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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Godly Gifts.
Yo. This is your man Alycat here. I wonna talk t' y'all about gifts. Not the gifts given t' you at X-mas or B-days. No, the gifts I wonna talk about, are the ones from God. See God makes everyone completely different, and in doing so, gives us all gifts. Talents. Music talents, artistic talents, public speaking talents, making friends easily. Anything you're good at, God gave that t' you. Now how you use those talents and gifts is completely up t' you. Up t' you t' use for good or ill. But there is still a specific plan that God has for you, and those talents an gifts aer involved in them. He wants you t' use the gifts and talents he's given you for him, an' t' glorify him. That is another way to praise him: t' do everything you do for him, an' to use your gifts for him. If you're an artist, draw/paint/write for him! If you're a musician, sing/play/write music for him. To glorify him. Yeah. That's my message tonight, an' I'mma gonna top it off, bring it to a close with this video I found on Youtube.com.

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