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Monday, December 25, 2006

hello...and Merry Christmas!
hello everybody, i know its been awhile(and im not supposed ta be on here^^)aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway,1)yes,i am still grounded from the comp,and most of you wont remember me XD 2)i have changed....ALOT... 3)i have a band now, and im the only girl in it 4)no i dont have a bf, and not looking forward to one 5)batman rules! 6)my balogne has a first name,it's O-S-C-A-R 7)MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY FALALALALALALALA!
but moving on from that, im making a's and b's(yay!)....and if you want to see any of my art go to fanartcentral.net,and look up XxVenom13xX oki doke?or go to deviantart.com and look up the same username...cyaz l8rzishness!

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