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Monday, December 31, 2007


Hello everyone.It feels like I haven't been on since forever.No just kiddin ^-^
I just needed a break thats all ^-^.
Well nuthin happened/.I went over my cusin's house.Ofcourse thaey came over here
to sspend the night with us too.I think that was like friday.Yeah ^-^
I was gonna stay again today but those damn kids made my head hurt
to much with all the damn noise.
But I love my cusin's though.It was good being with them.

Who has school on Thursday?!
I don't.Heheh.We have this whole entire week off.
Than we go back monday.I know who ever has it thurday
Or whatever day you start you only have like 2 days.
Than we have a full week.Bleah.Ahaha whatever so XP

But yeah I don't wanna go back to school.
Schools sucha bore -.-
But we all have to go back sometimes you know >.<
Gah I don't wanna XP

Well looks like I'm done here.I'll be visisting catchin up you know.
Love you guys ^-^

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