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Saturday, April 24, 2004

   Fan girls
Okay, no offence to da ladies out there, but some of u (& there tends to b alot out there) claim that some anime guys r yours. I find it just a little creepy to call someone "yours" like an object or something. No doubt some of those poor guys r prolly tied up in a closet somewhere being held against their will by some crazy obssesive girl! I'm not saying having a crush on anime characters is wrong, it's just that there has to b a line drawn somewhere...and i'm afraid that some of u have already crossed it. I mean, think about it, most of those guys prolly risk being torn apart if they were actual beings....i have crushes on some anime girls, but i don't consider them "mine". It just seems a little creepy is all
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Thursday, April 15, 2004

   Some friendly advice for those who r having a bad day....think of this senerio: ur a simese twin; ur brothers gay and u r not. He's inviting his boyfriend over tonight and u have only one ass. There don't that just make ur life seem like a picnic?
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   Something that really pisses me off!!!
Something that really has me majorly PO'd is sometimes in the fanart section, people try to pass off pictures directly from manga as their own. Although, usually it takes a little while to realise it. I'm not saying that drawing a picture from a manga that u really like is wrong. People aren't stupid, sooner or later someones gonna realise ur a fraud, so just dont do it!!!

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Monday, April 12, 2004

   OK, i'm gonna go on a big huge rant! First of all, to all the kikyou haters out there, i think u r the heartless ones! I mean, i like inuyasha as much as the next guy but i still show at least some sympathy for kikyou. One of u said she already had her chance, well if u really think about it, she didn't. She was ripped off by naraku! And another thing, if inuyasha were with kikyou, he wouldn't have to waste so much damn time protecting her (like he does to kagome all the time) you guys treat her as though kikyou was the evil villan of the series, i mean, come on, think about it, what would u do if u were in her position? She had her one chance at love and happiness and it was completely ruined!!! Granted, in the anime she may appear evil, but she is quite different in the manga. And one final note: Inuyasha picks kagome in the end anywayz (as if it weren't obvious enough) so i dont c y a few pics of kikyou and inuyasha hugging or kissing should get u guys so worked up!
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   How r y'all doin' out there in anime land? I'm tired, bored and depressed. On that note i'd like to tell u one of my favourite quotes(no rhyme intended): "Life's a bitch, and then u die"
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