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Friday, March 20, 2009

Date: Friday, March 20th, 2009 5:42PM

hehehe sit down I have a story >D
Last week during lunch I went over and sat with some friends who were sitting on the floor against the wall. I got a little bit bored and made an origami balloon for them to knock around. Which turned out to be a lot more fun then expected.
The guy sitting next to me said he knew how to make them and so for the next week or two we make them at lunch and just have a blast playing a combination of tennis and volleyball (which i have mad skills at)
So then one day the same guy told me he could make flowers and I though "oh that's really cool!" I don't know how to do that xD
I get to lunch the next day and he gave me a lily which was so cute haha
I went up to him at his locker later on and asked if he could stay after school to teach me. I had club and after about 10-20 min I thought he might not come but he did O.o I was teaching Josh how to color there(he can't xDDDDD).
So Cole teaches me how to do this flower and another and it's so cute. it's a lily x3
I made like a bunch of them and put them in a vase in my room.
So the next day during econ I decided to figure out how to color them and so I did that and made a stem and leaf for it. I saw cole in the hallway and gave it to him and he is like "ahh you outdid me! no fair! you're ahead!" and he gives me a flower box.
Next morning- he comes over to where i'm sitting and.... he gives me a flower that's pink in the middle and white on the edges of the petals and asks me to teach him how to color like the flower. O.o so i tell him.....
He gives me another flower, I dont have anything for him xD now he's ahead....
He tells me he's going to out do me again, he's just not done yet.
mmm alright! ^_^
So I see him in the hallway before 3rd block and hand him an origami butterfly that's colored exactly like this:

and looks completely real. bwahahaha I've got him now! >D so i'm ahead again!
At lunch he continues to tell me how he's going to out do me O_o i'm still very curious as to what he's talking about....
I did threaten him that i would make him a maple tree since I knew how >.>; hehehehe
So i'm walking back with him to his locker (my next class happens to be right there) and I knew one number out of his locker combination was 5.. just because I glanced once and I had this 'secret plan' or something where I was planning on figuring out his locker combination and... i didn't plan much further then that.... *FAIL*
so this time I noticed it went 5...10.... but he started at 5... well with combination locks you only need the first 2 numbers. you really dont need a 3rd.
..............................bingo >D
MOUAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA I GOT HIM NOW! so during bellon's class while my group wasted time trying to make a trebuchet I made a lilly... taped a note to it saying "who's ahead now" and stuck it in his locker.

After school I KNEW he was going to call me (not that he had my phone number)but he would find it somewhere somehow. and he did xD
"Hey you cheated!" " =D "

lol so the war's ongoing.... he'll probably win. no just kidding >D he can't beat me! *is going to knock his socks off when she learns how to make a rose*

So I still need to visit chibilala from my last post but other then that i got caught up with everyone. i'm sorry I dont post on here much @_@


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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mood: Lonely
Date: Wednesday, March 4th, 2009; 8:04PM

meh -_- long story short i dont have a date to the prom because I dont know anyone at this school.
I asked a magic 8 ball if I would be asked out ... it said no. I ask again "Highly doubtful" I asked again "Signs point to no" I ask again "Results Hazy" I ask again "Try Again Later" ...
So then I ask will Anthony ask heather out (since I knew he was going to) "Yes defiantly"

I swear to god I asked 20 times if I would be asked out and it said no every.single.time.


Astronomy: 107
Econ: 90
English 4: 89
Physics: 99


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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mood: Annoyed
Date: Tuesday, March 3, 2009; 5:11pm

Super hard test in Econ which i probably bombed on. English sucks, astronomy seems pointless now, and physics. god I used to like this class but I sit around a bunch of drama queen idiots.
the girl behind me cant add two plus two! she made a 35 on the test and one question asked for something like what's the measure of a 90 angle bisected. 45. easy. she put 90. what an idiot.
Then she starts talking about how she broke the little lint thing that Christians do. You know what she gave up? She gave up sex. "I'm not having sex for x amount of time" or however long lint last. she didn't even last a week. she doesn't even have a boyfriend. she's not even 18. and she thinks that's attractive. loser.

So we did our lab and i was put in a group of people who supposedly work from what the teacher said... correction. they want to help. I STILL do all the work, they slow me down. they want to help time the revolutions so i say "start" . . . "oh wait what? start? oh ok *presses the start button on the timer*" So most of our numbers were wrong which causes me to get bad grades on labs which count a lot.

We got back our physics test and I made a 91. How on earth did i make a 91 i have no idea so i flipped through and found out that i was stupid and pressed multiply on the calculator rather then divide for something which chain reacted through all my formulas and so I missed several problems because of it. But i had 10 points off because I left an entire question off.
It was a comic out of the news paper about a physics problem where the kid gets a test and sits there and draws the diagram for the problem then starts doodling a pirate ship and castle on the paper. Moral: "dont let artists do physics problems". i laughed because it's definitely something i'd do and kept going with the test. i didn't know it was a problem so after class i went over to the teacher and asked him if i could redo it. he said yes and so i did.

also for anyone who continues to read through this rant... i can't stand people on myotaku that make their posts so hard to read. i'm really really tired of going to sites where the background is about as cluttered as white noise on a TV and their font is lime green. If i have to highlight your test to read it, i'm iffy. i can get over that but if i cant even read your text after highlighting it, there's a problem and you need to change your background because there is too much crap in it. just being honest here.


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Monday, March 2, 2009

Mood: Relieved
Date: Monday, March 03, 2009; 1:29AM

I dont like it :|
We have a dumbass weather man >>


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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mood: Gloomy
Date: Sunday, March 1st, 2009; 10:50 PM

for a shortened post:
* horrible migraine
* messed up my site trying to make a layout; will fix later
* no school tomorrow due to weather channel bastards
* horrible artist block right now
* can't wait to move out (as normal)
*my father has like 6 or 7 girlfriends and brags.. so karma will come back to get him soon i think and he'll fall off another roof.

-Vampires/Zombies (28 days later or I am legend) take over the earth and you believe you are the last person left. Where do you hide? What do you do to stay alive? Would you try to find more people? How?

I think I would personally hide in the hall bathroom. While it's really small, there are no windows or anything so it'd be easy to stay hidden without being noticed. or under the stairs but i've never really seen inside the closet so idk if it'd be a good place to hide or not.

Comments back:
Teas mini twin: CHANG YOUR THEME BACK! D:
Twilight Samurai: no i haven't moved out yet i'm just getting stuff ready to move out.
Romantica: We kinda got paid to do it. more so my father paid me and i took autumn out to eat so she helped me. plus she likes animals and kinda felt bad for 'em

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mood: Disappointed
Date: Sunday, February 22, 2009

mm just disappointed I had to come back to Columbia. *sighs* I hate living here and they know it...
Autumn and I cleaned the most disgusting fish tank in the world this weekend. xD Oh god we will never forget that but it was amazingly fun.
To give a description, there was so much algae on the castle figurine in the tank that it added to its height. xD

I did get some stuff for my apartment while I was there this weekend from world market. Ooo that place is so awesome! >D 4 sets of redwood chopsticks since I eat Asian food like it's going out of style <.< and a olive oil...what do you call them... ah i forget @___@ then 4 glasses that were so adorable i had to get it xD
it's like a white wineglass with no.... stand, its just the cup part of it. ooo it was so cute ^-^

Grade Report:
Econ: 90 (probably higher)
English: 90
Astronomy: 113, he wont give me anymore extra credit so i'm messing with him now and writing random crap in for bonus questions xD "name 10 objects in the solar system" "MORGAN FREEMAN!"
Physics: 98 I love this class. I'm probably the only person on earth that likes this class O_o


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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mood: Nostalgic
Date: Thursday, February 19th, 2009; 10:40PM

Hello everyone! ^_^
I have finished my new theme... O.o i notice now.. that a new theme for me now is just colors and a new Utada Hikaru icon. Does anyone remember those insane layouts i used to make and a new theme meant to had to figure out my whole page again? xD no i leave that to sesshy! bwahaha
Credit to Sesshy for the background. She made it for me a long long time ago but i love it so much I still use it ^_^

Please listen to the song, it's very cute lol just get past the little harmonica at the beginning.

Hai tse men tsai dan tde chiu chian
Hai tse men tsai dan tde chiu chian
Hai tse men tsai dan tde chiu chian
de sha tian
Wo tsai suo suo, bu tchu co
Shia tian de shu guan lio tso
zong wa tsai ne de shing lee,
jo shang ee dwan shhh jiang

The children swing on the swings
The children swing on the swings,
The children swing on the swings,
in summer,
I'm just saying, but not a sound
the time of summer slips away
It allows me, in your heart,
to just to enjoy for a period of time.


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Monday, February 16, 2009

Mood: Sleepy
Date: Monday, February 16th, 2009; 12:54AM

I've wanted to do this post for awhile. For the drawings i do, I ask the person about themselves and rarely do I see someone who honestly tells me something that sets them apart from someone else. Now to me I can look at the things I like and say "hey that's definitely me. that's my signature of liking"
So my question for you guys today is what are the objects and things that describe you and set you apart from everyone else?

Palm Trees
Utada Hikaru
Sea Shells
Post-It notes

Paper Cranes
Classical music
Jae Joong
Cat Tails
Koi fish

Sunshine 76°
Fast and Furious
Dislike of English music
Sweet pea
Lady bugs

Make a list and tell me stuff that defines you.

Also if you have a chance my new artwork is posted:

Lovers In Japan


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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mood: relaxed
Date: Sunday, February 15th, 2009; 10:57AM

I've been down in Heinsville, Georiga since Friday night. mmm not too much to tell about really but today we're going to go to Savanna and have lunch, walk around.

I plan to go home tonight, it's about a 3 1/2 hour drive back home but I think i'll probably make better time since I know where i'm going this time.

Overall I enjoyed my first road trip ^_^
O.o i'm just worried about going back home because It was pretty confusing getting here ._.

I will see you guys tonight hopefully and I'm planning on posting my artwork around 1am if you're up O.o


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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mood: Artistic
Date: Thursday, Feb 12th, 2009: 7:18PM

mr. carrol (astronomy) put a limit to me on how many extra credit points i was allowed to earn. =_= see when we have a test, you learn X amount of stars out of the constellation. you can learn translations and other stars for extra credit. well i remember all of the translations, so that's a bunch of extra credit but I also memorize every star that's in the constellation ending up with 140's on tests.
Well this past time he said i wasn't allowed to do this anymore. I couldn't name objects outside of the constellation we were working with and other rules.
So instead of breaking the rules, i just learned more stuff that was in the constellation that he didn't tell us about such as other Messier objects. >D he's going to hate me... my paper was filled with crap of extra stuff.
oh and get this <_< extra credit in his class is actually bringing my grade DOWN because 100% extra credit averaged with a 139 and a 114 can only bring it down xDDD *dies laughing*

I finished my drawing of Utada Hikaru but i'm not submitting it till monday. it's so pretty :D

Physics: test back, 98. total grade 97. damn >_<


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