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Sunday, July 11, 2004

My Thoughts on Yaoi and Shonen ai
Hello, everyone. I'd thought i'd address the subject that is Yaoi and shonen ai. Ok being a dude, i am more of a yuri fan, but i don't mind shonen ai. Yaoi on the other hand really bothers me. Because it is so popular, i am prolly going to offend a few people, and all i can say in my defense is that these r strictly my opinions and nothing more. Anywayz i will say a few things that particularly bother me about it.
First off, is putting very obviously straight guys into a gay relationship. Take Miroku/inuyasha for instance. I think they've both made it very clear (miroku especially) that they're not gay. Though there is a very small possibility that inuyasha may go that way, because i'm afraid if he gets his heart broken again i'm afraid he might give up on women all together.
Another thing worse than that is, put guys who r related into gay relationships: Inuyasha/sesshoumaru, Kouji/Kouichi. OK 2 brothers in a sexual relationship is wrong & if they do have an attraction to eachother then they're just really really wierd! Shounen ai is bad enough people....hey ladies would u go do ur sister? I think not!
And finally the worst in my mind is putting young boys into gay relationships. First of all, people most of these kids prolly rn't even into sex yet, and shouldn't b...and i'm sorry to say, whoever is actually into this sick,very sick thing, might as well, start writing and illustrating stories for micheal jackson!
And, as a final note, although i could see some anime guys being gay (kurama) making them that way is just fucking wrong....scratch that, VERY VERY WRONG!!

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