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Friday, June 30, 2006

yo!yassup people?me and seph got up at like 1:40(we stayed up past 5 this mornin,it was awesome!)last night we were playing grand theft auto(vice city and san andreas^_^)we put in all the cheats and blew up the whole entire city^^yay blow up stuff fun fun yay^^ok now ill go back to being sane.we're goin to the lake for 4th of july and visiting my family and all that jazz.we definitely are gonna cook s'mores^^then we're comin back wednesday and picking kat up,then goin back to the lake that day^^fun fun fun^^i gotta go and do some wierd stuff with seph now so bye bye!
P.S:if you want to get in touch with me PM this account or talk to me through sephiroths angel OR crazykitkat.

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