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Saturday, September 8, 2007

   Radom Icons
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Friday, September 7, 2007

sorry i havent been on in so long!! school started just about a week ago and i have been loaded with homework every night already!! bleh! but i like all of my teachers.. except one. mrs maleski. bitchass english teacher.
my favorite teacher is mr bowman. he's reli nice to all of us and he is funny. he is occasionally clueless so we get away with swearing and stuff. not that we do it much (reli we dnt) so it dsnt matter. and there are only 13 kids in tht class with me.
my band teacher (mr. aines) is wicked cool too. he's nice and is reli funny. i am so glad i havent quit playing my instrument. i am a flutest and (not very good) but i love playing!
and my geometry teacher is... okay. not as funny as my other two cool teachers but i like him all the same.
well. im quite tired so i am going to bed. good nite all!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

yeah ok i may be faking that tomorrow. but right now i am excited! i went to look for my classes so i wouldnt get lost. so now im going to be safe. my hair is all dyed so i dont have roots and my mom is cutting my hair in a little bit after my shower! i am so bored and hyper and i am sure i wont be able to sleep.
i have to wake up at 5 in the morning cuz i cant stay up till 1:30 to watch inuyasha so i have to watch it @ 5. very exciting. only till it isnt on nemore. well. fridays i can stay up till 1:30 in the morning, cuz its a weekend lol.
yeah ok im too hyper for this.
bye guys!!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

i am so bored. my dad is watching a baseball game and its annoying cuz he has the tv blasting so i have to blast my music. it's like a war going on in the house. every time i turn up my music the tv goes up. it's not my fault he's deaf. im gunna be deaf in about 3 minutes if i cant turn my music down! gah!!

school starts in a week. im excited but... idk.. it seems weird to have to go back. meh! make it go away!! i get to drive to school this year.. altho my dad has to be in the car with me. but as long as he isnt being annoying then im ok.

hmm. this is gunna be a long post. AWW1 this song is sad!! for any hsm and hsm2 fans out there i am listening to "gotta go my own way- troy and gabriella" this part in the movie made me cry! lol

ok i dont know what else to put here. i'll talk to everyone later!!

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

   My {fake} Last Will and Testiment
Emma M shall get all Fall Out Boy posters I own. She also gets my nail polish, make up, & my permission to rade my kitchen anytime she is hungry or has a mad craving for something.

Lindsay M Shall get my loving cat, Fluffy. She will also get my wonderful computer and lilblue, my sexy blue ipod.

Theresa C I give you ONE percent of my Cody Linley claimage, the other 99% is coming with me to the grave. You can also have my charished seat at out morning table and I hand over to you all claim rights of North East.

Katelyn L you shall get my cell, even though you don't like pink, the two year contract is almost over. I leave you my left over hyperness, use it well and when needed. The last thing I give you is my permission to chuck Lindsay in the trash whenever the time is right.

Allison M I leave you any book from my large collection you want. I also leave you my digital camera and my tv and dvd player for your room.

To all my fellow AIM-ers, I leave Inky the Octopus. Emma get over the fact that he talks a lot and looks high when he laughs.

Dad... Mom... Thank you so much for taking such good care of me and making me the girl I am today. I leave you Buddy and all my belongings that I have left after my friends go threw to see if they would like anything else.

Allison, Emmy, Katie, Linzbit & Terri can go threw all my stuff that hasnt yet been claim. Don't fight over anything. Share well. I shall miss all of you!

Lilflu (aka my flute) I give to Mr. Aines and the band room. Sure she has a few dents, but she still works.

I shall miss all my friends and everyone when I pass. Bu tplease remember me and I shall always look after you. Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE: this is not my real will. I am not planning on dying anytime soon and I am not commiting suicide or any other crime. Thank you for understanding.

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