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Thursday, March 17, 2005

   Some site updates!
Wow! I actually changed my BG and avi, following a very strict, LP ONLY theme...I am trying to convert some more things into an all lp theme, that would be so cool!


I also know that sooner or later, "Person X" and I will unleashing/revealing our long worked on (or to be technical, "havent started yet) : plan, but I can't say ANYthing else or I must be silenced by the "leader" (you know who you are...) so besides those site changes, there is (i say this all the time) NOT MUCH goin on...I gotta get some working in this weekend, I am predicting another $100 cashflow profit, I already balenced my expenses last week, SO if things go right and I dont have to spend any money, I will have a benjamin in my wallet or something like that. HEH! WHO DOESNT LIKE MONEY, PLEASE step forward NOW! *watches no one step up* that's what I thought!

~later future slaves~

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