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Monday, January 12, 2009

"but you're way to deep to swim back up again." -I Hate This Song (Secondhand Serenade)
Iím typing this up on Word so I can comment and write up my post all at the same time. So far so good XD except for the fact that it keeps trying to fix my spelling errors, pain in the ass wonít let me Ďlolí without underlining it red! *glares*

Thank you so much for the comments! And as you can see, I totally survived my sleep-over at Katieís house lol. I mustíve given about 10 piggy-back rides to her siblings though! My poor back is slightly bothering me, but Iím sure it has something to do with the way I slept last night.

So Saturday, Katie and I went to the mall and bought a ton of stuff. Then we went and saw Bedtime Stories, yaí know with Adam Sandler. IT WAS SO FUNNY! I love the guinea pig! Itís eyes were HUGE! Haha, it was really cute and funny. Keri Russel was also in it, and sheís my favorite actress.

Anyway, what did I buy? Oh yes, some shampoo and hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works, Secondhand Serenades CD Ďawakeí, Twilightís score (CD) all music composed by Carter Burwell (and itís really cool!), an Obama poster (I think itís Rolling Stone), vol. 12 of Chibi Vampire and vol. 5 of Ouran HSHC, and some other stuff that I am unaware of I suppose XD

Yesterday I slept inÖ Which wasnít good because I missed church and one of my New Yearís Resolutions was to make sure I went to church every SundayÖ Obviously, I missed it yesterday lol. I woke up at 12:30pm! I was so angry because no one made an effort to wake me up X_X So I kinda went for a joy ride around 2:45pm because I was getting sick of my mom being so annoying and all that. So I took back my movie I rented and drove around Dublin Lake and all that fun stuffs.

I figured out how I can post my pictures! Remember that one of me I posted! Well, I quit using Photobucket, and Iíll just post from MySpace! Mwahaha! So, here are the picture from the ice storm!

Dublin Lake;
dublin lake after ice storm.

Almost hit out house. Itís one third of the tree thatís right up front. Very scary to wake up to that cracking;
tree that fell in my yard. thats our porch on the left.

This was just a zoom on random trees in my back yard.
looks pretty with the sun.

I think tomorrow Iíll post some pics from my NY trip that I went on during Thanksgiving break. Iím having fun with these pictures lol.

I think thatís all for today. Iíve tried to comment those who updated this weekend. Sorry I was able to get around to it. I was busy and everything. I tried to do some homework last night and succeeded with the Economics, but I get too lazy with the Chemistry because I donít like it! So maybe I should finish it? *sigh* Alright, until tomorrow!

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Friday, January 9, 2009

   you know you're having an odd day when...

Thank you for the comments ^_^

I'm at Notyu's house and she was sitting on me... Actually, don't think I'm a lesbian or anything (not that I have issues with them, she was more like butt humping me X_X It was odd.

Now Abby (her sister) is on my back. My knees are gunna give out. Okay now I have Ben (her 9 year old brother) on my back. Ow... I'm old X_X HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RAPE!!!!!!! MOMMY!

Me and Katelyn are going shopping tomorrow. IF I survive this attack. I'M ALIVE! Okay, so we're going shopping tomorrow.

Notyu says; she hasn't died and she'll be back soon.

And that's about it.


OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me and Katie lit a fire in my back yard! It was about 2 feet away from my house and it was kinda big X_X

Okay, bye!

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

   Last Day.
So, it's Sunday. Last day before school starts again. I'm kind of glad because this vacation has been so bad!

1) No power for the first 12 days.
2) When it was back, I could only enjoy it for 6 days because
3) I got 4 teeth pulled!

Yeah, I beg to differ that anyone elses vacation was that bad. Well, for all I know it could've been, so nevermind. I don't want to be chewed out for saying that.

Thanks gnnwan for the comment. And to answer your question about the color of my hair, it's "honey brown" but in pictures it looks red (for those of you who are planning on checking out my MySpace for a picture). Actually, here I'll try to post one here. If not, just go to my MySpace, I think I defaulted it so even if my site is private, you can see it.

i dyed my hair back to its original color... it looks red.

I'm counting down the days until my 2 year anniversary on MyO and my Birthday! 19 day for the anniversary and 22 days until my 17th Birthday! Whoo! I am so excited, here's a list of things I can do when I turn 17;
1) LEGALLY get into rated R movies
2) Purchase rated R movies
3) Purchase rated M video games for Katelyn XD
Okay, so it's not drinking alcohol or anything but it's pretty nifty.

I'm watching The Nutty Professor III; The Klumps or whatever it's called. It's funny XD I've never seen this one before... I don't think anyway. Eddie Murphy is so funny, oh ew... That was odd.

I guess that's it. I just got around to commenting those who updated yesterday. My apologies on being so lazy and only getting around to it at 1 am XD I'm even posting extra early... I should be sleeping! *sigh* I'm going to be all out of sorts when I go back to school.

My aunt is leaving tomorrow, so I won't have the laptop anymore. No promises on commenting every day and posting. I know how much you'll miss my long and boring posts XD No, no I'll try. It's just hard with this lame "dial-up" and our stupid computers.

Thanks for visiting! I don't think I ever say thank you at the end of my posts for even stopping by. I have it in my intro, but who reads that every day? *sees no hands go up* EXACTLY! How could I be so rude to all of you. You take time out of your day to come and comment me, and I don't say thank you for visiting?! There's another New Years Resolution for me. Now I have 3 NYRs for 2009. Good, I'll have to write that down.

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Quote- Life is like a trumpet - if you don't put anything into it, you don't get anything out of it. ~William Christopher Handy

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

   What's Your Fantasy
Just another typical day. Thanks for the comments =] I think I forgot to thank you yesterday, but you should know you're always thanked. I am always happy to see that I got comments.

So for today, I'm giving you think links to the pictures. It really sucks because I don't know how to make them clickable XD So you're going to have to open a new page and copy/paste the links in the address bar. So if you don't want to look at them, you don't have to. And I don't even know if that'll work.

This is the Dublin Lake one... I think.

This was a tree in my back yard.

And here's the tree that fell and almost hit our house (back porch left).

That's all. Like I said about 200 times, I don't even know if that'll work if you copy/paste it XD If not, I'll be hooking up my scanner soon and it'll be easier to fix sizes with that.

So my mom and aunt just left to go shopping. I'm at home with dad whose leaving to go to the post office, dump, bank, all those other Saturday things he does. So I'll be home alone until 11:45 am which is when I'm heading down to CVS to get hair dye and go to my friend Christinas house.

Yes, they'll be pictures tonight on my MySpace or tomorrow of my hair. I'm just dying it back to it's original color, so it's really no big deal. I forget actually, what it looks like myself unless I look at pictures from 5th grade. I don't have a lot of pictures from back then though, so I haven't got a clue how it'll turn out. Hopefully pretty =]

It's been bitterly chilly here. Like, wicked cold and I hate it. Low temps in the single didgits at night and low 20s- low 30s during the day. Last night it was like 6 degrees outside and my parents had forgotten to turn off the snowflake lights, so I had to go out and turn them off. My pajamas are an extra long sweatshirt and shorts. I slip into my slippers, open the door, and freeze X_X It felt like it took me an hour instead of 2 seconds to get those damned lights off. OH! It was windy too, and I got snow blown on my bare legs X_X Thanks God, I can tell you love me.

Well, anywaym I guess that's it for today. This is probably long enough right? I don't want to bore all you to death. IT's bad enough MyO already seems like a ghost town, I don't want to add to that.

Quote- You cannot get ahead while you are getting even. ~Dick Armey
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Music- Full Moon (it's from the Twilight soundtrack... I forget who sings it)

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Friday, January 2, 2009

So I have some pictures for you guys. Depending on how big they are, I might give you the links and if you REALLY want to see them , then you can open a page, cope and paste.

So, I'm assuming the people who commented like my theme? I hope so because I think I'm leaving it up until February. Sound good? Good.

So here are some pictures, like I said, I dunno how it's going to turn out.

*EDIT* What the hell?! They're too big and so I have to resize them... So just let me know if you want me to put up the direct links to them and stuff.

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

OMG guys, it's 2009!!!! There's only 25 days, not including today, until my 17th birthday!! Awesomeness!!!

Thanks for all the comments everyone =] I'm glad you all had a nice Christmas. RSRKingdom Stars, yes you may call me Twisti, lol.

So yeah, Tuesday I got my wisdom teeth pulled. It was't that bad actually, I wasn't nervous going into it and I only cried when it was over. I think I scared the doctors because they put me under and when they were waking me up aparently my heart rate was a tad bit too high and I was crying... So I guess I gave the dentist a scare, heh oops. But I'm all set. My mouth is slightly swollen (yes, like a chipmunk) and I do get a little sore once in awhile if I don't take the meds regularly... But so far, I'm pretty good.

I am having my second Chrsitmas today, now that my aunt is here =] I wonder what she got me... Hmmm, I'll maybe post it for you tomorrow, unless you don't want to know what I got.

I have to update my site, no? A new theme and I think it'll actually be anime this time istead of roses. But I'll have to see. Don't worry, I'm still coming around to comment you all once I finish this all up. So.....

HAPPY NEW YEARS to all my friends on MyOtaku! Oh! Right, hold on a second *leaves to upload some photos of the ice storm*

-.-; Photobucket is being a pain in the ass. I've been trying to get photos uploaded for half an hour. I'll try again tonight or tomorrow. I will get them for you to see, they're really pretty and cool.

My aunt is trying to get my dogs toy away from him... She's not doing quite well XD Go Buddy! I've shown you guys a piccy of my poochy right? I'll post another one tomorrow just in case.

Mood- Sore
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Currently- Trying to get Photobucket to work right.

*EDIT* Do you guys like my Chibi Vampire/Karin theme? I dunno what to do with my theme and so I put this up. If you think I should change anything, please let me know XD I usually just have a random picture (like flowers). I've never had an anime theme.

*EDIT #2* I had to... These are resolutions. I'm not using any of them, but they were funny.


I think you'll have to open another page.

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hey guys! Thanks for the comments. I'm glad I got a few 'welcome back' comments. I missed you guys like crazy!

Anyway, a few more things about my ice storm power outages. Yes, it was actually really fun. Except for the fact that it was so cold I wanted to shoot myself. But other then that it was super fun and I got to hang out with my friends. The only scary part was when I woke up to the tree falling 3 feet from my house. It was 7 am and I heard a crack and I was like O.o what? Then a huge CRASH!! So I ran out of my room and there was a tree lying in my yard.

Anyway... If you don't want to know what I got for Christmas, then don't read this section XD

A new printer/copier/scanner for my computer (so I can put pictures on MyO), gift card to Borders/Dunkin Donuts/Bath & Body Works, socks, clothes, rings, one of those things you plug into your cigarette lighter and then you plug your iPod into that and you can play music through the radio, and then I got Mamma Mia/It's A Wonderful Life/A Christmas Carol/101 Dalmatians/Hancock/October Skies/A Waltons Christmas all on DVD =] And I think that's about it. OH! I bought a present for myself... It's one of those Life Story/Film Fantasy magazines... Anyhoo, it's all about Twilight XD Like I said, I'm addicted.

But my Christmas isn't over yet. News Years Day my aunt will be here and we're having a second Christmas... The day after I get my 4 wisdom teeth pulled X_X I'm so nervous, I don't want to think about it.

Well, I'm off to watch It's A Wonderful Life with my parents. I'll comment everyone now that I have my power back =D

Mood- Happy as a clam.
Time- 1:52 pm
Quote- There's nothing sadder in this world than to awake Christmas morning and not be a child. ~Erma Bombeck

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

OMG!!! I am soooo incredibly sorry! You'll never believe what happened to the state of NH! Unless you watch the news and it actually showed our poor state... But anyway, thanks so much for the five comments. And again, I apologize about not getting on in nearly two weeks.

So, since Thursday Dec. 11th, we hadn't had power until yesterday morning! There was a HUGE ice storm (which I will post some pics of later) and the whole state blacked out! No power at all, unless you had a generator... So we had it really hard.

Friday-Sunday, we didn't have a generator... And my moms boss offered us one, and we took it. But by Tuesday, she needed it back! So my parents went out and bought our own (it was like $800). So we have a generator now. Advise, if you move to NH, buy a generator, it'll be the best purchase of your life.

I got to hang out with my friends a lot though, and go Christmas shopping. I went to the mall a total of 3 times, Keene about 4 times and a few other places. School was cancelled until January 5th, so we have an extended vacation, most of which is without power. I'm so glad we got ours back.

I must know everyone down at the laundromat by now XD I've been there about 50 times.

I'll have to comment later.

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Quote- The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes. ~Frank Lloyd Wright

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

   I WIN!
Thanks for the comments you guys Ęĺ I just finished commenting people from today and yesterday, although I'm sure more people will update before the night falls, so I'll be back on later.

As you can see, I'm posting slightly earlier then usual. Well, we had a snow day today. Totally lame, I know. There's no snow, most roads were cleared around 8 am so a 2 hour delay would've been fine, the only thing that's wring with the weather is the rain -.-; I mean, sure there's ice on the steps and driveways, but NO SNOW OR ICE ON THE ROADS! I'm so mad, this was a snow day wasted.

Yesterday, Ms. Milne decided that I was right. So I now have a C+ in her class and that will be on the progress report. I handed in my lab notebook and everything was fine. She says I'm a good student and that I didn't deserve such a harsh grade O.o I dunno where that came from, but OKAY! I'll take it, lol.

I am so bored and cold right now. I'm not sure if I'm aloud to turn the heat up or not. Hmm, perhaps I will. *runs to thermostat* There, now it shoudl take about 15 minutes for the heat to come on.

I really don't have anything to say. Oh, wait. Did I mention how epic my friends basketball game was? No, okay then.

IT WAS SO FUCKING EPIC! Pardon my French. But seriously, first, they were winning, then Milford pulled ahead, then it was tied, then Milford ahead again. Finally, WE WON! But it was such a crazy game! Everyone was yelling and screaming and cheering! So far we're undefeated, even though they've played 3 games, but last year, we'd already lost XD

I think that's about it. *nods* Mhm.

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Monday, December 8, 2008

   A little late to post...
But I don't really think I'll get a lot of comments anyway -.-; Thank you to Angel Zakuro for commenting my post from the last time I posted =] I'm sorry I wasn't able to comment you guys because I was so busy this weekend. I did comment who ever updated yesterday last night, so that's good.

As you can see, I finally decided on a theme =D And I promise, it's staying up! Although, you can't really see the text for my post... But I dunno how to fix that so I'll wait until I do, lol.

I'm working on some Economics homework.. Er, I was until I got bored and wanted to post. But I'm actually doing good in that class, so I'm nto worrying.

Chemistry on the other hand... I now have a D. But please, hear me out becuase I know my parents won't. My teacher posted grades this morning so we could see what we have, and I had a B- last time, and now I have a D. And so when I checked to see what I was missing, they were ALL labs! So I went up to her and I was like "Um, excuse me. I did all those labs and they're in my lab notebook. You, on the other hand, didn't ask to collect them. And from what I can see, is only a few people handed them in!" and so she was like "You're supposed to remember to hand them in, and those people did." So now, I'm standing there, turning bright red, and I say "Well, actually, you always tell us when to hand them in, and you didn't. So that grade shouldn't be on my progress report! I've lost about 25 points because of it and I am a good student. I refuse to accept that grade." I was really waiting for her to tell me I have detention, but she didn't. She just said, "Well, you'll have to remember next time." and walked away -.-; I was, and still am, so pissed off at her! My dad is going to flip shit and take away my iPod, car keys, car, cell phone, and computer intil my grade gets back up!

Anyway, on a better note... Tomorrow I have to play with the band at the girls Varsity home basketball game. I really love playing and the gym is always nice and warm =] So I'm excited to be going... And getting out of the house. I'll probably go to my friend Sam's house after school and get a ride with her so we don't run two cars. She's on the team, so she has to go down around the same time I do. I think anyway, I'll have to ask her.

Saturday, I saw Twilight again. The first two times, it was an obsession... Now it's a fucking addiction. I think I need help XD It's just SOOOO good (to me) and I love it. Although, did anyone else know that Kristen Stewart (Bella) smokes? Not just cigarettes but weed too? Also, the girl who played Rosalie (I forgot her name) likes Rob (Edward), but he likes Kristen, but she has a boyfriend... But their relationship has been going down the drain, so I dunno what's going to happen next XD I'm so into all this celebrity gossip stuff, but all that stuff I know is true, lol.

Holy damn, this is a long post... I should probably stop rambling because I'm not sure if anyone is even going to read this =[

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Quote- Most people have the will to win, few have the will to prepare to win. -Bobby Knight

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