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Sunday, March 20, 2005

   GOT My internet back...AND MORE!!!
I just have stepped out of the age of MIDIs and into the age of WMAs!!! You know how I always have MIDIs of Linkin Park on my site when you open it....well, now its WMAs with words and everything! I have all of the music on my laptop from the CDs, and I have a web server...well, I loaded up a few of the songs onto the server, and now all the REAL music has a URL site, which is how I got it on my site!!! I AM SOOO HAPPY!! That and I dont have school on monday for mid-quarter grades...anyways, It's great! The time for loading my main page will NOT increase because WMA's are WAY smallyer files than mp3's, so no worries!! Enjoy the LP, I'll change the song evey couple days or so...

I AM OFF to my sister's bday party..its WHIRLYBALL!!


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