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Sunday, July 11, 2004

   Top Hotties
Ok checking around the otaku sites lately and most of the girls seem to have their top 5 anime guys or something...and well, since i'm bored i'll put up me top 5 hot girls. But, alas, i don't find meself attracted to too many anime chicks so i'll use real ones. (let's face it people, real alwayz will b better)
Some of these will seem a little on the shallow side...but having not actually met these lovely ladies i cannot judge them on their personalities...only somewhat. OK let's get this going
5. Amy Lee. She's the lead singer of evanescence and in my opinion has THE most beautiful voice i have ever heard. Granted sometimes she looks old, but she can look really really hot ex: in the videos for going under, and my immortal, and some parts of everybody's fool. And with her the most interesting part of her face is her eyes...she is alwayz wearing such cool make up that makes her seem...i dunno, sexy.
4.Koyuki. For those of u who have seen the last samarai, Koyuki is the japanese actress who played Taka. She is definately without a doubt, the hottest asian person i have ever seen! She's not really a bombshell, but to me, she has such a graceful look and she's very conservitive.
3.Lucy Lui. I LOVE HER!! I find women who can kick ass extremely hot! She rocks in all her movies: Ex vs. Sever, Kill Bill, even Charlies Angels (even thought the whole girly thing didn't seem to fit her)
2. Elisha Cuthbert. Ah yes a Canadian Hottie. She was the actress in THE GIRL NEXT DOOR. And blonde r alwayz hot in my mind. And she's not a dumb one too, like a few others: jessica simpson...
1. Carmen Electra: seriously people, Dave Navvaro is the luckiest bastard on earth! He has the hottest wife ever! She is extremely sexy! and she doesn't mind gettin' it on with girls either!
Anywayz, if i'm being shallow here u can tell me so, but heh, everyone needs a good swoon now and then neh?

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