field Day. There a bunch of activities going on, such as tye-dying! It'll be fun I hope. All classes, but block three, are shortened, so I only have an hour of the dreaded Chemistry!

I have to go to Wal*Mart to get my friend a birthday gift. Notyu, actually, is who I am buying a gift for! HER BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW!! Hurray!

Well, I suppose it is time for some pictures! I'll post 3 today and some tomorrow. I have a lot XD

Mood- Tired and slightly hungry.
Time- 3:31 pm
Quote- Life must be understood backwards; but... it must be lived forward. (Soren Kierkegaard)

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