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Friday, April 14, 2006

The Cruisifiction.
Jesus was arrested on the soal hatred of the Pharasies. Soldiers stripped him, they tightly bowned each wrist and pulled him out so that his back was completely open. With wips laced with chips a bone and glass, they beat him hard, until his flesh was hanging in ribbons! They threw a small garment over his naked, ripped up body. "He's a king, right?" The taunted. "He should wear a crown!" They jammed a crown of thorwns on his head, which dug deep into his skull; and as the blood ran down his face, they all bowed, taunting him. "Oh my might king! Oh Lord. What would you have of me?!"
The gaurds forced Jesus to carry his own cross up hill, all the way to calverie. They spat on him, kicked him, and did everything in their power to make his last hours the worst of his entire life! They nailed spikes threw his wrists and feet, then pulled him up on the cross for everyone to see. There were two men beside him on other crosses. They ridiculed him, and laughed at him; but after a while, one turned to the other and said, "Why are we doing this? We desereved this, but this man has done no wrong!" And then, turning to Jesus, he said, "Remember me in your kingdome." Jesus replied, "Today, you will be with me in paradise."
Thunder rolled as Jesus took him last breaths, "Forgive them father, for they know not, what they do!" And then, as the earth began to shake, he yelled out, "It is finished!" Jesus hung his head, dead.

Today is to anevery of that day, remember him, and what he did for you.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Cosmic Castaway Naruto.
Yet another AMV I made. And yes, it is a Naruto one, AGAIN! XP I juts really like Naruto I geuss. ^^

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Friday, March 24, 2006

Praise (Carman)
Did you know that the Bible says there are 7 ways to praise God? Towdah, Yadah, Barouch, Shabach, Zamar, Halell and Tehilla. I'll let these lyrics from a song that a Christian Artist named Carman explain them.

Way back in the Bible, the Hebrew language says
That we were taught that we could praise the Lord in seven ways
Seven great expressions, seven different flows
Seven ways to worship God and this is how it goes.

Number one is towdah, it's the sacrifice.
Praising God inspite the fact that your world is in a vice.
It's praise that pushes through the wall of all adversity.
An offering that flows to heaven in our time of need.

Number two's yadah, that means to lift your hands.
In response to what the Lord has done through the land.
An outward sign of what's inside for all the world to see.
A demonstration of our love so come praise the Lord with me.

Number three is barouch, that simply means to bow.
In the awesome presence of the Lord and all His power.
To just be overwhelmed 'cause you hardly can believe.
That you've been given favor by His Holy Majesty.

This fourth one is shabach, it is what we call the shout.
It's praise that's given way before the answer comes about.
A public testimony that drowns out all the noise
Of whiners and complainers as the saints all lift their voice!

Number five is zamar, this one you'll like fore sure!
It's playing any instrument that glorifies the Lord.
Instruments that blast, instruments that strum
Instruments that keep the beat, so I'll praise Him on my drum.

Six we call halell, that means to rave and boast.
And praise the Lord in such a way that gets you on your toes.
It's beyond just clappin' hands!
But best of all, this is the one that makes you wanna dance!

Finally tehillah, seven is the best!
It's the one that is the combination of the rest.
It's singing and it's shouting, it's dancing and it's more!
It's wild, it's fun so everyone rejoice before the Lord!

Well there you go. Those are the 7 ways to praise the Lord! ^^

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Friday, March 17, 2006

I remember one time on a Gaiaonline.com chat forum, I was talkin' about the feelings that you get when you're in God's presence, and a kid said that PEOPLE make you feel that way. I want to explore that. In my opinion, it's true, people DO make you feel that way, you know, when you see or talk to a person, say a person you have a crush on, you get that feeling, you know, that butterfly feeling in the pit of your stomache. But you get that for a reason. See, God put those feelings in you so that whe he comes in close and touches you, you'll know. Sure, looking at a girl/guy you like you get it, but try looking at that person and start to get minor sesures, falling over without being able to stop yourself, or jut start balling your eyes for no reason. Those are just some of the effects of God coming in close to you, and touching you. Now, in my opinion, I aslo believe that demons use the same method. God gave you the butterfly feeling for two reasons, to know him when he comes, and to know a demon when it comes. The results of a demon a terrible though. If a demon comes in, and you let it come in, it can result in mager convultions and sesures, extreme mental tourment and pain, and screming. Not in you4r head screaming, real, out loud, screaming. I have not gone through it personaly, so I don't know exactly what goes on, but I have seen the results. So don't confuse God, with a Demon. The feelings are different, but not much. I cannot describe to you the differents, for it is often times different for everyone. Just be careful, for the feeling from a demon, and sin, feels good for a little bit, but you'll regret it in the end.
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Monday, March 13, 2006

Heavon's On Fire
I made this one for a friend. He really likes this song. ^^

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Balloon Ride
Well, I don't think I did too well on this one personaly, but here it is anyways.

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Ninja BOOM!
And yet another one of my AMVs. I made this one a while back but was never able to save it properly until now. Enjoy, and if you like it, please leave a comment. ^^

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

It's All Over!
Another AMV I made. ^^ It's All Over! By Powerman 5000.

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Sasuke Tribute
An AMV I made dedicated to Sasuke. ^^ Enjoy!

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Friday, March 10, 2006

One By One
Yet another of my AMVs, You are most likely going to see many more. :P

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