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Saturday, April 1, 2006

hey everybody...
omg im so tired but i dont wanna go back to sleep.eh better than feeling fully awake i guess its better to dream while you're walking and drifting in reality at the same time.if you ever felt like you were about to burst,felt the need,the urge to but you just couldnt let your feelings out.nothing makes you feel better than letting them out i guess,but i dont have that ability to let my feelings out.holding them in is hard,but since its all i've ever done i'd better not complain.this was pointless,cya l8rzishness.

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Friday, March 31, 2006

hey people!
hey guys and gals im at my dads shop(we reposssessing!)lol anyway ill be on tonight sometime oh yeah i got my report card tuesday!3 A's and 2 B's people! yes yes yes! this proves to myself im not as stupid as i think i am!w00t!haha i decided to turn bi and im pretty happy.dont worry antonio im not gonna take your place as woman chaser.^^ lol and in other news,i was talking to some guy in my class today and he was being a complete and total smart aleck,so i turned to him,looked at him like he was a dumbass and said "why dont you slip into something a little bit more comfortable,like a coma?"...the whole class died out laughing and he was sittin there like "grrrr" it was so cooladicious haha anyway im gonna go cyaz l8rzishness!

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Monday, March 20, 2006

forget me
forget me,forget my name
its just a shame,to know me
forget me,forget my face
just go ahead have me erased

please let go of my hand
let me fall,just let me fall
forget me,let me go
just let my hand go

forget me,forget my suicide
forget all the times i broke you down
forget me,let me break from you
just let yourself break from me

forget me,forget my name
forget me,forget my face
forget me,forget my suicide
forget my suicide

forget my suicide(hear my screams of silent anger)
forget my face(erase the black parts of your memories away)
erase the black parts of your memories away...

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

oh shit
not to mention...but...i dont know if im bi or not.i mean,i would date a girl,but my family is a stereotypical hellhole.so i dont know,if i can say that.plus i dont want to lose friends...i dont know if i can decide to make a decision or not O-o can somebody please help?

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hey everybody im thinking about leaving otaku....not like anybody will really care anyway.im never on here,and plus my account will still be activated,just that sephy will be running it.from now on if you want to get in touch with me either join myspace:(myspace.com/chromenightmare is my account) or leave it alone.i have no problem,you choose which one you want to do.anyway im gonna get off now.ciao!

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

lips of crisis
cry like your bleeding internally
i like to see your agony
hopefully it dries up like my senselessness
in pools of blood that will slip away in the earth

for worst i be yours
you cut where you wish
pleasure you and pleasure me
where this suicide goes we shall see...

will you kiss my lips of crisis?
will you bade my life unbroken?
if you kiss my lips of crisis
your misery...shall never mend

cut into the veins
slip into my blood and pour it out
break my spine and shred it to pieces
now leave me to die

will you kiss my lips of crisis?
will you bade my life unbroken?
if you kiss my lips of crisis
your misery...shall never mend


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Friday, March 17, 2006

hey everybody
hey its been awhile i know but i cant help im grounded.news:im gonna be in honors classes in high school!yay!i feel so smart!but anyway...what was i gonna say?i dunno...this sucks my mind aint thinkin clearly...gah!oh yeah i got a myspace...
go there,i advise it.im not quitting otaku though,so dont get that impression.i may be a bloddsucking bitch,but im not THAT mean lol cya'll l8rzishness!

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

   Dead of the Night:by Venom(band)
Death throws the seeds of lightning
Thunder cast in rain
Castrate humanity
The woman smells the game
Complete in time intact
And weave another year
Demand apocalypse
And do not despair

In the dead of the night

Danger approaches hold on tight
The ancient souls
The hounds are pacing
Out in distant roles
Bring in the alchemist
And screaming mortal witch
Sample the moonlight
And dance with the bitch

In the dead of the night
Children start to die
In a manger of blood
Dead is the night

Death sows the seeds of lightning
Thunder cast in rain
Castrate humanity
The woman smells the game
Complete in time intact
And weave another year
Hold your heads up high
Do not despair

This is another song by my dear band Venom.No,I've not lost interest in Poison,Poison's still my favourite band.But I'm concentrating on some of my other dear bands right now.Next time I'll put up Poison,since at least 75% of you don't listen to Poison or Venom.So I'll keep lyrics comin.

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Angel of Death by:Venom(me,not the band)
The art of balance is silenced
Uncontrollable and free is this
For now I have the sorrow of the sins
Aging neverending when's eternity going to end?

I realize maybe there's just one chance left
For me to get above the water and catch my breath
With the weight of death holding me down
What will appear for me when I hit hell's ground?

Free my broken soul from the chaos
This one favor is all I ask
The angel of death has rose upon me
And don't think my heart will let me break from you yet

Binded in the chains in this unholy demise
An escape from reality no one can believe
Nightmares,I believe them,in this death
This is my last sanctuary

Lay me in my blood
My own puddle of crimson,my unholy demise
Where I had killed myself,trapped in my nightmares
Unwilling to accept the broken wings my master gave me
Satan had known where I was all along

Now that I'm trapped are you happy?
The viper has injected it's venom
Now that I'm tortured are you happy?
The knife cuts through and pleasures death's grin
Now that I'm dead are you happy?

This is the song I wrote.....way earlier this morning.I had another nightmare,so I woke up and wrote it down.It could be a horror game in a way,only it would actually scare the s*** out of you.If you want to put my song on your site,PM me.
P.S:If you put my song on your site,make sure you give credit to me.Put "Swayywa wrote this" or something so they don't get confused.READ THIS IF YOU WANT TO PUT THE SONG ON YOUR SITE!!!!

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Acid(by the actual band Venom)
My brain fed with ecstacy
Fills my need
As I feel my body burst with great speed
And I clench a needle in a blood drained fist
Then I turn and mark another trip off my list

Feel that rush, with that gold satanic dust
feel that pain, the drug induce through my veins

I will in life as I will in death
Sow the seeds with every breath
Never will I run, never will I hide
Only to express myself and feel it deep inside


Now I dream in comatose neuotic state

As my paranoia grows I must wait
Til the feeling of the drug starts to die
Then I'll hit the drug again, take me high

Feel that buzz, for all the goddam good it does
Feel the flight, that flies me in through day and night

Now inside my arteries there's no blood

I love this song,it ish awesomelacious!I recommend Venom if you listen to heavy-metal^^bye bye!

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