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Thursday, October 2, 2008

It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light. -Aristotle Onassis
Thanks for the comments =] There was a common question that I think I should answer;

What is a Rock-A-Thon?
Well, it's when the band members take rocking chairs from home and bring them to the school. Then we put them in the cafeteria and we rock in them for about 15 hours ^_^ We get sponsors to sponsor us so we can make money for our Florida Trip in April! We eat, play games (video and nonvideo), drink (soda & water), and stuff like that. Everything you can think of but sleep and do drugs XD It's like a big BAND PARTY!

They even changed the date of it! We don't have school a week from tomorrow or a week from Monday so we are having our R-A-T a week from tonight into Friday. So it's going to be loads of fun! I'm really glad because I can do two things. One; go to the R-A-T and two; Go to Renee's funeral, which will make my dad happy.

Glad you guys like the rose ^_^ I didn't think I would find an orange/yellow one to go with an Autumn theme. But I did, so I was happy =]

It's very quiet on MyO today, I guess I shouldn't expect too many comments. And I'll have to post my story tomorrow before the football game. Remind me! Although I'll prolly see it in my post when I check for comments. Alrighty, I'm out!


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Time- 3:16pm
Quote- When you have got an elephant by the hind leg, and he is trying to run away, it's best to let him run. (Abraham Lincoln)

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

   Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow. -Lawrence Clark Powell
That is a really good quote *points to quote* I really like it and I might use it for my Senior quote next year... Anyhoo, thanks for the comments! Especially Notyu, you made my day XD

So it's October 1st!!! *runs around in circles* CANDY! In 30 days that is, but first we have to make it through the month. And this month is Notyu's birthday! Yay!

I wanna change my BG to something halloweenish or at least orange, but I can't find an orange rose and I really want to keep my rose thing going XD Hmm, I'll have to keep looking!

OMG! Guess what! I get to go to the Rock-A-Thon! Now I need sponsers!!! Who wants to sponser me?! Katelyn you have to XD No, no just kidding, I'll ask my neighbors and stuff. But I gotta make lots of money so we can go to Florida! Whoooooo hooooo! We're going to Florida during Spring/April vacation! I am so excited because I like to go on rides now, so it'll be more fun for me this time around.

Oh yeah, another thing. I think this kid likes me. The one I like does too I think... But this other kid I think likes me because he always goes out of his way to talk to me and he always interupts some one to tell me something. And whenever I tell him to do something he'll do it. And don't get me wrong, he's a nice kid, but I don't like him that way! =/ Poor guy, I'll have to let him down easy. XD

Alright, I'll get rid of the roses for this month only. I'll put up a pumpkin BG. How's about this one *loads it up* I think that'll do perfectly for this month. I hope you all like it too!

I shall finish commenting and then I am off to see my friends X-Country Meet because she is the best and gets in first all the time, so I wanna see her win ^_^

Mood- Thirsty
Time- 3:20 pm
Snapple- The tallest man was 8'11" (I wonder how long..... Nevermind).

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

   It takes a long time to become young. -Pablo Picasso
Thanks for the comment. I'm glad someone came and read my last post XD Speaking of last post, I notice that was like a week ago and that I haven't commented since then either. I apologize for that. I finally went back to school Thursday and has a lot of make-up work to do and didn't get a chance to come on and comment or post.

So since then I have made up a Chemistry test, worked on some stuff in ceramics, worked on about 50 health sheets for Health class, & gotten really flirty XD This kid is just so... Sweet in a weird crazy way. I like him though, but he's a Sophomore and I don't like being older then the people I like and it's just not working out all that well in my head, lol.

I don't know what to post about! We got our Holiday music in Band the Monday I was out sick, so we've been working hard and practicing that. The Freshies are lost and I feel a little bad for them, but I am too busy trying to know it myself then to worry about them.

OMFG! I know, speaking of Band! We're having another Rock-A-Thon the weekend I have to go to a funeral! I am so pissed and I prolly won't be going to that funeral, I'm not going to lie. My dad is "in charge" on when the funeral is going to be, so I am going to see if he can have it that Sunday instead. I REFUSE to miss the Rock-A-Thon.

I think that's about it. I am going to go and comment you guys before my mom gets home and kicks me off the computer and screams at me because I don't have homework.

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Time- 3:12 pm
Song- Eva (Nightwish)

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

   The ear of the leader must ring with the voices of the people. -Woodrow Wilson
Thanks for the comments. I probably won't post much after today for a little while because I'll be making up 3 days worth of school work =/ That's right, I stayed home again today =[ I really hate being sick... It sucks and I don't like missing school unless it's Holiday or Summer =]

So I watch Dacing With the Stars, right? Right. Last night, I was a sick nervous wreck! I thought one of the people I like, which would be Cody Linley... Although I have to agree with a lot fo people... He isn't exactly that big of a star at the moment... But whatever. Oh, I thought he was going to get kicked off. But he didn't ^_^ He's cute *cough* OMG! I dunno how many of you actually watch this show but this season they have an 82 year old lady named Chloris (sp?) on it. She sucks, and I really wanted her to go home last night... But maybe she will tonight! Yay! Also tonight on DWtS... THE JONAS BROTHERS!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! Not that I'm excited or anything *cough*

My mom has to take me to the doctors tonight so I can get a check up and a doctors note so I can go back to school tomorrow =P As long as they don't give me those LONG over-due shots I need, I'll be fine ^_^ Although, with all my luck, they'll be like (just as I am leaving) "Oh Keri! I notice you're over-due for three shots." (me) "Uh, no bye!" *runs* Hehe. There is no way in Hell am I getting a shot today... Or three.

Mood- Sick =[
Time- 9:37 am
Currently- Looking up colleges.
Song- Move Along (All American Rejects)

Oh, and I am glad you guys like my new themey/layouty/backgroundy/colory thing XD

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The truth is more important than the facts. -Frank Lloyd Wright
Thanks for the comments =] I stayed home AGAIN because I'm still sick. I haven't felt this crappy in a really long time. My mom did one of those throat culture things before she left for work this morning. She works at the hospital so... It was handy X_X Although, I hate having my throat rubbed with those things, it makes me gag.

Anyhoo, I missed the college fair thing. I really wanted to get info on UNH and Keene State *sigh* The things you miss when you're sick. And it was a half day too! No fair. Although, I'll probably only get 2 days of school in this week anyway.

So yes, I changed my site a bit. I knew the text was hard to read for you peoples, and myself too XD, but I didn't change the theme... Just colors.

Well, I'm going to take a nap.

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Time- 12:47 pm
Song- None

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Monday, September 22, 2008

   Don't Let the Fear of Striking Out, Keep You From Playing the Game. -Anonomus
That spelling of anonomus looks weird... And it's even from a website. Oh well, I'm sick I don't care.

Thanks for the comments guys ^_^ Unfortunately, your get well's didn't work and I am home sick =[ I was supposed to get a parking pass today for tomorrow, but I guess I won't be.

Angel Zakuro, I love the shirt XD David Wright is the man and I love him XD

I didn't get to watch the game last night =[ It might not be as important to all you guys, but I am a fan XD Our T.V decided it didn't want to get the station 140 and all I saw was Abreau's single and a bit of A-Rods up at bat. Then it had an error and the game went black =[ Stupid ESPN X_X But they Yankees won 7-3! Even though they lost already, but it was nice to have them win their last home game.

So yeah, I think I have strep because my throat is on fire. I was feeling better yesterday and when I woke up this morning I felt like shit again. My dad isn't happy that I stayed home, but he'll have to deal. If I stay home today, Maybe I won't have to later right? Right.

Mood- Sickly
Time- 10:53 am
Song- Summertime (New Kids On The Block)
Quote- When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

   Reality leaves a lot to the imagination. -John Lennon
Sorry for not commenting for like... 3 days. I was busy Friday, yesterday I was sick and today I am sick. Thanks for the comments.

So Friday we marched! The Big E was great fun and I think I am going again next weekend with family. I was moved to the 2nd row because we had flute malfunctions so I had to be in the middle... Which is the most important spot. But I was sick marching and I kept feeling like I was going to pass out. I also had a massive headache. My parents we're too tired to pick me up so they dropped off the car at the school, good thing I had my keys XD

My dog is rolling around on the ground and squeeking this really annoying toy X_X It's loud and not helping my headache.

Oh, oh, oh! Tonight is the last ever home game at Yankee Stadium! Or the old one at least. I am so excited to watch it with my dad. I'm also watching the Emmy's. I dunno how this will work out, I guess I'll commercial swap XD My dad hates that but whatevers.

I see that not many people have updated this weekend. I think that's really sad XD I'll go and comment people who I couldn't comment the other few days. Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Mood- Sick, my cold has returned.
Time- 1:19 pm
Song- Could Be You (Alexz Johnson)
Quote- Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another. -Juvenal

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

   Ability is a poor man's wealth. -John Wooden
I just sneezed like, 10 times in a row... Anyway, thanks for the comments. Only one person has updated so far today... That's kinda sad. But I did comment them! I don't have much time to post, but here goes!

In Chemistry, I got a 54% on my test -.-; She said it wouldn't hurt our grades too much, but when I looked at mine, it brought it down from an A- to a B-! So I am going to talk to her about that tomorrow. That's a whole freaking grade, it was just a quiz too, so it should've just brought it to a B+.

Band, we marched again ^_^ And got our marching shoes. They're pretty comfortable. I got moved up to the front row because someone *cough Karissa* was being suckish. She wouldn't keep her flute parallel to the ground, and I do and I am an upper-classmen and she's not, so HA! I win =D I don't really like being in the front but if it is to make us look good then *thumbs up*

Health, I got a 79% on that test... Which kinda sucks but it's better then a 54% -.-; But shhhhh, don't tell my mom. She'd be pissed. My dad would rip my head off. That's why I don't tell them when I have tests and quizzes XD

Ceramics was fun. We started using the wheels... Or whatever the spinny things are called XD It was really cool and I made an amazing pot =] Woah, I just read your comment CrystalFlute, and it did make sense XD Just confusing along the way. My little cow will be fired tomorrow =] I'm going to say that my aunt collects them so it'd mean a lot and so on XD But I'm actually going to keep it because my aunt actually doesn't collect cows.

Sorry for not commenting everyone yesterday and I highly doubt I'll get any comments today. Are people having issues getting onto MyO today? Because I did, and when I got here everything was weird and slow. Weird as in, out of place and such.

My cold is going away, and now I just have a stuffy nose. Hopefully that'll be gone for the Big E tomorrow. It's a giant fair like thing. It's really fun and I can't wait to go.

Mood- Sniffly XD
Time- 3:38 pm
Quote- I am certain that after the dust of centuries has passed over our cities, we, too, will be remembered not for victories or defeats in battle or in politics, but for our contribution to the human spirit.
- John F. Kennedy

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

   We are the hero of our own story. -Mary McCarthy
Thanks for the comments everyone ^_^ 5 seems to be my lucky number these days! I don't mind though, it's better then none right? Ha, well, here is my post!

Yesterday was rather interesting. We had a lab in Chemistry and it was really cool! We took magic markers and put little dots on chromatography paper. Then we put the paper in Methenol (sp?), Alcohol, and some other chemical. It was so cool to see how the pigments sepparated! Oh! And I got Mrs. Milne to reschdule our test for today. Which I totally bombed XD

Then in Band, we practiced our pep-band stuff and the music we have to memorize by Friday X_X America the Beautiful and Vehicle. I pretty much got them down pat =]

In Health we finished filling out our study guide and stuff for the test we had today. I think I got an okay grade on it. I hope I did X_X

In Ceramics I'm making a cow =] He's really cute but I have to figure out how I can make him useful before Ms. G will fire it for me XD Why does everything have to be useful?!

Today was boring. In Band we marched X_X But we're coming along with it, even the Freshies are stepping up! We march in the Big E on Friday, very nerve racking and very busy. But I can't wait for the rides afterwards! Whoot!

I was actually sick all day. I have a headache, chills, I feel like I'm getting a fever -.-; This cold thing is going around. Like all last week I felt crappy, but it was just the growing of the cold. Now that's it's here I feel like sticking my head threw a brick wall. So I might not go to school tomorrow. And if I do, I am so not marching.

I am working on a vegetarian report for Health. I never knew being a vegetarian was so interesting. I'd try to be one, but I'd die without meat XD Well, not without chicken, I could do without that =P

Mood- Sickly =[
Time- 4:45pm
Quote- Freedom means the opportunity to be what we never thought we would be. -Daniel J. Boorstin

That is why I don't think McCain and Palin should be put into office. And my quote in my 'subject' box, is one of my favorites. I usually post the quote of the day as my 'subject' now-a-days. Off to comment!

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

   Free men are the strongest men. -Wendell Willkie
Thanks so much for the comments. I think my last post was kind of long, but I don't remember much XD Just think, after this post (unless I repost it tomorrow) you won't have to read about the bonfire/homecoming dance again.

OMFG!!!! HE WAS THERE! AT THE FOOTBALL GAME! Not the new *him* but the old one. Remember Jeffers?! He was there. At first I was like "aw cute, he's here to see his girlfriend" because I totally thought I was over him. But the longer he was there, the more I liked him again -.- But whatevers, I might live. I dunno XD

Well, the football game was okay. We lost 34-23 or something, which made me mad because I have to play for the band, so most of the time, seeing as we didn't score too much, we didn't play. So after wasting 4 hours of my day in the hotness and watching Cam eat his weight in cheeseburger, nachos, and hot-dog, I almost barfed. That kid is a pig!

Homecoming was fun, though. I only had an hour to get ready and I think I did quite well with that. Although, my hair looked like shit and I changed dresses at Christina's house because I didn't like the other one. But then when I got to the dance I started thinking I should've worn the other one. Oh well, whatever, I still looked pretty =] I'm so dumb though, I forgot to take pictures XD

And I guess that's it. I'm very bored and I just got news that my Mets lost and the stupid Phillies won. Grrrrrrs.

Mood- Bored
Time- 5:30 pm
Currently- Trying to see when a show I love is going to be releasing season 3 on dvd.

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