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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

It was warm today and we haven't gotten snow for like 2 weeks now.^_^
Today is my last day of Spring Break.I'm going back to school tommorow.

How do you guys like some of the changes around theOtaku?I think they're ok.
For thoes of you who haven't noticed some of the changes yet.I'll tell you some I've noticed.

Let's start out with the E-Cards.If you entered your email and real name in your "Edit Profile" then when you wanna send an e-card to a friend it will already be filled out for you in the boxes where you put your name and email.
You can also leave a comments on someones E-Card.I was always wondering when they'll let us be able to leave comments on people E-Cards.
It also let's you select what kind of border you wan't.A solid one or a dotted one.

The comment boxes for the fan works and site news are different now.You can preview your comment before you submit it.
You are able to report a comment now too instead of just deleting it.
And under your name it gives you a rank like member, senior member etc. I'm not exactly sure what all of the ranks are.

They added some more better rules.Click here to read them and I think everyone should.It doesn't take that long.

That's all of the stuff I remember seing that's new and I wrote it all because I'am just bored and I felt like making the post more interesting to read, since my last couple of posts were kinda boring.

I also downloaded Photoshop CS, but I suggest if you have Photoshop 7 then don't download PS CS.They are exactly thesame thing.xD!^^

Hope you all had a good day.


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