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Friday, February 1, 2008

So I changed the music to my site. I think I'll try to do this every month. I just love so many songs and wish to share them with you all. Music is such an important part of my life, so I hope you'll all enjoy it.

This song is called "Heart-shaped Chant" sung by Mizuki Nana. She's the voice actor for Collete in the Tales of Symphonia animation. She has a lovely voice. The last song I had was Expressive Hill, or better known as the Ar Tonelico opening. That game has a very lovely soundtrack and I highly reccommend looking it up on youtube.

Computer's still down so I can't post my art. Might scribble a few tablet drawings.

And please, if you haven't already, look at my in progress drawings and give me a few pointers. The first one I haven't shaded or highlighted. I was just placing base colors. Only the hair is highlighted. The second one, I highlighted and shaded the hair and shaded the skin and was in the process of shading the wings. Please let me know how the shading comes out.



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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

And slowly Brawl leaks...
Yup, like the title states, information is beginning to leak out about Super Smash Bros Brawl. X3 I am a very happy sage at my discoveries. I have found the confirmation of many characters. If you want to know I suggest youtube. Fuzzy quality but you get the overall. I tell ya though, I am really curious about playing Pit. I've never played Kid Icarus(sp?) but I suppose I can now with Brawl (YESH). I always liked winged characters, so I really wanna try him out. Test drive, haha.

Annnnnd right now I'm listening to the Dark World theme of zelda over an over from Brawl thanks to one of whtdragon's links. Dang pretty song. I always liked it. Orchestrated, original...it's just pretty. Love the Fire Emblem theme too. I actually tried to sing with it...sage no can do opera XD Well, I can't sing period but ^//^" heh

Thinking of actually posting a manga. Does anyone know how to move images to Manga Studio? Is there a special format or something? Just wanna know for future reference if I decide to use toning. Oh, but my manga lacks a name as do many of the characters >_> Never good at naming. I got Basil and Roland's name from a British movie credit thing. Yup.

Feeling in a much better mood ^^ Oh, and the song from my last post was from Pretty Sammy, a huge branch off the Tenchi Muyo series. I watched a few episodes of Pretty Sammy. It's cute, but strange. But my curiousity has been satisfied so I can go back to Outlaw Star XP

Comp's still dead so no art, sorry. Especially to wht to whom I still owe a comic. I SHALL POST IT ONE DAY!

In progress tablet coloring stuffies:



I would like some slight feedback since I have no idea what I'm doing or how the colors look since I'm on a laptop and things tend to come out lighter on it than a comp. Ignore sloppy-not-in-the-line-ness. That'll be fixed laters.

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Computer died. So tablet art shall populate my page for a while. So far it's just doodles cuz I'm too lazy to go all out with texturized shaded art. Plus I don't have the time to.

But I randomly made an e-card. They called him Chobi =3 Isn't he cute? He likes to bite things.

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

I played more of FF. I'm past Cid's appearance and Ifrit. I'll tell ya, Kefka's laugh gets annoying after a while. And a friend of mine figured out how to sound EXACTLY like him. I'll get a call and THERE'S that laugh. Oo" Best I can do is immitate Yoshi and sound like a cat XP

And I've had this song stuck in my head for a while. Cookie to whoever can figure out what series it's connected to. *hint, what series did the concept originate from*

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

So I was in a pretty bad mood all day, but man this just turned it around like that X3 It's so CUTE!

I love Tenchi Muyo and those little cabbits.

I remember imitating this when I first saw it. It is so adoreable!

My computer's acting up and refuses to scan. So I guess you'll all have to put up with tablet art for a while. Sorry wht T_T I really wanted to do your comic. As soon as it's done and as soon as my computer lets me it will be up!

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Friday, January 25, 2008

So I figured out what's making me depressed. No worries. Been doing a lot to try and stay positive and it's working pretty well ^^ I'm in a really good mood as of this moment. I hate being depressed XP

As for wht's comic...ugh, I haven't shaded it yet. Seems life decided to make things hectic. I'll try hard to get it done by tonight or tomorrow. But it does look nice so far. As long as I don't rush it it'll turn out real nice (I hope).

Been playing with different art mediums here and there. India ink is rather fun once you get the hang of it. I painted a flower and a girl. Should I post it?

Also did a little photoshop. I'll post that when I'm done.


the comic is taking a long time ToT I just can't get into the shading swing...plus I realized I forgot backgrounds >_<"" I've been forgetting everything lately! Someone get me some tape so things stop leaking out of my head!

If not this week, then I'll aim for next week. Many many MANY apologies T^T"

-Edit Edit-

Even if I had the comic done I couldn't post it. Scanner's not working. I think my computer's ready to die again. D:

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So, still chuggging away at my art. Actually some things popped up making my progress...almost stop. But I said I'm gonna have wht's comic up and that's what I'm gonna do! I'm determined to get that one done, specially so you all can see the spiffy new style of paneling X3

But once again I've found myself feeling depressed. I think I've figured out two reasons that might be causing this... so I guess it's a start knowing where the problem lies. Another realizing I'm depressed and HATE it. I much prefer being happy. Dunno how emos can do it.

Right now I'm in a pretty good mood but it took some work ^^ I went to this animation
Something about it just makes me feel better, but I have no idea who this character is. Glad I found it though.
That and this

Plus I watched Ratatoui or however it's spelled X3 I like watching the mice scurry.
I started writing a story too...just in my spare time when there's not a pencil nearby. Yup.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

So nothing's really been going on. I've sketched out a few things, drew my fish with charcoals...yup. Hoping to have a lot of things done for Friday. Man I slacked off so much 2007 ;o; the incomplete art pile is never ending! So many comics I was too lazy to shade. I'm paying for it big time now in more ways than one. Never slack off when there's work to be done even though the computer chants your name. Moral of the day. haha

So things I hope to get done or at least closer to completion:

darken/ shade basil/roland comic about the wii (old again)

redraw an old basil/roland comic cuz the art makes me cringe, then darken and shade

finish darkening and shading a drawing of two of my old characters I made back from before I was an otaku cuz someone asked to see Okami (O_= my worst character in existance)

darken and shade whtdragon's birthday comic cuz I'm already late on it but it's cute and needs to get done :3 (definantly expect this one unless something unforseen stops me)

shade or color an entry for a Death Note contest

finish and ink a Princess Tutu sketch cuz I wanna practice water colors on it

finish sketching the awesomeness that is god mod sage XD I'm so terrible at designs, but it's fun and so far looks cool. I wanna color it in photoshop, but I'm gonna have to do some major studying to figure out how to pull off half the things I wanna do.

And if I still have time:

darken and finish sketching a Tales of Phantasia comic cuz it's pretty funny. Enzeru would know what it is XD idea back from 2006.

And finish a sketch of "evil" Roland I did.

And that's it.
OxO ummm, have a good day? ^^

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Art and comic up. Art's not that spectacular...just stuff I threw together because I wasn't exactly in drawing mode with my throat and stuff bothering me.

Comic is a year old and not that lovely art wise either, but it's a semi-funny zelda joke so check it out if you wish.

Meanwhile I'll be watching Outlaw Star.

A friend of mine encouraged me to make a tutorial...so I did. It's about making heads. It's pretty lame since I do my stuff freehand, no shapes to guide me. And in all honesty I really have no right to make a tutorial since my art is...*cough* Should I post it or make more or what?

-Edit Edit-

I just saw Toonami, and Tom just did that annoying chanting from Outlaw Star. You know, that chant those pirates keep doing... oo wierd.

Also, once again I'm late to the party XD I'm doing a god mod drawing for wht's contest that happened a year ago XP I had one, but never finished it. So I figure with my current style I'd try again. Cuz I really did want to draw something.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

So I'm feeling a great deal better ^___^ I got lotsa sleep last night and my throat doesn't feel all gross. Even my toe isn't bothering me...although it still looks nasty Oo"

Haven't really worked on comics at all cuz of how I've felt, but I'll try to pull something together for tomorrow. Grab one of my old ones and shade it or something. XP

Currently on the 5th episode of Outlaw Star. I think I actually did watch pieces of it. I CLEARLY remember Aisha XD I think she's what got me on my little beast people kick cuz I'm always drawing either pointy eared elves or people with beast ears and tails. haha. Actually I had a few characters modeled after her a long time ago. Maybe I'll draw them sometime.

But seriously, what happened to Toonami? It used to have good shows like this and now...basically Naruto, which I just don't see the appeal of. Outlaw Star beats it. So did Rurouni Kenshin and Yu Yu Hakusho and Tenchi Muyo. One Piece is okay, then there's DBZ...and they ruined Tom. Toonami went from okay to supremely terrible (I never liked it since they moved all my shows around and took them off the air all the time D: )

End ranting.

Wii is addictive
I can't stop laughing with this XD

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ugh, so I was right. I couldn't sleep last night. My stupid throat felt like nails were digging through it and some other feelings which I won't go into detail cuz it's nasty. Medicine wouldn't have helped. Eventually I passed out at 2 in the morning. -.-" So I watched Outlaw Star episodes one and two. I never watched it back when it was on Toonami '^' Funny thing is, I know I watched the credits because Hiro No Tsuki and Tsuki no Le were some of my favorite songs back then and I adored the ending art work. XD Who knows. I know back then I was a tad squimish and they were using guns. Got over that real quick when SOMEONE got me hooked on InuYasha. I know I watched Tenchi Muyo...but memories of that are fuzzy besides remembering my cabbit obsession.

In other news, Sheik is in Brawl. Ironically, I read this news on a site months ago that it was confirmed. But seeing as though sometimes the internet lies I shrugged it off. They also said Ganon would be in Brawl. Wouldn't surprise me. But Sheik looks pretty snazzy. And I noticed she now has visibly long hair.

And I REALLY hurt my toe ToT It looks all nasty and it HURTS as bad as it looks. ;^; I hit it on my giant boom box thing.

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