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Saturday, September 2, 2006

KJ-52, Thousand Foot Krutch and Naruto, all in one.
Heres another one of my AMVs. It features a song from KJ-52s new release, Remixed, called Run For Cover, with Thousand Foot Krutch with him on the tract. :P Enjoy.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

God's Love
I thought I'd do a video blog instead of a written one this time. Enjoy. ^^

And, to reinforce what I said in that short video, I found this seven minute long video with frases from the bible, Genisis through to the Revelation:

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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Godly Gifts.
Yo. This is your man Alycat here. I wonna talk t' y'all about gifts. Not the gifts given t' you at X-mas or B-days. No, the gifts I wonna talk about, are the ones from God. See God makes everyone completely different, and in doing so, gives us all gifts. Talents. Music talents, artistic talents, public speaking talents, making friends easily. Anything you're good at, God gave that t' you. Now how you use those talents and gifts is completely up t' you. Up t' you t' use for good or ill. But there is still a specific plan that God has for you, and those talents an gifts aer involved in them. He wants you t' use the gifts and talents he's given you for him, an' t' glorify him. That is another way to praise him: t' do everything you do for him, an' to use your gifts for him. If you're an artist, draw/paint/write for him! If you're a musician, sing/play/write music for him. To glorify him. Yeah. That's my message tonight, an' I'mma gonna top it off, bring it to a close with this video I found on Youtube.com.

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Friday, July 21, 2006

KJ-52 Remixed
Hey y'all! Guess what? I just bought KJ-52's newest ablum yesterday: Remixed. It's awsome. He's got a bunch o' his old songs on it, but they're all remixed. An' he's got a contest goin' too. He has an intrumental track for his song "Things I Like," and he wants people to create and record new and origenal lyrics for it. I was thinkin' about it, but then I read the rules and descided it was to complicated. XD He has a new song for Dear Slim on there too: Dear Slim Part 2 Remixed. He has the guy who gave his CD to Eminem backstage, he has his voice ercorded on there, telling the story o' how he got the CD to him. It's a sheer mirical that he got that CD to him. It was right after Eminem had won an award, and his body gaurds were just keepin' people away from 'em. But this man, was able to walk up to Slim, talk to him, and give him KJ's CD. Amazing, huh?
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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Broken Heart Over An Amazing Girl.
Hiya! I thought I'd post a normal blog today. So here it goes. XP
OK. So there was this girl, right? Pretty, funny, talkitive, yo get the jist. So I really liked her, right? And I thought she liked me back. All was goin' pretty good, untill she starts goin' out with this other guy. She told me the only reason she liked me was because I reminded her of this guy. Well, now, you gotta imagine that I'm pretty broken up. Fortunatly, I get over things easily, so I was over it in about three days. And for two whole months, I have managed not to give this delema a second thought, untill today when I read this blog on the girl's MSN space. The blog was from when she liked me... The way she described me made my heart skip a beat... Now, I'mma gonna have to get over the thing all over again.... Sucky. But I geuss that's life, eh? But see, up untill today, I was trying to convince myself I was content just being friends with this girl, but I geuss I was lying to myself. I'd be a lier to say I didn't want to be more than friends with her, but that's never going to happen... Ever. So I geuss I have t' get used to the fact that life sucks at times, and I'll get through this. I'm only 14 after all. I've got many years ahead of me to find someone else.

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Hey all. How are you doin'.. Um... I really done know what to say, it's jus' one of those days, you know. A day where you're so lazy that you just wonna kick back, relaxing to your favourite song, and do nothing, for the whole day. Heh. I guess I got a little too lazy. Ah..... I really don' know what to say for today, except that Jesus love you. I don't think I can stress that enough, because he loves you so much, that death itself cannot sepperate us from him, if we choose to follow him. I just encourage you, that, if you're interested at all about Jesus, and the bible, and his works, or jus' wonna know more about it, ask your youth leader, or your pastor, or even me. Just email me, or PM me with any questions, and I'll be glad to answer anything. Anything at all.

KJ-52: I'm Guilty

"All rise. Case number seven-seven-seven-five-two.
Defendant KJ-52 verses the Son of God in murder one. How do you plead?"
"Guilty as charged."
"Do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?"
"I do."
"Then go ahead."

"I solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth now, so help me God.
What I testify and what I'm speaking of is an eye witness account of an experience of a kindof love,
I confess now to what it was.
I was guilty of making the very Son of God now shed His blood, and
I was guilty of the reason now why He was hung, and
I'm guilty for every evil thing not that I have done.
I'm guilty for it all, I can't blame no one.
I'm filthy with what caused the death of the Son.
It kills me to think I was the one who shed His blood.
I still think of the way He died now and how it was.
It feels me with pain inside, I feel like throwing up.
I can't escape, I can't lie, I didn't make it up.
I was the one who took the life of the Holy One.
This is the first time I've confessed now to what I've done."

"I'm guilty, guilty.
That's right, I'm guilty.
God forgive me, I'm guilty.
You know what? I'm guilty!"

"Yeah that's right, I did it.
Right out in the open for all to see it, and
I never hid it, I got to admit it.
They took the whip, ripped His back wide open and split it.
I heard Him cry every time they pulled it back and hit it.
I wondered why He was silent now, I didn't get it.
I watched Him die while He cried out "It is finished".
Thought nobody would find out about the the crime I've committed.
I tried to hide out, it's too late, that's right I did this.
It's my time now, my own eyes have been a witness to my crime.
Now I'm speechless and I'm defenseless.
Can anybody find out it's obvious that this is my final time.
Now I've finally come to my senses.
I'm a climb down and take whatever I'm sentenced.
I know why there's no way now that I could miss this.
I opened my eyes, now I see Him just for who He is.
This my guilt is mine now, it's so obvious that..."

"I'm guilty.
God forgive me, I'm guilty!
I'm guilty.
That's right, I'm guilty.
So help me."

"I'm just another person, I'm just another man.
I was the one that hurt Him, I finally understand.
Now I know that for certain I caused the nails to land,
That left Him dead and murdered, pierced in feet and hands.
So now you've heard it, I testified and took the stand.
No other way I could word it, this is my confession and,
I never lied or purgured, I told just the best I can but,
I was the one that cursed Him, I was the trigger man.
The page is turning and I've now just confessed to this.
I didn't kill Christ, but it was just my sin that did.
Now I've confessed to the crime, I don't deserve to live,
I'm ready to do my time. All that I can say is..."

"I'm guilty.
God forgive me, I'm guilty!
I don't deserve to live, I'm guilty!
Take me away, I'm guilty.
I'm guilty!"

"Case number seven-seven-seven-five-two,
KJ-52 verses the Son of God in murder one.
The court has found you guilty as charged.
However, after further review of the case,
The prosecution has dropped the charges.
You're free to go."

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

KJ-52 and Prayer.
This isn't a message today, but a promotion for the rapper name KJ-52. (Pronounced KJ-Five Two.) He's known as the Eminem of the christian world. He sounds just like Slim, though we don' need to go there. He's got great messages in his songs. Messages of hope, messages of love, messages of encouragement. KJ is definatly a worthy rapper, and worth listening to. His best songs, I think, are the Dear Slims. Dear Slim, Dear Slim Part 2, and Dear Slim Part 2 Remixed. In these songs, he reaches out to Slim Shady with love, and the message of God. See, I've heard christians, including my parents, speak badly of Eminem; about how fowl-mouthed he is, and the bad topics that he rapped about. But you know, KJ-52 was probably the first good christian I've heard loving him. In Dear Slim Part 2, he says "Too bad all a lot of christians, all they do is hate on you, instead of droppin' to their knees and pray for you." I believe, that if there is a person that hates you, picks on you, and goes out of their way to make your life misserable, or if you hate them, or if they offend you in some way, looking like a bad person, I believe that you need to, right now, stop, and pray for them. Right now, pray for the people you hate, or the people who hate you. I know it might be hard, but if you don't forgive somebody, then you are damning them as much as you are damning yourself. The Lord said, many times, to forgive, and to do onto others as you would to yourself. Would you hate yourself? Would you damn yourself? No. So don't hate someone else. Forgive them, pray for them. Pray for them every day if nessesary. If you can think of anybody who you think needs God's love, and words, they are worth praying for.

Okay... I lied. I had a message. XP I'mma gonna pray for you all. God bless you, and have a good Sunday tomorrow.

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Imagine That
"Imagine a world where "Christians" did there own thing & rejected Gods' Law, spineless pastors were over the church, and people refused to 'study' Gods' Word.... oooh, that's the way it is now... well nevermind."
RJAY318, from YouTube.com says this in one of his videos.

Imagine that. Imagine what he said in his video, Because you know, that is how it is today. The "Christians" of today, are afraid of people, and their power to hurt, so they don't keep their spirituality with God on a low key. They hide from God. But you know what? God deosn't want this. He specificaly said in the bible to go out and tell others about him, to preach his gospel. You might attend church every sunday, you might sing your heart out to God, but that all means nothing, if you don't do what he want's you to do. You know, there have been times when when I've been sitting in my seat at church, and thinking, "What is missing." You know? I've sat there and though "Why don't I feel complete? What is wrong?" I'll tell you what. I wasn't living my life for God. I wasn't living as a "chiratian" outside of church. I wasn't doing what God wanted me to do. I essecially was using God, as an escape from hell.
So just sit down, an think about the video. Sit down and think about the things RJAY318 said. Just Imagine it...

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hey everyone! Me here. I'm sorry I haven't been posting in a while.. I've been trying to think about what to post. I don't have a messege today... :( But rest assured that I will have one soon. ^^ So... HEY Y'ALL! Lol. It's te 11 of May, 2006, at 4:46 pm. :P Life is good here, and I hope it is there too. I'mma out! Peace!
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Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Resurection
Yes. Jesus died on the cross, brutily beten, ridiculed and spat apon. They burried him in a tomb, nd rolled a stone in front of it, to keep people from stealling his body. But you know, He did not stay there. No, he was not stolen. He rows! He rows from the dead. Three days later, early in the morning, the ground began to shake, and the gaurds were thrown away. The stone rolled to the side! And when Marry and a group of wemon came to anoint his body with perfumes, they found the tomb was empty! They began to weap, for they thought that someone had stolen Jesus' body. But, just then, an agel appeared to them, proclaiming, "Why do you search for the living among the dead. He is not here! He has risen!" The wemon ran out of the tomb, to go find people and tell them the new, bu Marry stade behind, still in doubt. "How could he be risen? Where have they taken him?" Just then, a man aproached Marry, and said, "Woman, why are you crying?" Marry responded, "My Lord1 They have taken him away from me!" The man replied with a question. "Why, Marry, don't you recognize me?" He bent down beside her, "It's me, Jesus!" Marry's eyes widened and se ran to tell the desciples that Jesus, IS, ALIVE!
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