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Sunday, July 11, 2004

My Thoughts on Yaoi and Shonen ai
Hello, everyone. I'd thought i'd address the subject that is Yaoi and shonen ai. Ok being a dude, i am more of a yuri fan, but i don't mind shonen ai. Yaoi on the other hand really bothers me. Because it is so popular, i am prolly going to offend a few people, and all i can say in my defense is that these r strictly my opinions and nothing more. Anywayz i will say a few things that particularly bother me about it.
First off, is putting very obviously straight guys into a gay relationship. Take Miroku/inuyasha for instance. I think they've both made it very clear (miroku especially) that they're not gay. Though there is a very small possibility that inuyasha may go that way, because i'm afraid if he gets his heart broken again i'm afraid he might give up on women all together.
Another thing worse than that is, put guys who r related into gay relationships: Inuyasha/sesshoumaru, Kouji/Kouichi. OK 2 brothers in a sexual relationship is wrong & if they do have an attraction to eachother then they're just really really wierd! Shounen ai is bad enough people....hey ladies would u go do ur sister? I think not!
And finally the worst in my mind is putting young boys into gay relationships. First of all, people most of these kids prolly rn't even into sex yet, and shouldn't b...and i'm sorry to say, whoever is actually into this sick,very sick thing, might as well, start writing and illustrating stories for micheal jackson!
And, as a final note, although i could see some anime guys being gay (kurama) making them that way is just fucking wrong....scratch that, VERY VERY WRONG!!

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   Top Hotties
Ok checking around the otaku sites lately and most of the girls seem to have their top 5 anime guys or something...and well, since i'm bored i'll put up me top 5 hot girls. But, alas, i don't find meself attracted to too many anime chicks so i'll use real ones. (let's face it people, real alwayz will b better)
Some of these will seem a little on the shallow side...but having not actually met these lovely ladies i cannot judge them on their personalities...only somewhat. OK let's get this going
5. Amy Lee. She's the lead singer of evanescence and in my opinion has THE most beautiful voice i have ever heard. Granted sometimes she looks old, but she can look really really hot ex: in the videos for going under, and my immortal, and some parts of everybody's fool. And with her the most interesting part of her face is her eyes...she is alwayz wearing such cool make up that makes her seem...i dunno, sexy.
4.Koyuki. For those of u who have seen the last samarai, Koyuki is the japanese actress who played Taka. She is definately without a doubt, the hottest asian person i have ever seen! She's not really a bombshell, but to me, she has such a graceful look and she's very conservitive.
3.Lucy Lui. I LOVE HER!! I find women who can kick ass extremely hot! She rocks in all her movies: Ex vs. Sever, Kill Bill, even Charlies Angels (even thought the whole girly thing didn't seem to fit her)
2. Elisha Cuthbert. Ah yes a Canadian Hottie. She was the actress in THE GIRL NEXT DOOR. And blonde r alwayz hot in my mind. And she's not a dumb one too, like a few others: jessica simpson...
1. Carmen Electra: seriously people, Dave Navvaro is the luckiest bastard on earth! He has the hottest wife ever! She is extremely sexy! and she doesn't mind gettin' it on with girls either!
Anywayz, if i'm being shallow here u can tell me so, but heh, everyone needs a good swoon now and then neh?

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Sunday, June 27, 2004

   My thoughts on each of the inuyasha characters (excluding kanna and kagura)
Ok, people since i haven't added a new post in a long time i'll give u guys a long one. The reason i'm excluding the characters of kagura and kanna is this: I have only been a fan of the series for a short time, and due to certain circumstances was unable to see the show for about two staight months on end. Anywayz the characters appear in the order of most to least liked. OK then let's get this show on the road.

1st is inuyasha. Well, the reason i like him is the attitude he has. He don't take nothing from nobody and he's quite strong (though one has to wonder how much blood he's lost since the beginning of the show) and he also shows he has a heart too, which is good, and he demon form looks so cool. Onto the next one.

2nd Miroku. Ok people, i have yet to see a person who doesn't like him. The reason i like him is he seems to be the more mellow of the group. He knows how to relax and have fun and just chill out once in a while, he also is the voice of reason. And also his "wandering eye and hand" cause some very humerous situations, and a slap from whoever he is groping.
3rd Kikyou. OK i know there are a lot of people who hate her out there. But the reasons i like her are: she's independent. She can stand alone and take care of herself. She's a neutral character, not officially affiliated with either side. Also she can be compassionate and caring but won't hesitate to kill anyone who crosses her.
4th is the ultimate villian, Naraku. Yes i like him. I like the way he can manipulate almost anyone and I love his name: "the depths of hell!!" So perfectly evil. A great guy. And for once his lackies aren't pompous dumbasses. They can do their job and they do it well.
5th Sesshoumaru. He's a serious dude and he kills so effortlessly and calmly. The perfect killer...he doesn't seem to have any flaws or defects at all. well, except for the whole make up thing. That, i want to get rid of.
6th Sango. Hmmm....not really much to say about her. I only saw a few episodes with her in it before i got cut off. I like the giant boomerang though. and kilala when she's big.
7th Kagome. OK, although i hate her, i'll give her a few things i like about her. She's not ditsy or a dumbass. She's smart and a quick thinker. And she's very loyal. Ok onto the bad things. First of all, other than shoot a few misplaced arrows and find the source of the shikon shards, she really doesn't do much. and all she seems to do in her spare time out of the feudal era is argue with herself on wether she likes inuyasha or not. And she seems to be the main sourse of the more girly episodes, where she talks to her stupid friends about relationship issues and boys. She always seems to be a damsel in distress, rivaling princess peach in the number of times one can get kidnapped in a short period of time. and then when inuyasha basically busts his ass for her she alwayz seems to overuse those sit commands. Granted, sometimes he deserved it, but still most of the time it was just because shippou was bugging him and then he flung him and then shippou cried to kagome to save him and then shippou gets to see inuyasha's face plowed into the dirt. Which brings us to the next person...
8th Shippou. Lemme think of the one reason i hate him....HE DOESN'T FUCKIN' DO ANYTHING!!!! He's completely useless and doesn't do a damn thing! He powers are all illusions and don't do nothing. And, i might as well mention this, i have alwayz hated little kids in anime. Generally they cry all the time and just get in the way. And they tend to be very naive.
Anywayz that's all i gotta say for now. So till later, tootles!

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Sunday, May 16, 2004

   Just a thought
Ok....this is sorta a continuation of my kikyou rant. Though, it's prolly not as angry as it was before. OK, OK, i'll admit that i'm obsessed with her, BUT there r worse people out there (i've noticed that sesshoumaru fans seem to b particulary rabid) Anywayz, i'd like to adress a certain subject that was goin' on when i first got here....while checkin' out fanart, and readin' the comments alot of kagome lovers/kikyou haters were flaming artists who had drawn kikyou and inuyasha embracing or simply kikyou in general. There were quite a few obscene comments such as:"must...kill...kikyou" or "she is a bitch and can burn in hell!"
And there is one that particulary sticks out in my mind: "OMG inuyasha get away! (pushes inuyasha out of the way while hitting members of otaku who liked the pic and kikyou with a big wooden mallet!)" It doesn't seem fair to me that everyone diss the pictures! IT'S A GODDAMN PICTURE!!! Shouldn't kikyou/inuyasha lovers be able to express their love for the couple through art just as kagome and inuyasha lovers do? And another thing, IT WAS KAGOME WHO BUSTED THE JEWL IN THE FIRST PLACE!

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