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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Imagine That
"Imagine a world where "Christians" did there own thing & rejected Gods' Law, spineless pastors were over the church, and people refused to 'study' Gods' Word.... oooh, that's the way it is now... well nevermind."
RJAY318, from YouTube.com says this in one of his videos.

Imagine that. Imagine what he said in his video, Because you know, that is how it is today. The "Christians" of today, are afraid of people, and their power to hurt, so they don't keep their spirituality with God on a low key. They hide from God. But you know what? God deosn't want this. He specificaly said in the bible to go out and tell others about him, to preach his gospel. You might attend church every sunday, you might sing your heart out to God, but that all means nothing, if you don't do what he want's you to do. You know, there have been times when when I've been sitting in my seat at church, and thinking, "What is missing." You know? I've sat there and though "Why don't I feel complete? What is wrong?" I'll tell you what. I wasn't living my life for God. I wasn't living as a "chiratian" outside of church. I wasn't doing what God wanted me to do. I essecially was using God, as an escape from hell.
So just sit down, an think about the video. Sit down and think about the things RJAY318 said. Just Imagine it...

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