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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

   An illusion and a picture, and a ...GOODBYE?

WEll, there's your illusion...

Here's your picture, now for the goodbye?

Yes, it's true...I have deleted my technocat Site...I had to, didnt use it, didnt want to tie up theO's servers....*sigh* and another goodbye will come Wednesday night...when I leave for Hawaii! I will be thinking of all of you, dont worrk about that ^_^

Ah...It's been 3 years since ive been there...My parents went alone last year to escape the wrath of my sister...I had to babysit her....>>_<<


Yesterday was NUTS WEATHER WISE!!! OK, in the morning, it was like freezing temp, but no snow, then in the afternoon like 12-1 PM, it SNOWED LIKE CRAZY!!! 6 inches, then 2 hours later it's like 60 degrees, sunny, not a drop of snow left andd I'm outside car-washing my mom's Jeep and my Bmw in a T-SHIRT!!! WOW crazy weather!

I will talk to you ppl tomorrow!


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