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Sunday, May 16, 2004

   Just a thought
Ok....this is sorta a continuation of my kikyou rant. Though, it's prolly not as angry as it was before. OK, OK, i'll admit that i'm obsessed with her, BUT there r worse people out there (i've noticed that sesshoumaru fans seem to b particulary rabid) Anywayz, i'd like to adress a certain subject that was goin' on when i first got here....while checkin' out fanart, and readin' the comments alot of kagome lovers/kikyou haters were flaming artists who had drawn kikyou and inuyasha embracing or simply kikyou in general. There were quite a few obscene comments such as:"must...kill...kikyou" or "she is a bitch and can burn in hell!"
And there is one that particulary sticks out in my mind: "OMG inuyasha get away! (pushes inuyasha out of the way while hitting members of otaku who liked the pic and kikyou with a big wooden mallet!)" It doesn't seem fair to me that everyone diss the pictures! IT'S A GODDAMN PICTURE!!! Shouldn't kikyou/inuyasha lovers be able to express their love for the couple through art just as kagome and inuyasha lovers do? And another thing, IT WAS KAGOME WHO BUSTED THE JEWL IN THE FIRST PLACE!

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