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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

   2nd day

Hello ^.^

See I told ya I was coming back,lets throw me a welcoming party,lol.

Nah really you don't have to.
Well I just wok up so my babysitting thing has now begun -.-

I'm not gonna be so nice and generous as I was before.I'm gonna make them see how much they shoulod've appreciated me being so nice.

C'mon their 5 and 8 and they act just as grown as I do.I aint finna spend my summer trynna babysit 2 grown people.What do I look like 60.

Their messing with the right one,cause I'm gonna have a good summer rather they want me to or not.

I would go into details of all the crap they tried to pull,but neh we'll save it for another time >.<

See yas ^-^ *waves*

I'm here if you ned me


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