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Thursday, June 19, 2008

   Yay I'm going Home

Yay!!!I'm going home today.No bad kids to get on my nerves x3

This will probaly be last last time talking about this becuase its getting so old (-.-)

Its no that there terrible bad.Their just nerve wrecking bad.
Like asking you a thousand questions,playing to much,waining,and the little 1 whose 5,she stays into stuff.

So their not the violent though they can be to each other,type.

I let no one run over me.I have the biggest mouth,so if I want to be heard I will be heard.

I have my limits were I can be to nice to some people and you know that type of stuff.But only limited,I could change over from sweet to the person you really want to say ''hate'' you.

So I atleast think I have some sanity left,I guess.I don't know ^-^'
Its crazy to think about it,but I like you guys so you have no worries ever XDDDDD

Right now I'm suffering from a serious trama headache,I seriously think I have to puke o_0

These glasses are killing my head,I have to wear them because with out them I can't see crap.Their still new so I haven't gotten used to them yet -.-

They're cute,I love them ^-^
My sister and a couple of my freinds say I look like a librarian.Yeah whatever you know,glasses can make anybody look smart.I'm intelligant either way it goes :D

Rather I look it or not,hehehe x3

Yeah I think I'm just gonna make a whole new batch of freinds,I'm on that as we speak.

Mission make new freinds is play.
hahahaha yeah I can be so lame sometimes,Imma very goofy person :3

I have no problem with making new freinds,I'm a seriously freindly person,I wouldn't say that I love people,but I'm a peoples' person.

And as long as you can make me laugh,hey your a freind of mines x3

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