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Monday, May 25, 2009

Mood: Awake
Date: Monday, May 25th 2009; 11:55AM

Happy Memorial Day. It was kinda funny. I went downstairs this morning and my cousins are down there along with the kids, mom and bill. I look at the tv and there's soldiers dressed up nice doing a routine. "Who died?" David: "...lots of people" Completely forgot it was memorial day >_>;;;;

I'm really not liking what Obama's doing right now. He said that all combat troops will be out of Iraq by 2010. That's great right? I thought so too until David came here and explained what was really going on to me. He is a Section-Sargent in the army and is a supervisor to 40 people in his combat battalion. What the government is doing is telling the public all combat battalions are going to be pulled from Iraq but what they're really doing is just changing the name so combat is not used in their name anymore. They're still doing the exact same thing. David is going back to Iraq in November but instead of his normal title he's now just being called an Adviser. You know eventually the public's going to find out about this because when all combat troops are supposed to be out of Iraq and yet soldiers are dying over there while they're just "advising", families are going to be getting really upset over this and it's going to cause an uproar.

I downloaded a frickin' ton of music yesterday by big bang and shinee :3 thanks to Chibilala and Sparkle-chan. BUT! i found the song that's playing on my own >D *feels so accomplished* :| really.. i loved it.. idk how i oversaw it on the mirotic CD.. where the heck was i?! D:

If you have anymore songs, tells me the name i'll look them up! ^-^

*runs off to see new shinee CD*


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Friday, May 22, 2009

Mood: Crazy
Date: Friday, May 22nd 2009; 4:34PM

THANK YOU; THANK YOU VERY MUCH *throws shoe at chibilala for getting that song stuck in her head*

:D redid my theme!
I'm suddenly obsessed with Big Bang :| (ps if you have any songs tell me the name i'll looks it up xD) They have SO many good songs @u@ i'm very happy- BUT i was watching the mv to one last night and it was soooo sad i started CRYING. then i listened to it in class today on my ipod and started crying too! ;~; it's so sad:

;~; even though the song has NOTHING to do with the members fighting it really emphasizes the pain felt when the girl dies. *SOBS on sparkle's shoulder*

@.@ my cousin Joline and David are coming here with their sons logan and lucas. =_= *shudders at logans name* I love joline and davis but i hate that kid... such a frickin' brat... AND HE'S ONLY LIKE 2! A LITTLE UNDER ACTUALLY! NOW THAT'S SAYING SOMETHING! =_= i could rant for years about that kid... i doubt i will get to do very much i want to even though the weekend's supposed to be about me since it's for my graduation ;-;


ok i'm done o.o


GDRAGON AND DAESUNG BELONG TO JAE! *sprints like crazy out of here*

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Mood: Complacent
Date: Monday, May 18th 2009; 10:06PM

o.o where to start...
We did get our senior projects back and i made a 96. They show you the judges notes on your presentation and what they gave you. The grades were 99, 98, & 98. I was reading back through to see what I got points off for and one of the reasons was the way I dressed. It was professional enough for one of them lol mmmkaaaayyyy everyone else thought it was fine ^^; I laughes so hard at one too. I got a 4 in the question and answer part at the end of your presentation yet they didn't have any questions to ask me. How can i get a 4 on that when it's their responsibility? All i have to do it answer xD

I spent soo much time today going through my photobucket, deleting junk and organizing it. I spent hours and got everything perfect then realized.... i broke all of the links i've every had for myotaku (had photobucket this way for years) xD holy crap so not one single picture in my archives works anymore. crud that sucks....

I left sparkle the longest comment in all history of comments today xD im expecting her to kill me.
anyway i promised her i'd do this!

1. I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll tell you which song or movie you remind me of.
3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle you in.
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. I'll tell you my first memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something I've always wondered about you.
8. I'll tell you my favorite thing about you.
9. I'll tell you my least favorite thing about you.
10. If you play, you MUST post this on yours.ONLY IF YOU WANT TO!!!!

1) MY JAE! *takes him back*
2)Shinee karaoking to DBSK's hug. xD
4) I has a Jae ♥ :D NOT A YUNJAE! D<
5) your icons were always AMAZING xD
6) chinchilla
7) D: why didn't you love me enought to bring me to the shinee concert!?
9) you chose yunxjae over jaexjae t^t HOW COUDL YOU!? *cries*

1) :3 I bet you want sparkles too dont you?
2) call me xD
5) mmm you were best friends with chibilala *jealousy* then i was like o.o "I HAVE A PLAN! I WILL STEAL THEM BOTH! MOUAHAHAHAHA!!!!" really >>; i have no class
6) bunny :D
8) best music EVER!
9) you can't pass a simple asian men test ^^; hehehe nothing!

1) *dances* i have no idea xD
2) the "put the lime in the coconut and drink 'em both up" song... you ask why? because i remember an icon of legolas saying "I'M CRAZY!....crazy like a ... coconut o.o"
3) lime xD
5) jealosy of your artwork that's for flippin' sure xD
6) little birdie ^-^
7) where the heck did you get such mad CG skills? D:
8) You're my rival
9) You're my rival

Only doing three today. I'm really tired, maybe some more tomorrow. Raise your hand if you want one.


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Friday, May 15, 2009

Mood: Nostalgic
Date: Friday, May 15th, 2009; 9:36PM

i'm going to pretend to be sparkle and chibilala today o.o BWAHAHHAHA no really >.> i want to join in on this madness of posting asian guy icons >D hehe


o.o just love Heechul.

Well that's good enough for me... xD i'm not THAT obsessed *completely lying, just lazy*

SO :D out govenor decided to stop being such a jackass and fogive the weather day so we do not have school on memorial day! YAY!!! This means I have 7 days left of HIGHSCHOOL! WHOOOOOOO!!!!

I can't wait to be out of school though i'm so anxious yet scared at the same time to be on my own because there is absolutely no plan what so ever. this is all in my dad's hands right now all i know is i'm moving back to charleston, staying with him for a little while and fixing the apartment up with him. i'm excited to get to do that because that means i can see what goes into everything. it's nice. it's not the one i showed pictures of, the one i got is a little bit smaller but i'm very happy with it.

by the way if anyone has any good youtubes give them to me. i love being spammed with youtubes especailly asian bands like suju acting out titanic together. (kidding kidding, not really) oh come on that is hilarious..



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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mood: Stressed
Date: Tuesday, May 12th 2009; 9:08PM

...this is for chibilala because she wanted it
D: no more layout. i can't take it anymore. they're too much maintenance.

waaaayyy too stressed out. i can't concentrate. i am falling behind on visiting people. I'm falling behind in school. -_-
i'm sick -_- no energy -_-
so tired of school *dies*

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Mood: Crushed
Date: Monday, April 20th, 2009; 8:56PM

Note this is a total ranting post just for me to calm down. You don't need to read this -_-; Ps. warning a bit of language towards the bottom

My mother is totally PMSing right now and she's making everyone's life... well by everyone i am meaning me and a McDonalds cashier... MISERABLE.

This past weekend was ok to some extent. I'm lying. Except for going to the beach with autumn and eating sushi it totally sucked.
It was Joline's baby shower and what not, she had her baby today. It's name is Lucas. End of good news.

When autumn and I went to the beach, it was at night, pitch black since it was a new moon and we didn't really have flashlights the first night (we did the second night) her and I had SO MUCH FUN. we freaked each other out... i was more scared xD
So i tell my mother about this and you know she just WONDERS WHY I NEVER TALK OR TELL HER SHIT. because every time i open my mouth i get in trouble. she went on a long rant about how i could have been raped and killed out there. give me a break! that could happen anywhere. Any time at all that i'm going somewhere and gives me this damn story about how i'm going to be raped and killed. so be it. i honestly can say i do not care. I'd rather have fun (with in reason, I'm not crazy) and be killed then die a boring death that's totally pointless. and if i were to die right now i would only regret one thing and this current moment. and that's a very simple I'd regret telling the person i like how i feel. I'm too afraid to do that.
I can't go to the movies without her giving me a death scenario. Technically i could die driving to school. what's she going to do about that? I don't want to live my life always fearing what COULD happen.

2nd I never get invited to anything at all so Sunday evening i get on the highway to drive back and I get a phone call. It's Tess and she asks me to come with her and some friends to have dinner. That's wonderful. I love doing stuff like that but never get invited. I have no idea why actually-
So I did all the math in my head and i would get back to Lexington JUST on time to make it if I did 80mph on the highway. I normally go over that so I'd be early even. I tell her yeah I'll come and keep driving. After 40 miles till the exit i hit a lot of traffic where people are being such dumbasses and just slamming on their breaks like crazy. Turns out some stupid little incident like someone ran off the road and everyone wanted to stop and look happened. =_= COME ON PEOPLE
but then traffic didn't let up much. 30 miles away after i got to the exit you take to go to Charlotte it was backed up from that and idk what was going on there. so i get there finally, i was 30 min late but they were ok with that.

I get home and my mom wont shut up about how she was so proud of herself for yelling at some guy at mcdonalds. Apparently the story was she went to mcdonalds just wanting fries and she's at the window and because it wasn't RIGHT THERE READY FOR HIM TO HAND IT TO HER OUT THE WINDOW she started screaming and asked for her money back. what a frickin' bitch, it's people like that i can't stand. i'm nothing like her or my father. where the heck do i get my patience from!?

3rd last thursday and friday i've had no motivation so i just didn't do any work in english and my teacher got so pissed off with me. it's not like i couldn't do it any other time. i would have done it later on but because i didn't do it in class she felt the need to single me out and i was the butt of every one of her jokes for two days and she just kept harassing me, pulled me out in the hallway just because i said i hated poetry and made me cry in class twice. I tried to drop the class and take it online but my guidance counselor wouldn't let me. so i get to class today and i'm ahead, i've gone ahead of everyone and worked on the portfolio that's due whenever.
my teacher comes around to look at work and sees i'm ahead. she starts yelling at me saying how i never listen and i dont need to be going ahead. god it's like this lady is just never satisfied. i can't stand keeping up with the class because either she goes too fast when i need help or she goes way too slow to where it pisses me off and i start drawing then she gets pissed off with me.

4th Either cole just doesn't want to talk to anyone or he doesn't like me anymore. i'm really not sure. he just seems very distant and doesn't hug me anymore which makes me very sad. I do like him but i'm just horrible at showing that. whenever he asks if i did anything specific for him i feel to embarrassed to say yes and just say something like i didn't go out of my way to do it or some excuse... probably a bad idea -_-

not just that but my mother wants to have a stupid reception party a week later... her choice where at- THE GOD DAMN AMERICAN LEGION WHICH IS A STUPID BAR! so basically here's the plan. oh we'll have a stupid reception with what they call food but after about maybe 30 minutes all of them and by them i mean my parents friends because that's all they're inviting, are going to go over to the bar, sit there and get drunk and i will be sitting there like a total idiot. it's in Charleston meaning none of my friends can come too. so i tell her i dont want it there, hell no. "well what about the vfw?" (yet another bar) CAN SHE FUCKING THINK ABOUT A DAMN THING BUT HERSELF?! WHY THE HELL DOES IT HAVE TO BE AT A BAR JUST TO PLEASE HER?!
I DONT LIKE DRINKING! she just came in here now and i told her i didn't want a reception period because i wouldn't have any fun and she's like "i dont care. your family needs to see you" THEN COME TO THE STUPID GRADUATION!

I just feel like i'm suffocating and have gotten some really bad thoughts lately but i know i dont have much time left and just have to stick it out a little bit longer.... -_-



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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mood: Artistic
Date: Sunday, April 12th, 2009: 1:46AM

I haven't had a layout in years... I got lazy ._. and un-creative. hehehe but sess has been inspiring me/showing off how amazing she is with layouts and i wanted one t^t
My bestfriend rose WHO NEVER GETS ON MYOTAKU ANYWAY nudged me in the right direction ^_^ thank you! uhhh (*゚ー゚) heheheh
Special thanks to sesshy aka the "bad influence" according to my mother xD! I love her so much for helping me out with the links and getting her friend Ridley to help me try to center it. Though it didn't work out, I am so thankful for the HUGE amount of help they offered. *hugs both*




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Friday, April 10, 2009

Mood: Drained
Date: Friday, April 10th, 2009

I Do have a lot to write but I'm thinking about breaking it up so it's not so long. I'll try to guys.

I finally went to the Dr about the headaches I get daily and memory problems. I got a cat scan and it came back negative. I'm just so tired of all of these problems I've been having. I want them to go away so bad.

Kirsten, Cole, and I left out of here at 10am and went to Charleston on Tuesday. We had sushi then picked up Autumn.

-Played Tennis
-Walked along the marsh through two neighborhoods
-Went to the Beach
-walked almost to the lighthouse but no one except for me wanted to go that far.
-Went through tunnels/paths in the woods that were insane and amazing.

-dropped autumn off
-Went downtown
-Walked to Hymans for Lunch. Wait was too long for Kirsten.
-Walked to Nosy Oyster. Ate. Food was terrible.
-Walked to My College: Art Institute. Told to come back later.
-Walked to Waterfront Park
-Walked to Hazel Parker Playground
-Walked to the battery
-Walked to Colonial Lake
-Walked to the Market
-Walked back to AI. Toured the whole place so Cole and Kirsten could see.
-Walked back to Charleston Place

Here's a map to show you how far we walked: One side of the city to the other and back.

Wednesday Night:
-Went to the V for dinner but everyone was still full from lunch so no one really ate anything.
-Waited on autumn to get off work
-Ms Joyce embarrassed the hell out of me. She looked at me and mouthed "is that your boyfriend?" I shook my head and Kirsten said "yes" so she taps Cole who is texting. "Hey- you've got your girlfriend sitting there and you're on your phone texting some other girl!" =_= horrifying... Cole explain i wasn't his girlfriend and he was texting his sister. Kirsten wasn't helping by saying we might as well be since we both like each other. I'm confusing honestly and wanted to hit her with a shovel.
-Went to autumn's house to get her stuff and she put it by my car and went back for something. I did not realize this and accidentally ran over her togo box from work t^t
-Kirsten still ate the food.
-Went to the beach. It was so cold and windy It was miserable and I went off by myself because I didn't want to be around anyone really. I felt like since we got there, Cole and Kirsten were making better friends with autumn and I just kinda felt ignored a bit but idk
-Went home.
-Cole got in the 66 pool... froze to death
-Autumn got in the 66 pool. Acted like it was cold but not insane
-I just jumped in. With clothes on. I made them feel lame. >D
-got out and dry and went in the living room to find Kirsten had taken a fire poker and poked the logs in the fire place with the fire going. Which ... they were ceramic logs... and they cracked and broke apart and fell over in the back of the fireplace so it no longer worked properly.
-"forgot" to tell my father
-They had another stay up contest. I lost. Again. But I beat Cole.

-Went to Northwoods Mall
-Ate Sushi for lunch
-Felt so out of place and I now realize exactly WHY i never fit in with anyone. Because I like Holister and American Eagle and "prep stuff" but I love rock and "scene style" and anime art stuff idk -_- I was the only one who wanted to go in places like pacsun, holister, and Aero.
-went back to the house because Kirsten forgot her phone
-drove away when they got out the car
-they jumped on the back and tried to get in the car while it was moving.
-the neighbor thought we were nuts.
-Went home and to Cole's house
-Kirsten felt the need to lock his door and shut it so she had to unscrew the handle and unlock it =_=;
-Cole threw water on her
-Cole threw water on me D:
-I asked for the water so I could throw it on him
-He didn't let me have it t^t
-Went to the school courts to play tennis
-Kirsten pissed Cole off for no reason.
-Took Kirsten home
-Took Cole Home
-Locked Cole in the car and kept locking the door when he would unlock it. >D
-went home


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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mood: Uncomfortable
Date: Thursday, April 2nd, 2009; 7:21PM

I haven't updated in awhile, desole.. just very rushed lately and i feel drained of inspiration. i have gotten a lot of artwork requests and ... i do and dont like taking art requests because well one main reason is it drains me seriously of any creativity I have. Most of my stuff is that on a whim type and if i have a request i will not draw anything till it's done... problem is though i put off the request because i just have no will to do it.
I'm getting very depressed staring at my blueCRUSH picture

I loved this artwork, i really did and amazingly it was a request! but some people are giving me requests that are total conflict of interest. I'm sorry i can't draw something that pertains to your religion because I really dont care. i'm A.e., i'm not christian, catholic, baptist, muslim, i have no idea what their religion really is and i dont like how the major religions of the world think they're so up top that they're better then others and i'm now going to get off on a rant so i'll stop there <_>

Another thing that's been buggin me-
AM I THE ONLY PERSON ON THIS EARTH OVER THE AGE OF 15 THAT'S STILL INNOCENT?! Sophomores are more perverted than me! freshmen! 8th graders! it's getting ridiculous. I hate hate hate the topic of sex, cussing, drugs, smoking, and drinking. Lately it's like we can not go 5 minutes without hinting at something sexual at school, with friends, or just anywhere. I know absolutely nothing about sex, i was never given that talk, i never had sex-ed even because i slid through it in the school system when i transferred thank god. I feel like I'm the only person who just doesn't want to know about these things.


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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mood: Working
Date: Saturday, March 21, 2009

Note: I did take everyone off my friends list on myo and readd people who have been commenting me. If i took you off, just write "hi" or something as a comment and that'll note me to put you back on. Just there's a ton of people that just left and 3/4ths of my list was people who never came around.

Note To Self: Shoot everyone who said the word boyfriend in last post.
Haha no >.> *shakes finger at you people*

So Yesterday Myself, Kirsten, and Rolando(?) decided to catch a movie. We've got time to kill-
We decide to go abduct Cole. >DDDDD bwahahah
Kirsten tells me where he is which was a little bit out of the way but not by much. We get to his house which is pretty neat looking O.o and I wait in the car- they go inside. After like 2-3 min Kirsten comes out and tells me to come inside so i do. I meet his dad and then go upstairs with them. Cole was apparently asleep (for once) and was putting on clothes to come with us... so I go back downstairs and am standing at the door when i see this HUGE FURBALL.

these dogs are HUGE. It was like 1/3 my height... it's water bowl was bigger than my printer @_@
(and there are supposedly two of them in the house)
It comes over to me and omfg xD i'm scared to death of it but it was so adorable!
So we grab Cole and get in the car. I start driving and it gets a bit quiet.
"Hey cole"
"who's ahead now..." >D
bwahahah I know where he lives and what he drives now. *victory dances* anyway >.> we go to the movie. The movie sucked so bad we were considering leaving before the end xD so do not go see kn0wing. If you want to know what it's about message me. I'll save you $8.
I can't stand horror stuff but Cole loves it. That movie did have a couple parts that got to me but ... the ending was so stupid that I thought "what the hell was I afraid of this whole time?".

After the movie we decided to go to Wal-mart since they were having a twilight party. Turns out it was over by the time we got there which was around 1am.
I drop everyone off and we had a really fun night.
So today I was just randomly thinking that for spring break I wanted to go back home with a group of friends so I talked to Kirsten and she thought it would be fun to go. Called Cole and he would want to go too. My mother asked who would go and she heard Cole's name in there and spazzed. God woman, get over it!!! Dx she doesn't care if miles meets us there! she just cares that someone from up here is going there with me. Stupid! Besides i'm completely prude and hate that so she doesn't have to worry about me doing anything. And my father's not worried at all because he said he feels bad for whoever has the guts to date me because i'm always really harsh on people ^^;;;; Which is true.. I have always dumped people I was dating after a day...
No one's lasted longer than that.

So hopefully that will happen ^_^


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