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some .hack//sign song XD
Hello everybody! I'll be using this account only when I can get on(since most people can't tell I haven't been on in FOREVER!) Yes, I am grounded from the comp until further notice and no I don't like sourkraut...there is the answer to all questions!If ya wanna talk about absolutely nothing, PM sephiroths angel and she'll tell me whatcha want oki doke?

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Friday, December 29, 2006

Phantasy Star!!!!!!!!!!!!!
did i mention i got the new phantasy star for the ps2?it ish awesome!^^lurves it,im a phantasy star geek...never hurts!anyone up for some sake?oh yeah,anyone gettin the new ps3?one of the biggest reasons im gettin the ps3 ish*ddddrrrruuuummmm rrrooolllll*METAL GEAR SOLID 4!oki im done...^^

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i cant believe im still up yo(pretty sick right now!)but aaaaaaaaaanyway,im up drawing MGS4 art(Raiden!!!SO HOT!lol)and talkin about band shtuff wit me 2nd bestest fwiendy fwiend(ya know who you are!)sephy still in 1st place yo!seph and kat are comin with me to the mall at around 3:30 pm(fun!i never go to the mall anymore,too crowded)but uh,anyway,visit my bands myspace,ask OTACON 141.12 how to get there!cyaz l8rzishness!

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

for all of you wantin to know what my bands name is(yes i came up with it^^weeheehee!)it is...*drum roll*DEATHSCYTHE HELL!how awesome ish that?i think we're the only band named after a gundam XD haha,i think ill get sephy seph to help me design a band logo thingamabob...oh yeah,do what i toldya to do yesternight and LOOK AT MY ART! FANARTCENTRAL.NET, MY USERNAME ISH XXVENOM13XX!DO IT,NOW! oki,moving on...

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Monday, December 25, 2006

hello...and Merry Christmas!
hello everybody, i know its been awhile(and im not supposed ta be on here^^)aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway,1)yes,i am still grounded from the comp,and most of you wont remember me XD 2)i have changed....ALOT... 3)i have a band now, and im the only girl in it 4)no i dont have a bf, and not looking forward to one 5)batman rules! 6)my balogne has a first name,it's O-S-C-A-R 7)MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY FALALALALALALALA!
but moving on from that, im making a's and b's(yay!)....and if you want to see any of my art go to fanartcentral.net,and look up XxVenom13xX oki doke?or go to deviantart.com and look up the same username...cyaz l8rzishness!

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Friday, June 30, 2006

watch this^^

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yo!yassup people?me and seph got up at like 1:40(we stayed up past 5 this mornin,it was awesome!)last night we were playing grand theft auto(vice city and san andreas^_^)we put in all the cheats and blew up the whole entire city^^yay blow up stuff fun fun yay^^ok now ill go back to being sane.we're goin to the lake for 4th of july and visiting my family and all that jazz.we definitely are gonna cook s'mores^^then we're comin back wednesday and picking kat up,then goin back to the lake that day^^fun fun fun^^i gotta go and do some wierd stuff with seph now so bye bye!
P.S:if you want to get in touch with me PM this account or talk to me through sephiroths angel OR crazykitkat.

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

hey people
hey guys,girls,demons of all ages!i know i've been gone a long time and i apologize,but i've been grounded from the computer.ill be gone for 7 or 8 more months most likely,or until mom forgets im grounded -_-(hopefully soon)i miss you all and wish i could give hugs but...too bad.im at sephiroths angels house,we're havin a good time and all.ill see ya'll l8rzishness.^_~ bye bye!

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