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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mood: Giggly
Date: Sunday, Febuary 8th, 2009; 7:05PM

I got online earlier this morning and ran into Koa, old friend on here who forced me to be obsessed with The Gazette a long time ago. Well she gave me a couple new songs but then sent me a youtube.
Has anyone ever heard those misheard lyrics for Jrock bands? Oh my god they are so hilarious. If you like Gazette I recommend listening to this and even if you've never heard of them you'll get a kick out of it.

Other then that I'm really tired of my mother complaining all the time. I mean I never ask her for anything honestly. Not even particular things at the grocery store but I have a project coming up and I needed paint and a board. The total came to $30 and she was Grieving and throwing things around, speeding, slamming on her breaks. All over just $30?! They hardly spend a dime on me and just whenever it's stuff that isn't for them they get so pissed off about it. Ridiculous!


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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mood: Sick
Date: Saturday, February 7th, 2009. 9:29PM

As I told Trinity Already -_-
some ....!@#$% .... was walking down a 8ft wide hallway, she was going one way, I the other. She was coughing and stopped, leaned toward me and coughed STRAIGHT in my face on Tuesday. well.... I got sick on Friday but I really couldn't miss school so I stuck it out barely. My physics teacher pretty much knew I was ready to strangle everyone in my group since they're that type that doesn't do their work and just kinda talks about boys and sex the entire time. If it weren't for me and another girl they'd be failing. They just copy off us. Well more her. They know I wont let them.
I fell asleep 5pm on Friday, my mom woke me up at 7pm, I was very grumpy... went back to sleep at 10pm stayed in bed till 12pm the next day, got up an hour, went back to sleep at 1pm till 3pm. and it's 9pm now so I've been up 6hrs but feel like I want to go back to sleep.

ughhhhhhhh *groans*
i can hardly hear, my head just feels like someone squishing it @_____@
Om I changed my icon, there for new colors ^_^

Economics: 97?
English: 96?
Physics: 98
Astronomy: 139 (don't laugh) HAHA CR! >D

I know =_= it's funny... but it's true. I'm trying so so so so so hard to keep my grades high this semester.


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Friday, January 30, 2009

Mood: Working
Date: 7:23pm Firday January 30th, 2009

mm I'm sorry that I haven't posted in awhile. Tomorrow I'm going to again- leave for Charleston. I can't wait to move back there i just really can not. lol I'm so tired of being around deer...hunting...fishing... no offense to those who like it but it's something I find horrifyingly loathsome.

Economics: This has been a really fast pasted course but overall very nice because it's taught the way i learn. which is writing the vocab, reading the chapter and outlining.

English 4: So far i don't like this class. The teacher's very.... sharp and just.. kinda rude. I asked her why we had to do a biography on our research paper since i didn't have any people to talk about in mine. she interrupts me "YOU DON'T ASK WHY! YOU JUST DO! it's in the instructions and that's what you're going to do!" ... turns out i misunderstood her and she meant bibliography. she still didn't need to chew me out for nothing...

Astronomy: this class is over all very cool. Basically- you can just not pay attention the entire class period and do whatever you want but every week there's a test on a constellation and as long as you memorize it, you're good. I have really good memorization skills so that is very easy for me but what's even better is that you can get extra credit by learning all the other stars in the constellation that are not required. we just had our first test two days ago and i got it back with a 139. The teacher wrote a note "looks like I'm going to have to challenge you more..." xD I felt bad though because the girl behind me really struggles with it. But because I know how to write in symbol it is pretty easy for me.

Physics: this is the most awesome class. there is a lot of work to it but it's worth it. Mr. Bellon is the coolest teacher there is. He's like a stand up comic so while he's teaching, he's telling jokes so you are just sitting there laughing your ass off the entire class. To tell you this story, you have to know Mr. Bellon's Asian. The first day of class he is just explaining the regular stuff. "this is my coffee mug... I drink coffee out of it...This is the mechanical pencil sharpener.. or as I like to call it the jaws of death because if anything goes in there it eats it. oh- if we have a lock down- *explains procedure* if somehow someone gets into the classroom i will to the best of my ability be chasing after them. you just stay here... the intruder's going to be like "oh no! i didn't know jackie chan worked here! *walks over to window* this is the window... you can look out it. do now open it. notice it says "emergency exit only" (2nd story window) I had a student last semester decide it'd be a great idea to open the window- he saw his friend and yelled "Hey stupid!" out the window at him and it turns out all the special ed kids were just getting back from a field trip and were right below-"

so that is all for my classed. right now i have a 97 in physics but not sure of anything else just yet.


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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mood: High
Date: Tuesday, January 20th 2009

Oh my god..it snowed........

Damn now i can't shoot the weather man >_<


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Monday, January 19, 2009

Mood: Aggravated
Date: Monday, January 19th 2009

WASHINGTON(CBS News)¡ªAfter he takes office, Barack Obama wants to close the prison for terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. But if it's shut down, what does the government do with all those detainees?

CBS News national security correspondent David Martin has exclusively learned that the president-elect's transition team has already asked the Pentagon what it would take to move the prisoners at Guantanamo to the Navy base at Charleston, S.C.

=_= reason number 3 why i dont like this guy..
Oh and for people who are going to critic me for talking about the election and my point of view- my page, idc what you say.
I live in Charleston SC =_= i dont want those stupid prisoners here! i know the navy prison they're talking about and that is NOT cool!

2nd reason i'm angry...
School was canciled tomorrow on the count of snow. ... uhhh...

I live..where that pink dot is in SC. See it's very hot here. It is 44 right now and you know... it hasn't snowed here since I was 3. Now I'm not rocket scientist but.. I dont think it's going to snow.
I actually like school. I'm one of those weird people who likes having a routine. I dont like getting up midday and doing absolutely nothing all day long. it's pointless to me.
but not just routine, we're starting a new semester tomorrow so we get our new classes and everything. -_-


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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mood: Artistically Depressed
Date: Saturday, January 17th, 2009 11:53PM

I started a painting that is wider then I am and about a foot shorter then me... I don't know the exact measurments but that's to give you a better idea of how big this is. It'll be the largest artwork i've ever done.
The problem is, for the idea I have i do not have the right paint exactly.... so I have tried alternatives which proved pointless since.. well.. the colors didn't match. It would look horrible and I would have to paint over it and try again then not long later I would AGAIN mess up.

the process is really trying my patience... >.<

Other news I finally have pictures of the apartment I will soon have. It's not the exact one but it will look similar if not just like it.
Click Here To View Photos
The construction will be done in a few months. I'm really excited about it ^_^


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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mood: Sleepy
Date: 10:59 Wednesday January 14th 2009

NOTE: I cannot visit people. I'm not able to be online very long.

Hey guys *hugs all*
I said in my last post that I was leaving to visit home for awhile. I plan to stay here till saturday. I'm really happy to be back here actually. Before I never got along with my dad but for some reason now I do. and i think i understand why
-1 he is not drinking
-2 no laura
-3 we've done nothing but talk about cars & food. O_o and houses... and...other random things we both oddly like.

mmm for some reason since I got here i haven't slept. I really dont know why either. I'll go to bed at like 10..11:00 and just lie there doing nothing till 5am. I'm not thinking. I'm not getting up, walking about. There's no light. I have my normall sleeping habits (freezing cold, heavy blanket and fan on). I'll sometimes catch a couple minutes before i wakes up. maybe fall asleep lightly for a few minutes then wake back up. It's really strange to me..

I am going to get some pictures of the appartment tomorrow which i'm pretty sure is good for. i'm excited ^_^


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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mood: Mellow
Date: Sunday January 11th, 2009 8:10PM

Today was surprisingly relaxing. though it started roughly it turned out to get a lot better.
I'm not someone that likes competition or drama. I only do in..movies...stories... things that are not real. I don't like my life to be complicated. I ended a friendship this morning with a friend that i've known longer then any other friend in my life,minus 1, because we just did not get along anymore. at first I was angry, then sad but now i'm alright. After my parents left the house I got time alone. I cleaned up my room, made something for lunch and started watching the death note movie. You know, I used to have this movie on my computer that i got from a torrent but I never realized how much was cut out of that version. *shrugs*

I think I am going to go home tomorrow.


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Mood: Giggly
Date: Sunday, January 11th 2009

God i'm not used to writing 2009 yet lol

Alright, I've honestly always wondered how people in other countries learned english since I know it's a really hard language. But having the combination of that and heechul in a video is amazing. I died laughing so hard and a few members of suju trying to learn a little bit of english really quick.
the last little skit is the best if you want to skip to the ending.


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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mood: Devious
Date: Thursday January 8th 2009

hheehe you know how when you do something so wrong but it's awesome and you get excited? That'd be me at the moment.
See I've BEEN failing history with a 57. It will be the first class I've ever failed before. (Amazingly I pulled it out of Biology last year) Well the teacher's... not exactly teaching so that is why my grade is so bad. for the second nine weeks i have 0's or 30's in the grade book. I'm her only senior and that would keep me from graduating obviously so she decided to give me another shot at it.

Honestly flat out i didn't do the work because it was just too much at one time and i didn't bother with it. I'd rather draw or do something I actually WANT to do.

So today she was supposed to give me the worksheets i was missing to redo them all. well when i got to class she wasn't there and a guy from behind me named Tim called my name. He asked me to draw something for him and i thought... Hm I'd rather be drawing Buffy23's t-shirt right now but maybe i can get something out of this.
So I told him I would draw the two pictures for his English project if he would lend me his worksheets from a few weeks back. He said fine and we switched. I went to the gym and copied a few while i was running (don't ask out, it's magic) then came home and continued copying.

My mom gets home late, comes in my room (she promised to help do all the worksheets) and i had already completed 5 of the 7 (they're multiple pages each lol I'm not THAT slack) but she didn't see i was copying. She acted SO happy that i was doing the work and commented on how proud and i turned my head away trying not to laugh or smirk or anything... i failed but she didn't catch it. xD


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