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Monday, April 7, 2008

Mood: Excited
Date: 7:39PM 4/7/08

I AM EXCITED (-duh). I told my french teacher awhile back I RELALY want to go to France. REALLY- She said they don't have trips to France so i'm out of luck. GUESS WHAT there's a trip going now- it's 10 days 8 nights in France for $3,750. ohhh damn I want to go and god that's expensive but I really want to go!!!!! I'll go even if i'm spending every last dime i have!! (which is not smart) [DISCLAIMER: Jae is not responsible for anyone wasting their money on trips xD]

I've been cooking lately. I'm kinda getting into it. I didn't realize i was good at cooking- i mean my dad never let me cook because laura thought she was too good for hamburgers.
Yesterday I cooked:
Lemon-basil stripped bass
stir-fry-Soy-Sauced carrots and sting beans
Portabella Mushrooms

Today I cooked:
Whole grain spaghetti added in with-
Lemon grilled chicken
Tossed carrots and Broccoli

yummm but i don't think anyone liked the pasta though *sighs* i did though-

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Mood: Angry
Date: 7:12PM 4/08

Mkay well no one heard my rant on my job. After two days- I'm thinking about quitting.. Honestly I am.
The manager, Mike.. Is just so rude to everyone. I love carol, he's fine but Mike is downright disrespectful to everyone else in there.
They don't pay well (4$ an hour)
They are rude and disrespect their employees
The place is a mess constantly and no one cleans.
For some reason they expect the hostesses to clean things like the bathrooms as if we were maids. I'm sorry but for 4$ an hour I'm not going to do that and even if they did pay more I wouldn't.

Today I was just talking to Sarah and He comes over and throws a stack of menu's on top of my hand then walks away. The place where the menu's go is probably... maybe 4inches from where my hand was.

He disrespected sarah and I by telling us something, then why we go to explain, he just walks away. god i'm so mad!!!

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mood: Geeky
Date: 5:49PM Thursday 4/3/08

Today I did my schedule at school for next year. God it's so weird that i'm going to be a senior next year then launched in to "my dream". I've still got to get a lot of scholarships and everything.. I need to take the SAT but I'd like for you guys to know what i'm taking next year. Pretty cool

Senior Year Classes

English 4: I hope I get Mrs. Gibson, She is the best english teacher I've ever had in my life.

U.S. History I liked Worl Geo. and I love the civil war as long as we don't have to watch gone with the wind. lol

Gov./Econ. Hoping this is going to be good...

Prob&Stats I wanted Pre-Cal but at this school it's a pre requsite.

Physics I do not want to take this but "I HAVE TO".
Astrology looking forward to this class more then the others. I like space... the noun and the adj.

Web Design 1 I know I don't need this but I wanted design 2 and they won't let me take it no matter how good I am.

Web Design 2 This teaches a lot different type of webdesign, more then HTML... like javascipts, xHTML and things like that.

The New artwork is done and scanned.

Click Here

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mood: Jubilant
Date: 5:39PM 4/2/08

First off I have finished another artwork. I'll get that up today... tomorrow... in five years...

I've noticed something about my self and It doesn't seem like it sometimes but I'm very... 'angry' implosively. I've found a way to get rid of it laterly though. Since I started doing this, I've been a lot less angry and I figured this out last night actually.
Now everyday i'll go through a routine and it calms me down even when i dont think i'm angry.
When I get home I don't go upstairs. I know if I do i'll just want to get and bed and stay there lol

I put my stuff down and grab a towel and my ipod and go outside on the dock and sit on it for an hour and 30 minutes to 2hrs then come back inside. Then take care of my plants and fish and NEW TURTLE( will explain). After that I'll do whatever chores I could do to help out around the house like put the dishes away or etc and then I get something to eat and sit down to editing my page.

All About Jerry
This.. is how I met Jerry. My mom came to me one day out of surprise. She had rubber boots and rubber gloves on that you would use outdoors. she came to me with her hands closed over eachother and said " I have a surprise for you" Instantly I said I was okay thinking it was a wrom. Then she drew nearer and I repeated myself again "I'm okay" she but the black shell down on the table which at first I thought was a hermit crab but to my surprised a little head and tail poked out of eather end and turned out to be a turtle. i named him Jerry xD he is a slow poke- at the moment I think he is high off of pool chlorine though because he moves every second then pauses a second then move again.

Comment Replies:
Auska-104- I'm not sure what song you're meaning. Tell me which one lol If you just mean the first one that comes on it's Bass Invaders by--- no idea it's from SSX Tricky and it's probably mixmaster mike. He did a lot of music for them.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

As of yesterday I completely finished all the renovations on JaeDior. I'm hopeing this prevents stealing and makes the page a lot more fun. I still mean to go back and make the water marks less larger and visible (Example: 4th Exaggera-d-oodle).

I've decided to change the type of music too. Something more lively but I will keep some of the older songs and try to mix it up. Please if you have requests submit them to the request box under the music player. It'd be really cool to get ideas from you guys.

One last thing. I'm starting to get websites mixed up. If you from Myspace tell me or if you from Myo tell me or Theo or DA or whatever so I can visit you back. Some people use Theo and I've only been checking Myo's. Thanks guys

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Monday, March 31, 2008

Mood: Rejected
Date: 9:41PM 3/31/08

New artwork----

Oh Brother Where Art Thou

[View larger version in artworks on right pannel]
dedicated to my "brother" Twilight Samurai....
why am I the younger one though?!

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Moon: Sad(Sick and Destrought)
Date: 12:24AM 03/30/08

This past weekend has been murder. I'm having fun here and all but i've been so sick or having a bad luck streak.
---I had an allergic raction to something on Satuday/Sunday at 1AM then had to drive to the store and get something for it. I had all my old co-workers asking me how i was and i'm thinking "I can hardly breathe, this isn't the best time".
---Had a migrane for three days now. It just will not go away.
---Somehow managed to get a ton of soap in my left eye.
---i was playing with logan and bauled him up in a blanket and i didn't realize his toys were on it so it his him in the head and he was SCREAMING bloody murder. Louder then i've ever heard him before... this kid's fallen off the couch before but didn't even cry... Makes no sense.
*blinks* he's up- way to jinx myself....*sighs*

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Mood: Good
Date: 10:44PM March 28th,2008

Ahh!!!! spring break is over!!! *cries* haha
Man I do not want to go home! I'm having so much fun back home.. some down sides- [tell later]
I've been in this cleaning mode since I got to Joline's house for some reason. Like I don't think there's ever been a time where there wasn't dirty dishes in Joline's sink that didn't need to be washed.

Tomorrow's there's an Oyster Roast. Excited for it and everything but only to a point. My dad's going to be there and i'm okay about seeing him but i'm not so crazy about seeing his wife.

::::ranting paragraph deleted::::
Not like you wanted to read it anyway lol

ehh have fun with the music. tell me some songs to delete and some to add (that are the same genre please... no rock).

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mood: Destroyed
Date: 9:35PM Wednesday 3/5/08

At the moment I fell so hopeless. I turn to other people that tell me I exagerate. But I don't think many of you can understand what I feel right now. I swore to never do so many things. I swore I would never smoke. I swore I would never drink. I swore I would never do drugs or anything terrible. But most of all things I swore I would never leave my home. That I would never leave Myotaku. I swore to try.. to do so many things.. to achieve. Everything I have sworn to myself I have failed at promising not to do. The ones that upset me most... I have left my home.. Even right now I cry because I cannot smell the salt in the air. I want to see the sunsets in my charleston, my home. I do not think I can stay away from it much longer. at first I believed that I would be able to with stand it. I had my friends online no need for them in real life... Not so much anymore. Vibrant is here... everyone is excited for it. It is such a wonderful creation I see. but my friends... They have forgotten about where their first home was. I feel like I have wasted four years of my life and now am dying. I miss the old days... oh so much. No one gave a care about new and better. They were happy with what they had. They were happy with eachother.

I went through every guestbook signing I had. I noticed... what was the point in all of this. I wasted four years of my life doing nothing. I waste everything. Majoirty of the people I do not know nor ever did. But for the ones that matter most...

Le kun, you are the first to my mind each time. I may still be so frustrated over you even still. but it makes me smile now.
Lifes burden, any time I'm reminded of you I smile. Always there helping, always there no matter what.
Yensid, you seemed always stressed to me, but everytime i read your writing or saw your dawings I was amazed and I think I will always be-
blink.. oh blink you were the first i met here. You never returned from your trip it seems and I wish I could see you one last time.
Kimmeh- There is never a dull moment without you kimmerz.
Crimson-Rose- One day you will be there. You will reach your goal. I am very proud to be your friend.
Master Hiko- Someone always so sure of himself and never fails his friends.
Lordsesshomaru-, of all people you always could make me laugh. Even when I thought it was not possible you did.
Kitabug, always doing what is right and never seem to give up, you would be one of the most richeous people i have ever met.
Caprice, I don't even know if you are still around.No matter what you were always busy... I miss learning so much from you
Shishou, if ever there was a person I met so fast that became my sister it was you.
lenaisy it was you I first learned so much from. It seems like if I hadn't met you I would know nothing... you and chibim and sesslover...
Sesslover- there was never a moment you didn't surprise me. I remember trying so hard to be just as good as you. Eventually you pushed me hard enough and i am glad to say you are my mother online haha
Chibim- You always seemed to astound me, all of us did such amazing things. and It was never for the hits... votes... signings... comments... it was for our imagionations to run wild with ideas we had. It was wonderful days and nights.
Someguy I don't believe there was ever a time when you dulled me.. when you write it is like everyone stops talking and listens. You have that effect on people, use it to your advantage when you need it.
time chaser- I would say the same goes for you it does James. You two alike have that ability to catch peoples attention and hold on to them.
Ryocite- If It were not for you I would not be where I am today. To make whatever comes to my mind.
Witchunterfan Too long has it been since i've seen you, you were one of the first people i had met here. You always impressed me no matter what
pommiesmanga- If you ever read this, i remember when we first met. It was four years ago maybe even more.. In a chatroom if i'm right. one of the first people I had ever met online, I am glad I still have the privledge to know you.
Cooly Fooly- You were always crazy I remember that much haha But I enjoyed knowing you because you always cheered me up so much.
alphonse13- I think you've come just as far as I have, do you ever get nostalgic too?
inkenyo2.0- I remember you, we were friends for so long and must have lost touch with eachother. I wish to see you again sometime soon.
grey wolf- It is a small world after all you could say.
rinoasquall4ever you have been gone so long, near a year. I wish to see you again when you return.
blue hawlk So much fun but even if you were to read this you'd never know who it was. When you and yuna always picked on me for fun, i remember that, and it was really funny actually. I would give so much to go back to that. it seems like you can never go back for some reason. the first time was always right, you can't do it again after that.
AnimeFanasy once a jrocker always a jrocker.
grimreaper666 i remember you always tried to scare people, that was so funny sometimes. lol
yoko bandit- I can't remember much but I remember your name, it was always clever and reminded me of the first time i saw what yoko looked like.
EdwardElricthe2nd We raced and raced and raced and where did our time go?
hishymam shark you always drop in for a quick hello... i never did give them to you. i should have, i'm sorry.
shadowmalerenamon- I can't remember much anymore about you but i remember your wolf picture you had. That always reminded me of you, no matter where i saw a wolf like that lol i wish we would have spent more time toether.
Midnight mistral always poking fun and laughing it seemed like haha but i think the most fun times were pming eachother convorsations.
BlueAngel4- I don't know if you know it but we always hung out in the chatboxes together a long time ago.
bebopinutrigun- I've admired everything you've made. One in particular was the page with fu from samurai champloo. That always cought my attention and i remember it everytime i see that picture now.
jigglyness it really has been too long hasn't it.
mokies lil ladie- can you believe this was your first name? you've come so far... and maybe grown an inch taller. haha
gold rogger15- it was just about a year and a half ago that you signed my guestbook on myo. lol hard to believe it's been so long since 8th grade. I miss you guys back home so much.
ryoko 1000- I remember the icon you had clear as if it were yesterday the day i met you.
Miss anonymous you always seemed to be here or there commenting, I haven't seen you in so long i miss you! haha
Lunarj- I always had a reading problem. I hated fanfictions with a passion but I really got into yours and loved them very much.
ishbal-masacre- I will never forget you having pacman and i was never able to beat it.
Hinaru- Your pages always inspired me. You were always so good as dark themes and I never had the ability to do that. lol
Moniquiu- One day you will be a well known artist if you are not already lol for the time i knew you, everything you created made me so depressed because i looked at it in awe but know i could never do something like it myself.
Madnus lensherr- You always had a way with your clever little spiders and I loved them xD They cheer people up. You are always their for your friends and i believe your friends will always be there for you.
PinkChii009- pink chii you crazy ass haha I will always remember you dancing xD
Twilight Samurai- Hey bro lol shortest ones mean the most don't they?
cloud strife 7777- "I hope we can become really good friends" I think you are more my brother then a friend. lol
Shultzie- John! haha I don't think anything's going to seperate us really <_<
Rioben- always creative and full on energy. I envy you constantly.
J Briones- Kill me laughing every time. The jumping out the window icon of yours never got old lol
Ziet- Every post you had always included a jpop or jrock video. lol You are one of the main reasons why i got into jrock in the first place.
Addicted-to-jrock- Always the best icons and ideas... and come backs haha just kidding.
tomieharley- I remember your initial D background so long ago. that is what got me to your page haha but after reading your posts i saw you were a really cool person. i'm sorry you had to go but when you come back i'd like to chat.
TalimSoul- Ha! i've been waiting to do yours! not that i have any idea what to put. I hope you and Tony are happy together though lol Good luck.
Yuna2004- YOU LOSER! my loser xD you and blue were always so fun.
Em Yeu Anh- you used to say i'm the one the inspired you, but i think it is the other way around lol yes it is.
LGA775 $200 colored pencils did sure seem expensive lol
Uriel I think you could always tell who I was.
Koon- short sweet and to the point but always making me laugh haha
the next FLCL- one day you'll get somewhere, just keep going at it lol
ima loser baby- i don't think i'll actually ever meet you but we're not too far. if you ever need anything-

I think I was just too many people. I know nearly everyone here even if they do not know me.
Jade Nishigaki
Jae Dior
Jordan Dollason
West Hutchinson
cyberbird... only few names I go by that people will recgonize most.

I think It'll be alright. After awhile I don't know where I'll be. May just have to see.

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Monday, March 3, 2008

Mood: W....T..f? O.o
Date: 4:01PM Monday 3/3/08
Days since last post: 1
Song of the Post: Dragon Boy (Spirited Away)

Ohh I'm soo.... in the 'wtf' mood but I had no emotion picture for that so I picked the closest one xD haha

Okay now my main reason for being in a 'wtf' mood would be I was so excited, anxious, sick to my stomach over TheO and MyO Changing. I didn't like the idea at first.. hated it then it grew on me and now i'm like really excited. Well I got home today and saw It was back online before actually seeing the page. I'm like "YEAH WHOOOOO.... *drum roll while I click to see what It looked like*
I stared at the screen for a pretty long long time...
Jade ---> ._. .oO(It's so shiney....) hahaha
Dang I was so disappointed xD Though the boards look good, I haven't actually seen what they used to look like from before though. I'm sure I can pull It up without a problem.. Just lazy.. Okay I'm unlazy. Now wait a second- Is it just me or is that the same too just faster? *so lost* sorry-
Ahh I'm so confused!

I know Myo Comments don't work but HaloScans do. I'll use them today.

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