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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Well I passed meh test,not with flying colors, but I passed.I gotta 98.Bleah I was hoping for a wonderful 100 plus my bounus points, but it was a question I never saw before on there so well yeah you know how that goes.
I can't stand it when they do that,put questions on a test we've never even went over.But I',m not complaining I can quickly make that up.If I wanted I could make straight A's but I don't like to over do things and stribe to be the best at everything.I just want to make good grades and I'm satisfied that I make the effort which is the best part.

Well other than that I've awoken ^-^
School is to boring to just lay back and be sleep.Honestly I was half sleep this whole past week.I'm not exactly used to waking up at 5 something in the morning again but I'll have it under control by the end of next week I guess I don't have a choice or I'll just sleep in every period, which is very boring I like to be awoke and alert,lol ^-^ sleeping just passes the time when you have nuthing to do I guess.

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