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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Broken Heart Over An Amazing Girl.
Hiya! I thought I'd post a normal blog today. So here it goes. XP
OK. So there was this girl, right? Pretty, funny, talkitive, yo get the jist. So I really liked her, right? And I thought she liked me back. All was goin' pretty good, untill she starts goin' out with this other guy. She told me the only reason she liked me was because I reminded her of this guy. Well, now, you gotta imagine that I'm pretty broken up. Fortunatly, I get over things easily, so I was over it in about three days. And for two whole months, I have managed not to give this delema a second thought, untill today when I read this blog on the girl's MSN space. The blog was from when she liked me... The way she described me made my heart skip a beat... Now, I'mma gonna have to get over the thing all over again.... Sucky. But I geuss that's life, eh? But see, up untill today, I was trying to convince myself I was content just being friends with this girl, but I geuss I was lying to myself. I'd be a lier to say I didn't want to be more than friends with her, but that's never going to happen... Ever. So I geuss I have t' get used to the fact that life sucks at times, and I'll get through this. I'm only 14 after all. I've got many years ahead of me to find someone else.

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