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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 02/16/06:

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Which Witch Hunter Robin Witch Are You
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Result Posted on 12/16/05:
since when did i turn friggin fuzzy?

Result Posted on 11/27/05:

Result Posted on 11/27/05:
bite me!^^hehehe...

Passive Black Wings

aggressive black wings, you do not wish to
involve yourself with any form of humanity or
living thing, unless it is on your own terms.
Darkness is where you feel the safest, whether
you are alone (sometimes) or with a fellow
passive (you enjoy the company of your kind).
You are not full of hatred, but rather a sense
of alienation. You often find yourself saying,
Why bother?

Your wings are not tattered, for you have always
been hidden away and unexposed.

What color do your wings behold? (darker nature)
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Result Posted on 11/27/05:

Iria - The Maiden of Emotions

What Maiden are you?
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Result Posted on 11/27/05:
guns are guns and my foot's dangerous...^^hehehe...

Your personality is best represented by a Gun. A
person holding a gun means business, and thats
you. You dont take crap from anyone unless you
absolutely HAVE to (which is very rarely).
Some might call you rude or downright mean, but
you dont really care all that much. Let them
try to insult you to your face; they'll get
whats coming to them.

What sort of Weapon best Represents your Personality? (anime pics!)
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Result Posted on 11/27/05:
your thoughts arent my thoughts!

You are...a  L o n e r...
You are a LONER. Tho u like being with other
people, it's nice to have some time for
yourself too. And sometimes people are
annoying...so it's better to be alone and do
whatever you like. So yeah...go away!

Yet another personality test ^-^ (nice anime pics!) NEW outcome!!
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Result Posted on 11/27/05:
my thoughts

you are a dark angel. you preefer to be alone,
almost like the hidden angel. you like to be
isolated from other. dark angels are the total
oppsite of the light angel. you aren't
sociable, but you just like to sit around, like
loafing around.sorry to say, but you don't
really have many friends, but you can always
make new friends. you need a friend like the
light angel. you tend to be lonely. you should
focus on others than just yourself. go out
there and live your life to it's fullest. don't
just stay in dark areas to yourself. also if
you talk to some like a water angel, your
problems will be solved. yet don't ever stop
being yourelf. there is alway sa dark side to
every one, but lighten up and get out there and
play. brilliant.:)

what kind of angel suits you the best(cool anime pics)
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Result Posted on 11/19/05:
guess that suits me...

Result Posted on 10/01/05:
um hm....

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What Hellsing Character Are You?
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