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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

College= NO SLEEP! Not that I'm going to complain too much. I'll manage =)

I feel so busy! Homework for all my classes (except one) and lots of projects and due dates to worry about. *sigh* Alas, I need a good job so college is required lol.

So I have my focus ("double major" so to speak) which is American Studies. So elementary education and american studies. Good stuff lol. I've just finished picking classes for next semester that are all required. None of this bullshit of "Geography for Teachers" which is hard and not even required for my damn major. I hate it >_<

Anyway, almost time for lunch then class. It was nice hearing from a few of you. I should really start using TheO. I just don't know how. I'll keep practicing with it lol.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

   My Reasons for Loving College Thus Far.
#1. My professors are awesome.
#2. My classes are pretty good.
#3. CUTE BOYS!!! (Hahahahaha)
#4. Good food.
#5. My dorm is fun.

I only have four classes and I seem to like the teachers for all of them. Thank God.

The boys are all amazingly gorgeous and I've found one who likes me =) Which is good because I like him, lol.

Our dining commons have amazing food. Total plus side.

And my dorm tends to be loud. Currently there is either rock or metal music BLARING on my floor. I am pretty sure if I went to use the bathroom on the fourth floor I could still hear it.

I'm an Elementary Education major. I need to decide on my double major still =/ I will have a minor in either communications or computer sciences. It's undecided lol.

So how do I change my information on here? It's so annoying. I'll firgure it out. I'm assuming you have to go through TheO -____- I hate how it got all separated and such. It was so muc fun when we didn't have to chose which version we wanted to use.

Anyway, enough complaining. I must be off to that education meeting. Love & miss you all!

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

   I was so not expecting five comments. Maybe like one haha. I thank you allso much for coming and seeing me =) Also for wishing me luck with college but I'll tell you one thing, I am so nervous! Haha. I know one of you said that I sounded calm, but if you were to hear me talking about it, I'd be a wreck and I'm sure you could hear the nerves in my voice!

I saw Step Up 3 (but in 2D) yesterday. Now my goal is to see it in 3D because it was just AWESOME!!!! Loved it and if you like the first two, see the third!!

I am going to comment a few of you. I'm sorry if I can't hit all of you, but I am busy. Sorry guys =P I love hearing from you so come around! If you have any tips for college, please let me know, haha.

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Friday, July 30, 2010


So I start college in 25 days =) I got into my first choice school and my first choice dorm. I am already talking to my roomie on Facebook and we seem to get along. We'll see how it is on move-in day. But I am so ready to do this =D

Angel Zakuro (go yanks go) how is baseball season going for you? =P

CrystalFlute it was very nice hearing form you again =) I will definitely try working on my social skills and such.

Thanks to both of you for the 411 haha.

So I will try to be on sometimes. I promise.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's nice to know you guys still come around.

Kelsey (Angel Zakuro) Well, I didn't mention the opener because we're at Fenway Park. The evil home of the terrible Red Sox. They won on Sunday and We won last night. We're trying to win tonight too, but so far no good!

shadowme & Bakalovesyou, thanks for the congrats lol. I was so excited to get into the college!

*sigh* Another day has passed me by. I counted all the days I have left and I actually have 47. Such a bummer lol. I thought it was 43, sadly I was wrong. But that's okay! I'm a a little nervous about leaving anyway. I had been complaining that we've been in High School forever and now I feel like I just got there! Funny how that is *smiles*

Yanks are up to bat, this will have to do! I still can't comment but know that I have been stopping by and reading your posts. I will keep trying! Pain in the ass computer *glares*

See ya! Love!


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Sunday, April 4, 2010

   Evil Computer
Hence why I haven't been on in about 3 weeks. It's just terrible. I did get to visit a few sites today BUT the comment thingy won't work on my computer =___= So I'll have to try again later. Sorry!

I don't have a lot to say. I start film study and I only have 45 days left of school until Summer. I got accepted to my dream college (Keene State College in Keene, NH) so I'm totally excited to be going there =D

Thanks for stopping by! Lots of love! And look me up on Facebook (use my e-mail oixmissfitzyxio@aim.com) I have a mirror picture at the moment, but just let me knwo who you are and I will so add you!


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Friday, March 19, 2010

   Doin' Fine
Thanks for the comments! I know I haven't been on in awhile. I'm just trying to finish up my Senior year and so good.

So I now have new classes and I love them! I get to come in late in the morning, then I have Band, Child Development (A+!!!!) and then I go to my internship.

My internship is the best part of my day. I really love it there. The kids are so adorable and it's just really fun. It's an after school program for kindergarten-8th grade (although we only have up to 5th graders at the moment). When I get there it's just kindergarteners but at 3 we go up and get the other kiddies. The 5th graders come off the bus by themselves, we don't worry about them too much.

But that's about it. I haven't been too busy =) I will try to comment but not a lot of people have updated!

Oh! If you have a Facebook, they're is a virus going around, so don't open any messages you have in your inbox. They could be traps.

Love you all! And thanks for coming around =)


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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

   18 And Still.... A Kid?
Turned 18 on the 26th of Januray =)

Haven't been in the best of moods lately (thanks to fucking grades *sigh*) and haven't really wanted to do anything.

Going to be a short post. Just wanted to let y'all know I was alive and around =) Hope you're all doin' fine.

Love ya!


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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tuesday is my birthday!! I'll be 18 =)

Okay so I just finished up my next-to-last semester in high school!! One more to go =D I am so excited!!! I have all my applications out, some financial aid, and scholarship stuff. It'll be so exciting =)

I know I don't get around much but it's because of my computer. I'll try to, and I'm sorry if I can't =/


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Friday, January 1, 2010

I don't really want to post. Sorry guys. I just needed a place to vent.

Last night I was supposed to hang out in Times Square for New Years but I couldn't because no one listened to me when I said we needed to go in at fricken 10am and we went in at 5pm. So we just left and everyone was pissed because it was "all my fault". Yeah, okay whatever.

Now tonight I want to go tubing and it's $18 (whoop dee doo) and my dad said it's to expensive. I haven't done anything fun this vacation and I'm totally ticked off.

I just want to go home and go back to school. Fuck this vacation, it's so dumb. It's such a waste if you can't do anything fun. We're going into the city tomorrow (supposedly) and we're not even going in late to see all the lights. It's gunna be light out and boring. What's the point? There isn't one. So fucking stupid.

Okay sorry guys. Whatever. Enjoy your vacations =]


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