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Friday, February 11, 2005

   Ahhh, NOW it's tgif!!!

SO there's your illusion of the day...I had my first Explorer Meeting (AKA Police Briefing) Last night with the Shoreline P.D., was a loong meeting...ehhh, so I missing the next meeting cause im in Hawaii, so I'll be at the next meeting in March, I'll get my application, and they'll interview me and I'll be an offical "you know what." Just don't tell too many people, I dont need so much attecntion just cause I'm 14 and a "cop" OK?
Yes it is friday, but i got LOTS TO DO over the weekend, my BMW's battery wont hold a jump charge, so I gotta get an all new battery, and that's $100 there. I got my china map to color, and yadda yadda...I'll see ya around if i'm on!~~~

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